Race Details:

Presented By: Bell Lap Events LLC

2023 Escape Granogue Mid Atlantic Super Series (MASS) XC & Endurance Mountain Bike Event

Date: Saturday, July 15th

Rain or Shine


Interested in volunteering? Click HERE to be directed to the volunteer sign-up page. 

- - - - - - - - 

7/14/22 Update:

The trails are in amazing shape I know I may be a little biased, but seriously, they are perfect right now! I don't ever recall such nice conditions in the last 7 years I've been co-directing this race! Don't miss your chance to enjoy the trails of Granouge like this! I posted a video on the Escape Granogue FB & IG pages.

7/12/22 Update: 

Pre rides are back! Only those registered to race may attend. Pre ride is included with your race entry, no additional fee. 

Park in "Event Parking."

No comfort facilities.

We kindly ask that you check in at our registration tent for the pre-rides. We have to be firm about only reg'd racers allowed on the trails for liability reasons. We have a list and will be checking it twice. We have worked very hard to secure insurance and permission for pre rides. Please don't jeopardize the future of pre-riding by being a bandit.

Don't blow up the spot - please keep any GPS ride recordings PRIVATE. This is at the request of the landowners, so please honor them.

I just emailed all reg'd racers on the details. For anyone just registering now and going forward, the pre ride details will be in your race registration confirmation. 

If you have recieved an email requesting you sign the updated waiver, that must be completed before attending any prerides.

To ensure delivery of confirmation emails and pre-ride emails, add [email protected] to your email safe sender list.

This is also a great opportunity to drop off your team tent because on race day morning it will be a little more challenging to get your vehicle closer to the tent drop area. I highly recommend at least dropping off the tent on one of these pre-ride. You do not have to set it up, but at least drop in position.

7/7/22 Updates:

Unicorn Lane is back! Down by the cute little river cottage, all racers will pass thru the magical "Unicorn Lane" before they begin the climb up the gravel driveway. Sprinklers (with the option for dry passage as well), fun, laughter, music? And rumor has it there will be something extra there as well! Stay thirtsy, my friends!

Neutral support is confirmed with Trek. Look for their tent in the festival area by the food truck and coffee tent.

STANS No Tubes is a confirmed sponsor of the race. Make sure to pick up your 2oz bottle of sealant at the registration tent! And good luck riding thru STANS' pass if you aren't using it!

Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists (DOS) is a confirmed sponsor of the race. Pick up your complimentary DOS ice pack at the beer garden to cool off after your race!

T-shirts are going fast! If you want your choice of style/color/size, let me set one aside for you now. I didn't order that many, so purchase on bikereg is highly recommended.

Now back to your regular programming:

For this one day, and one day only, we are treated to the forbidden and notoriously challenging trails of the mystical land of Granogue. Nestled in the lush, green, rolling hills of the Brandywine Valley of Greater Philadelphia, Granogue is one of the most exclusive, majestic, and untouched venues in the Mid-Atlantic Super Series (MASS), the premier mountain bike race series in the region. Some consider Granogue the crown jewel of the collection. We invite you to let this legendary track will test your courage and resolve.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the legends and the myths firsthand!

The event is put on by racers for racers. We pour our hearts and souls into this event because we LOVE Granogue and want to to give the cycling community an event they will remember. 

Thanks to the generosity of the landowners to let us hold this event in their backyard, we hope you take this rare opportunity to join us for a day of competition, camaraderie, and cheer!

Since this takes place on private property, to protect the safety of the residents and preserve the sanctity of the estate, we ask that you do not post any GPS rides. If you post a race picture on social media, please do not write/tag/mention the Granogue location. See more info in the section on Estate Privacy Rules.

Mid Atlantic Super Series (MASS)

Escape Granogue is part of the Mid Atlantic Super Series (MASS) Cross Country and Endurance Series. Visit www.masuperseries.com for more information on the series.

Address & Parking:

2900 Montchanin Road, Wilmington, DE 19807 

Enter the property through the Montchanin Road entrance only. Do NOT enter from Smith Bridge Rd because there is an active course crossing on that driveway. Parking will be on a grass field. Please do not park outside the designated parking areas or along the driveway, as this will jeopardize future events.


Online registration closes Thursday, July 14th, 11:59pm.

Pre reg to receive a lesson in Granogue History - "Get to know Granogue" - you'll receive emails with little history nuggets on Granogue. Some fun facts!

To ensure delivery of race entry confirmation and race communication, add [email protected] to your email safe sender list.

Day-of (on-site) registration is permitted, but is $10 more than online registration. The $10 surcharge will apply to ALL categories on day-of registrations. Payment forms accepted: cash, check, Venmo, PayPal, credit cards (2.9% + 30 cent convenience charge on all credit card sales).

