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Presented By: Slaughter Trail Guides | Powered By Specialized


Presented by Southern Enduro Tour | Powered by Slaughter Trail Guides


The Southern Enduro Tour (SET) visits Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma offering the best variety of terrain in the mid-west and creating a regional championship that is both challenging and fun for any mountain biker that is seeking a premium race experience. At the season finale the SET will crown competitors as the best all-around Racers

Full details about SET and the other races in the tour can be found at https://www.southernendurotour.com/


The 2023 SET opens at Flat Rock Ranch in Comfort, Texas!

The race is rated | Skill-8 | Fitness-8 | Gnar-5

This is a two day event with up to 7 stages each day with 15-20 miles on day 1 and less than 15 miles on day 2 of riding. All enduro Racers will race both Saturday & Sunday.

A two day event means there will be racing both days (Saturday & Sunday in this case) and most pre-riding will be done on the Friday prior.  All Racers, regardless of age or category, will race the same course and stages.  There will B line options for more difficult areas – or walk anything you do not feel comfortable riding. Stages must be completed in order, and only one time, unless otherwise noted.

To keep our production quality high there will be a cap on total number of Racers.  Once that number has been reached registration will be closed.  If it is at least three days prior to the race a Wait List will be created (see Wait List section).  Plan accordingly and register as soon as possible so you do not miss out.

We will also offer a "Just Ride" category where participants can ride the enduro courses on Friday and Saturday during Pre-Ride and Sunday after the race is over. Just Ride participants cannot be on the course during the Enduro race. This is an untimed category and is not required if you are registered to do the timed Enduro race.  Event Swag & Post Race Meal included in Just Ride - no raffle ticket.  You can register via BikeReg.


Entry Details

Event Swag

Custom number plate

A professionally marked course with arrows and tape - maps emailed to Racers the week of the race

Neutral mechanical support

Medical support on race days

Enduro Timing System from SPORTident for you to have an experience just like the World Series races with accuracy to the 1000th of second, instant results upon finishing and scoreboard.

Aid station and snacks mid-race

Post-race meal included with entry on Saturday & Sunday for all registered Racers and Just Ride participants

Cold adult beverages in marked areas - 21+ only

A professional awards ceremony with awards to all categories

Payouts for Pro categories

Refreshments and food available for purchase

Raffle for all registered Racers provided by top notch sponsors

On site sponsors


Schedule & Course Map

Full schedule, along with the course map, will be emailed out to all registered Racers and posted in Facebook Event the week of the race. Be sure to monitor your emails race week to review the schedule. 

Failure to check in and pick up your timing chip by the scheduled mandatory race meeting can result in a Racer not being able to race. Failure to head to the first stage by the end of the final wave can result in a Racer not being able to race.

Friday |

Will include Pre-Ride, On-Site Registration if not sold out, and Check In

Saturday |

Will include On-Site Registration if not sold out, final check in, timing chip pickup, race start times, mandatory Racers Meeting, timing chip TURN OFF, Pre race meal, etc.

Sunday |

Will include all race categories timing chip TURN ON, race times, mandatory Racers Meeting, timing chip TURN IN, Pre race meal, etc.



Race Venue Address - 346 Flat Rock Creek Rd, Comfort, Texas

Camping – See Camping, Lodging, & Venue details below

If not camping at venue please check out other RV parks, camp grounds, hotels, Airbnb’s, etc. in the area for your accommodations

Dogs – No dogs allowed at venue.  See Camping, Lodging, & Venue details below

Pack It In, Pack Out - If you haul it in you haul it out. Leave no trace. Respect.



Food – Post Race Meal provided to Racers on Race Day only. Meal ticket obtained at Registration & Timing tent after turning in your timing chip. Family and friends welcome to grab a plate for purchase. While an onsite food truck may offer breakfast and other meal s for purchase please bring your breakfast food, snacks, special dietary foods, hydration and anything specific for your pre and post-race needs.

Water - We will provide water at the aid station during race times but you need to be prepared for pre ride days and race days. Bring more than you think you’ll need. Plan to have at least 50-60 ounces on you at all times while riding.

Snacks - Have carbs and protein on hand between meals

Safety - This is not the time to skimp on protective equipment. We highly suggest a full-face helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. Riding within your limits is essential.

Trash - If you pack it in, you pack it out.

