MMBTS Fiver Virtual Enduro 2
Race Details:

From July 5th to July 11 record strava activities for all stages.

Rider Briefing Info:
Must be MMBTS members to race. You are responsible for your own safety. Carry your own first aid kit. Have a non-racer pre-ride the stage before you drop in for your run. Yield to other trail users, do not expect them to yield to you. Helmets are mandatory, other protective equipment encouraged

Race format (Enduro):
Untimed uphills, timed descents.
The timed stages will be marked with a start and end gate:
Any obvious cutlines will be taped off. Please try to stick to the main trail.
Riders can use whatever uphill routes they want get to the top of the stages:
Shuttling stages on the Moose side is permitted, all stages on the Prairies side must be pedaled even if the gate is open.

Race format (Super D):
A one off longer downhill with a climb included in the timing.
This is an optional extra for anyone doing the enduro. Can be completed separately or as part of your enduro ride. This time is not included in the enduro overall time and will only be used in a separate leader board.

Recommendations for recording the activity:
All recording devices are allowed. Leave the device recording throughout the duration of the ride, no need to start and stop it at the gates.
Avoid turning the device on close to the start of a stage, gps initialization can cause recording errors before it establishes a solid connection.
Recording with multiple devices is allowed, choose the one with the fastest times.

Once you have finished the race, submit results to [email protected]
One activity is ideal, but multiple can be used.

Sample Email Submission:

To: [email protected]
Subject: Fiver 2 Submission
Name: Quinn Hepburn
Age: 30
Short/Long Course: Long
Strava Link:
Super D yes/no: yes
Super D strava link:

Short Course:
Stage 1: Race of Spades first half
Stage 2: Race of Spades second half
Stage 3: SHAFT

Long Course:
Stage 1: Race of Spades first half
Stage 2: Race of Spades second half
Stage 3: SHAFT
Stage 4: Toothless (Blue line only, you will not get a time if you ride the steeps)

Super D Course:
All of Race of Spades including the climb. Timing starts at Stage 1 start gate, finishes at Stage 2 finish gate. Riders must take the right steeper climb "CF" option.


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