We kindly ask you to check in at our registration tent on the day of the event. The registration tent for check-in & day-of registration will open approximately 1 hour before your scheduled race starting time and close 30 minutes prior to each race, with the exception of Endurance.

Series Racers - Don't forget your series plate. And yes, you still have to check in at registration.

Registration & Check-in approximate schedule:

Endurance: Reg opens ~7:15a, closes 7:45a, Race Start 8:00a, staged separately but all start at same time.
Expert / Pro / Cat 1: Reg opens 8:00a, Reg closes 8:30a, Race Start 9:00a, starts will be staggered by approx 2 min between age groups.
Sport / Cat 2: Reg opens 9:30a, Reg closes 10:30a, Race Start 11:00a, starts will be staggered by approx 2 min between age groups.
Beginner / Cat 3: Reg opens 11:00a, Reg closes 12:00p, Race Start 12:30p, starts will be staggered by approx 2 min between age groups.
Novice / Cat 4: Reg opens 11:00a, Reg closes 12:25p, Race Start 12:55p, starts will be staggered by approx 2 min between age groups.

Non-Competitive Option On Race Day: 

Not feeling competitive or in race shape yet? Just want to ride the marked trails ON RACE DAY with all the excitement and camaraderie and enjoy the vibe of the day? Register for the "Quarantine 15" Category...As in the 15lbs you may have gained over quarantine. No series, no points, no pressure - just ride! 

Rules & Highlights:

All Mid-Atlantic Super Series rules apply and can be found here: https://www.masuperseries.com/mass-general-rules/. It is each racer's responsibility to be aware of and understand these rules. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
This race, like all MASS races, is not USAC sanctioned and does not require a cycling license.
Racing Age is determined by your age on December 31st of the event year.
There will be no pre-riding or warming up on the course during any race. Any racer found doing so is subject to disqualification from their race with no refund.
Any rider littering the course with food packages or waste will be disqualified.
Endurance: in order to be considered for the podium in endurance, you must race for a MINIMUM of 4 hours. You have until the timing clock reads 3:59 to head out for your final lap.

Results, Payouts & Awards:

The payout and award schedule for most MASS races can be found here: MASS Payouts & Awards.

For all cash fields, a minimum of 6 starters to payout 3 deep, a minimum of 3 starters to payout first place. The payout schedule may be revised based on pre-reg numbers and anticipated attendance, higher venue costs or higher expenses. The race director reserves the right to not pay more than 50% of the field.

A Good Cause:

Each year we raise money for a worthy cause. Help us support the Amani Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, that makes access to safe, clean drinking water to communities in Africa a reality. See some of their current projects here.

Access to safe and reliable water is the foundation to the development of any community. The Amani Foundation partners with indigenous organizations to supply long term clean water solutions. From well-drilling to solar power well pumps to water filtration, these wells eliminate the need for residents to get water from dangerous sources that can lead to typhoid, cholera and other life threatening diseases.

Thanks to the generous support of Big Oyster Brewing & WAYVINE Winery & Vineyard, you can quench your thirst and help the Amani Foundation raise money for their projects. $5/cup, cash, Venmo, PayPal, credit card (with convenience fee) accepted.

All donations, tips & proceeds from the beer & wine garden support the Amani Foundation. And if beer and wine are not your cup of tea, you are welcome to donate on site or online on our registration page.

Here is an example of the drinking water. Most people must walk as far as two miles to unreliable water sources like streams or open pit wells. These sources often run dry or become contaminated. 

Here are pictures taken after the Amani Foundation raised money and helped the indigenous people build a well:

Each project will impact the lives of thousands of people, helping to lift them from the poverty cycle.

Your generous donation will make a difference for generations to come!

The Venue: 

A 544-acre private estate nestled in the lush green rolling hills of scenic northern Delaware in the heart of the Brandywine Valley. Some consider this venue the crown jewel of the collection in the Mid-Atlantic Super Series (MASS), the premier mountain bike race series in the region. The estate is private property and is NOT open to the public prior to, or after the event. Remember, you are an invited guest. There's a good chance a landowner or resident may be walking around, observing our event. 

Carry-in, Carry-out:

Please leave the venue as beautiful as you found it. Carry-in, carry-out.

Any rider littering the course with food packages or waste will be disqualified.