Nice to have - Spare tubes, inflation device, tire plugs, chain link, derailleur pulleys and other parts. Neutral Support sponsor will be onsite for mechanical support but it is always best to give your bike a once over before a race to address any issues as well as to bring any items you may need to make repairs.  **NOTE - Neutral Support will provide assistance for issues that occur onsite during pre-ride and the race - not for issues that occurred prior, or to build bikes, or add/replace components that were not on your bike prior to arriving at event.


#Racing Age | What your age will be on 12/31/23

#Onsite Payments - Venmo and PayPal, and cash if exact, accepted for any onsite purchases – no credit/debit card. This does not apply to any vendors - they will have their own payment options.

#Race waiver will be required and must be signed onsite at the venue. Any Racer under the age of 18 must have a parent present with them at Check In to sign waiver.  

#Only Racers, with a number plate on, will be allowed on the event stages during the race on Saturday.

#You cannot change your category after the race starts.

#Racers must attend the Racers Meeting, not start the race before the Racer's Meeting, and must be go out to start the race during your noted category wave time; not any later. 

#All timing chips must be picked up prior to the Mandatory Racer's Meeting or the Racer may not be able to race.

#Racer cannot wear a timing chip at any time that is different from the one that was assigned to them by the Timing Director at the Timing Tent.

#Timing chip must be worn on the Racer's right wrist unless otherwise noted by the Race Director or Timing Director.

#The bike and equipment you start the race on must be the same bike and equipment you finish on. The Official Race Director must approve exceptions. *Exceptions are repairing or replacement of tires.

#Once Racers have entered the stage line there is no cutting in line.

#All stages must be completed in order, and only once, unless otherwise noted in Racer Meeting by the Race Director.

#Timing stations will be placed at the start and finish of each stage. All Racers must stay on course during the stages and transitions. Veering off course is disrespectful to everyone from the landowner, race organizers, fellow competitors, and yourself.

#Any form of outside assistance or support such as non-racers, family members, friends or unapproved pit stops is forbidden. However, Racers are allowed and encouraged to help fellow competitors on the course.

#Stage Reruns are NOT ALLOWED for mechanicals, the racer crashing, or going off course unless discussed with and approved by the Race Director or Timing Director ONLY.  Only Racer impediment, safety hazards, or fellow Racer injury support warrants a re-run and must be approved by the Race Director or Timing Director ONLY prior to the re-run. Stage reruns can be seen by the Timing Director and do not disappear from the timing chips’ history regardless of time that has passed. Any unapproved re-runs, either intentional or unintentional, will result in a disqualification. Flat tires, bent wheels, broken chains, and ANY type of mechanical issue, or rider error is part of racing and does not warrant a re-run.

#Always stop for an injured Racer.  In the case of a downed Racer that receives assistance provided by another participant - the helping participant's time will be adjusted by averaging the lap times from the particular stage or a re-run will be authorized by the Race Director. The downed Racer may not qualify for a re-run. If you cannot contact the Race Director wait at the Timing tent until receiving directions.

#Do not change, adjust, or modify the course in any way. If you have a concern about a course feature, please present the concern to the Race Director with a picture and description of concern.

#Do not disrespect the land such as littering.

#In regard to Overall points - To earn points for a race, and for it to qualify towards Overalls, the Racer must complete the race in its entirety, being timed completely for each stage, and with no DNF.  The race must also be completed on a bicycle and not any other form (hiking, running, etc.)

Racers deviating from any of SET Rules can and/or will be time penalized and possibly be disqualified from the race.



Participants will register for the category they will remain in for the series to qualify for Overalls. You cannot change categories after the second stop and you must notify the Timing Director at [email protected] if you are changing your category prior to that.  Failure to let us know of a category change can impact your series overall points negatively.  If you race in different categories the results will not be combined for overall results.

The Tour Overall is your best 4 out of 5 results. You must finish 3 races to qualify for the overall. In the event that there is a tie in the overall - each Racers next best finish will be calculated into the overall score until the tie is broken. If two Racers have completed all 5 races and still have tied points - total race time will be calculated and the lower times advances into the overall position.



Camping, Lodging, & Venue Info

Tent, car, hammock, sleeping bag, etc. camping as well as RV spots are available at the race venue; Flat Rock Ranch.  There are also hotel, Airbnb, and cabin options in the area.

ALL persons (racer and non-racers) entering the ranch must sign a Flat Rock Ranch waiver.  Please go to: https://www.flatrockranchtx.com/ , select "Sign Waiver" in lower right hand corner, and complete the online waiver prior to race weekend.  This is separete from the Southern Enduro Tour Race Waiver.