No Trespassing:

Sorry, but there is a strict no trespassing of the estate. Even if a cousin's brother's sister-in-law told you it was okay to ride on the estate whenever you want, you will still be banned if caught riding the course. No, we aren't trying to be jerks, but anyone riding the estate prior to the event is automatically associated with our race. Any increased traffic on the estate jeopardizes our event. Please don't endanger the future of this event by selfishly poaching the trail system. There are other organizations using the estate prior to our event. If we receive any complaints, we may not be welcomed back. Thank you for respecting the no trespassing rule. 

Trespassing is punishable by death, er, I mean, disqualification.

No Swimming:

Absolutely no swimming in the farm pond on the estate. You will be disqualified and fed to the Shadow Monster.

And no bike washing in the farm pond. You will be disqualified as well as fed to the Shadow Monster for dessert. 

Estate Privacy Rules:

As a reminder, do not approach the main house by foot, by car, or by bicyle. This includes warming up. Do not proceed any closer than the greenhouse driveway that is located 1/4 mi from the main house. Anything past that is a NO ACCESS zone. We will give you a subtle reminder with orange cones and signage. 

Social Media / Pictures - "Please erase geotaging and any location metadata from photos you wish to share. Please remove any location references of photography."

Do not blow up the spot. GPS/STRAVA, etc - Any GPS recordings of your ride must be kept private, if you record at all. Not for "followers," but PRIVATE. We understand athletes like to track their miles, time, and heart rate, among other data. Please keep your recording private. Individuals of any ride posted will be contacted to take it down. 

The Course:

The 2022 July Escape Granogue Race will most likely run clockwise direction. (The typical summer race course direction.)

The start will be on the driveway, as standard practice, like it has been for both the July & September races. The finish (timing clock) will be by team tent row, as was the past races, both July and Sept. (see picture below)

If you are familiar with the names of the track, you may find this description helpful:

After circling the tower, racers will serpentine down the tower grass, pass through team tent row, and climb up STANS NO TUBES Pass, into the woods, and shoot down the newly named "Escalator." They pass through Gopher Hole, Deputy's Woods, cross Driveway #1, shoot down Owl's Nest/Garbage lane. Then cross Driveway #2, head to BAMBOO!, down to Naked Swimmers, Tunnel of Love, along the corn fields (a nice recovery, or as I call it, a "gift"Wink , up Togo's Woods, up the open grassy climb to the water station, down Devil's Back Bone, and across the RR tracks. River Trail North to River Trail South to Weymouth's Woods/The Upside Down. First timer/Cat4s will bypass Weymouth's. All racers will get some recovery along the cottage lane, past the unicorns/sprinklers/music before taking the driveway climb (or Muncle's Revenge) to the tower.

- - - - - - -

The Queen of the East is a classic northern Delaware mountain bike course. The lap is fun and challenging with a variety of fields & single track with roots, rocks, logs, bridges, and some cool elements like a loop around the Tower, the "Tunnel of Love" and the infamous "Gulch." 

Lap distance is anticipated at approximately 6-and-some-change miles, yet still approx 900 ft of climbing each lap! No matter which direction we run this course, you can't escape the climbing.

It may not be a long course, but believe me, you will work for each mile. Please come prepared, bring water, and always remember the golden rule of mountain biking: "When in doubt, dismount," or as I like to say, "I ride to ride again." Please ride within your abilities. There is nothing worth injuring yourself over. We are racing for fun, remember, and the enjoyment of this special opportunity to be on the estate. 

Friends don't lie, Granogue is hard: (but not as technical as French Creek!)

Granogue is a tough track. Even the unicorns can't save you. There's a lot of climbing and off-camber. The trails can be a bit gnarly as they don't get ridden throughout the year, like other venues. But after a lot of trail work, the course shapes up nicely and it's a pretty cool lap with breathtaking scenery. There also are a lot of fun, flowing sections that will surely put a big smile on your face, and remind you of the joy of mountain biking. And every year, the trails get a little smoother, I might add. 

Get motivated by the fun, hand-painted signs peppered over the course and have a laugh. Enjoy the descent after the water station, down Devil's Backbone, across the RR tracks (ramp), into Yippe Ki Yay / River Trail North. Recover a bit on River Trail South as it meanders along the Brandywine before tackling Weymouth's Woods, or as in Stranger Things, the "Upside Down."

This is an epic venue worth your sweat and gears (and hopefully no tears). There is no other place quite like it. Do you have the courage to start and the resolve to finish?

Rider's Choice: 

Towards the end of your lap, as you exit Weymouth's Woods, you'll cross Glue Sniffer's Bridge and head through Unicorn Lane. After the unicorns, you begin the long climb up the gravel driveway, past the barn with all the cats. At this point, the driveway becomes paved and riders are given a choice: Climb "Muncle's Revenge" or continue up the driveway.

What will you do? What will your competition do?