Flat Rock Ranch charges $30/per person (racers and non-racers) entering the ranch for the weekend (this includes Friday). Coming out for a single day they charge $10/per person/per day. Persons are defined as all entering the ranch and over 12 years old. Under 12 years old are free.  This is a per person/individual fee. For example if you have two non-racers coming with you, Friday-Sunday, each person will need to pay the above fees for a total of $90.  You would add three Full Race Weekend Ranch Fees to your registration.  To reduce on site contact FRR is asking you pre-pay for this during your registration. *Note - this fee is NOT included in your race registration fee.  It is listed in this BikeReg event under the category "MANDATORY | FLAT ROCK RANCH - RANCH FEE (PER RACER & NON RACER)" and you need to select that option(s) to include it in your BikeReg checkout payment. 

If you would like to camp on Thursday night you will pay $10 cash onsite.

For RV reservations the above fees will apply as well as the RV reservation fee.  You will call the ranch at the numbers below to make the RV reservations.

Ranch rules to note:                                                                                                         

NO dogs allowed

NO hiking       

Helmets required at all times on bike

Close any gates you open

Please review all FRR rules at: https://www.flatrockranchtx.com/rules and call them with any questions.  

830-995-2858 Landline
210-213-3006 Jimmy’s cell


Wait List

This race has a Racer limit. Once those numbers are reached you can register for the Wait List, and if/when spots become available, we will pull from the Wait List in the order of registration and you will be charged.  Please note we will pull from the Wait List automatically until the day before the race (in this case; Friday) so if you can no longer attend please email [email protected] to have yourself removed from the Wait List.  It is the Racers responsibility to monitor their email to see if they have been removed from the Wait List and in to the race.  



These are rain, shine, ice or snow events except under extreme circumstances in which we will notify all participants of any cancelations.


Refunds | With a 15% fee we will honor a refund when the request is at least two weeks (14 days) prior to the race.

If the request is made with less than two weeks to the race then a refund will not be available.

Transfers | With a 15% fee we will honor a transfer credit to another SET race within the season when the request is at least one week (7 days) prior to the race. No transfer credits can be issued on the last race of the season.

If the request is made with less than a week to the race then a transfer will not be available.

In the event a transfer is given the participant will receive a credit/coupon code, minus the 15% fee, to use to register for an upcoming race within the same series and season.  The participant will need to pay for any difference in entry fee(s). If the credit is not used by the end of the series/season it will expire and no further transfers or refunds will be available for it.

In the event a coupon or credit code has been issued it can only be used for online registration via BikeReg and only by the individual it was issued to.

No refunds or transfers after you have arrived for the race, after the race starts/has happened or the Racer is no longer able to race due to a crash during pre-ride or the race.

Merchandise purchases and registration service fees are non refundable.

We do not accept participant to participant transfers or the selling of entries.

For all cancelations and refund or transfer credit requests: email [email protected].


If you purchased the Protect Your Registration Fees (Event Registration Protection), through Allianza when registering, then you will need to contact them directly via the contact information below:

[email protected]

(88Cool 956-9560.  



If you purchased the Protect Your Body insurance through Spot when registering then you will contact them directly: 


Your policy information for both of these can be found on your BikeReg registration email receipt.

Southern Enduro Tour, Slaughter Trail Guides and any of their contractors, vendors, sponsors or land owners are not associated with the Special Offers or Add - Ons that are offered via BikeReg when registering for an event.


Please contact [email protected] with any questions.


**Check out Social Media pages on Instagram and Facebook for event updates and announcements**





For any race related questions email [email protected]


Specialized | Fox Racing | Revolution Mobile Bike Repair | Ride Away Bicycles | Riley Ramps | Smith Optics | All Mountain Style | Pickle Juice | ESI Grips 


Slaughter Trail Guides/Southern Enduro Tour reserves the right to amend, add, and alter rules, schedule, policies, and details to the event at any time.

Disclaimer | An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. Please consider wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.  If you have been recently exposed, and/or are experiencing symptoms, we ask that you consider not attending the event. Please note that the Refund & Transfer Policy will still be followed in the event you cannot attend. You can review the Registration Protection Insurance, offered to purchase when registering, and their coverage offered in regard to COVID-19 at: https://azcontent.us/alert/2019-novel-coronavirus-event.  Slaughter Trail Guides & Southern Enduro Tour are not involved in this voluntary protection coverage. By visiting Flat Rock Ranch, and attending this event, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.   



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