Muncle's is a single track dirt path, through the grass, straight to the top. It's short & steep - a real lung buster. The driveway, although less pitch, is slightly longer, but you may have more energy left when you get to the top. Both routes merge at the top and head to the tower. 

Muncle's distance, from split off to merge point: approx 500ft

Driveway distance, from split off to merge point: approx 1440ft


There may be resident traffic on race day up/down the driveway. We have taken steps to minimize this and have alerted the residents that racers will be on course, probably in misery climbing the driveway, and to pass with care. Please be courteous and polite to any cars and residents.

Map & Other Visuals:

Click HERE for a video of last year's course, July 2021. For informational purposes only and in lieu of pre-riding, we provide prospective riders with this video. Information on pre-rides will come later, if they will be permitted at all. 

And you may click on the picture to access the another video (drone & video courtesy of V Hruska).

Click HERE for a bird's eye view from the tower.

Map - To be used for race day informational purposes only. Estate & Trails closed on all other days. Same route for 2022.

First Time Racer / Cat 4 / Novice: 

A "Granogue Lite" option for a Cat 4/First Time Racer Category - about a mile less than the full lap, taking out the most technical but leaving in the most fun. One must have decent mountain bike skills. THIS IS NOT FOR FIRST TIME RIDERS OR HYBRIDS/STREET BICYCLES. There will be signage directing you to your ESCAPE ROUTE towards the end of your lap. A course marshal will be stationed at your cut off so you don't miss it!


There will be a water station on course, about 1/2 way through the lap. But don't rely on thins for your only drinking water source. Bring your own water.

There is NOT a water filling station on the venue. Hydration packs strongly advised. 

Pro Tip: There will be a designated FEED ZONE, following the timing clock, if you care to leave your own bottles of elixirs & potions.


Mojo Loco is back! Bring your appetite! Menu. Note not all items will be available on race day, as it will be a simplified version. I can taste the shrimp tacos now!


New this year - Endo Cafe - will have coffee available for purchase. "For adults, coffee is life. It's the one thing that keeps us going until it's late enough in the day to turn to alcohol. I like to put a little brandy in my coffee around 2-2:30pm to bridge the gap. I wish it was 2:30." Alcapolco S1E5

Neutral Support: Trek has told me they will have a tent set up to offer neutral support.


This is a rain or shine event. A little mud in your teeth never hurt anyone. This venue can take a lot of rain and drains extremely well. So even if it rains the days leading up to the race or even on race day, FEAR NOT, the course will be spectacular, and the DAY WILL BE EPIC. If you haven't experienced Granogue in all her glory in the rain, then consider it your rite of passage. Worst case, we have a special rain course modification up our sleeve. The show will still go on. 


No refunds for any reason. Check with your boss, your spouse, your significant other, your in-laws, your out-laws, your kids, and your pets before you register.


There are no exceptions.

Registration Insurance:

BikeReg.com offers registration insurance for purchase upon checkout. This protects your registration for a qualifying reason. Be sure to read the fine print at www.bikereg.com/knowledge-base/104/Participant-Registration-Insurance--Alllianz-Registration-Protection.

Team Tents:

Team tents will be spread out over the registration tent area. Spots are first-come, first-serve. We ask you to reserve your team tent spot (FREE) on the registration page so we can plan out the area accordingly.

Friday set up encouraged to reduce traffic on race day.


Photo credit Will Rivas, July 2019 race.


Please welcome back Mike Anderson and his crew from First Place Photo. You can see some of Mike’s incredible pictures by visiting https://firstplacephoto.wordpress.com/

Race Day Volunteers:

Would you like to be a part of making this the absolute best race ever? "Click HERE to be directed to the Granogue Volunteer" reg page. 

Doggies Welcomed:

But please clean up after Fluffy. This is a carry-in, carry-out venue, and yes, that means taking your doggy-do with you.


Spectators welcomed.

Recommended Hotels/Camping:

Sorry, there is no overnight parking nor camping at this time. There are plenty of nearby AirBnBs and hotels. This Brandywine Courtyard by Marriott is closeby. As for RVs, there are at least 3 Walmarts within 15-20 minute drive. As for tent camping, here is a KOA: koa.com/campgrounds/philadelphia/


Hopefully, I've covered everything here. But if you need more info you can email me at [email protected]

Thank you for joining us on this fine day!


Your friends at Granogue & Tom & Heather of Bell Lap Events, LLC.

This event is made possible by the support of our loyal sponsors and vendors. Please repay their generosity by supporting their businesses & organizations.

Want your logo here and/or a banner at the event? Contact [email protected] for sponsorship opportunities.


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