Trail Conditions
  • Unknown
  • Snow Groomed
  • Snow Packed
  • Snow Covered
  • Snow Cover Inadequate
  • Freeze/thaw Cycle
  • Icy
  • Prevalent Mud
  • Wet
  • Variable
  • Ideal
  • Dry
  • Very Dry
Trail Flow (Ridden Direction)
Trailforks scans users ridelogs to determine the most popular direction each trail is ridden. A good flowing trail network will have most trails flowing in a single direction according to their intension.
The colour categories are based on what percentage of riders are riding a trail in its intended direction.
  • > 96%
  • > 90%
  • > 80%
  • > 70%
  • > 50%
  • < 50%
  • bi-directional trail
  • no data
Trail Last Ridden
Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine the last time a trail was ridden.
  • < 2 days
  • < 1 week
  • < 2 weeks
  • < 1 month
  • < 6 months
  • > 6 months
Trail Ridden Direction
The intended direction a trail should be ridden.
  • Downhill Only
  • Downhill Primary
  • Both Directions
  • Uphill Primary
  • Uphill Only
  • One Direction
Contribute Details
Colors indicate trail is missing specified detail.
  • Description
  • Photos
  • Description & Photos
  • Videos
Trail Popularity ?
Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine which trails are ridden the most in the last 9 months. Trails are compared with nearby trails in the same city region with a possible 25 colour shades. Think of this as a heatmap, more rides = more kinetic energy = warmer colors.
  • most popular
  • popular
  • less popular
  • not popular
Max Vehicle Width

Radar Time
x Activity Recordings
Trailforks users anonymized public ridelogs from the past 6 months.
  • mountain biking recent
  • mountain biking (>6 month)
  • hiking (1 year)
  • moto (1 year)
Activity Recordings
Trailforks users anonymized public skilogs from the past 12 months.
  • Downhill Ski
  • Backcountry Ski
  • Nordic Ski
Jump Magnitude Heatmap
Heatmap of where riders jump on trails. Zoom in to see individual jumps, click circles to view jump details.
Trails Deemphasized
Trails are shown in grey.
Only show trails with NO bikes.
      648 trails
      titleriding areacityprovactivitytype
      #1Kingswood / WoodlotFrederictonNBskixc
      #1 - A linePoley MountainSussexNBmtb
      #3Kingswood / WoodlotFrederictonNBskixc
      #4Kingswood / WoodlotFrederictonNBskixc
      (E)Killarney LakeFrederictonNBskixc
      1820Tower TrailsFrederictonNBmtb
      18th HoleRockwood ParkSaint JohnNBmtb
      1st BluffSussex BluffsSussexNBmtb
      1st Bluff DoubletrackSussex BluffsSussexNBmtb
      2nd BluffSussex BluffsSussexNBmtb
      2nd Bluff (Alternate Descent)Sussex BluffsSussexNBmtb
      2nd Bluff DoubletrackSussex BluffsSussexNBmtb
      2nd Bluff DoubletrackSussex BluffsSussexNBmtb
      8200 ConnectorNew ZionMintoNBmtb
      94Tower TrailsFrederictonNBmtb
      9th HoleRockwood ParkSaint JohnNBmtb
      Access RoadOdell ParkFrederictonNBmtb
      Access RoadHartlandHartlandNB
      Access Road, Easy RouteBecaguimec TrailsHartlandNB
      Access to Violette Settlement TrailFort Kent Outdoor CenterFort KentME
      Access TrailGrand FallsGrand FallsNBmtb
      Access TrailMintoMintoNBmtb
      AllagashSentiers Madawaska TrailsEdmundstonNBmtb
      Andrew's TrailFort Kent Outdoor CenterFort KentME
      ArboretumOdell ParkFrederictonNBmtb
      Arboretum East BypassOdell ParkFrederictonNBmtb
      Arboretum Far West BypassOdell ParkFrederictonNBmtb
      Arboretum SwitchbackOdell ParkFrederictonNBmtb
      Arboretum West BypassOdell ParkFrederictonNBmtb
      Ashby Ridge TrailNordic Heritage Sports CenterPresque IsleME
      ATV Trail 739 OromoctoOromoctoOromoctoNB
      Back Body DropThe RezSaint JohnNBmtb
      Back RoadKingswood / WoodlotFrederictonNBskixc
      Bail OutHadleyFrederictonNBmtb
      Baker BrookSentiers Madawaska TrailsEdmundstonNBmtb
      Ball Field ConnectorOdell ParkFrederictonNBmtb
      Bangor & Aroostook Trail (Bridgewater to Houlton)BridgewaterBridgewaterME
      Bangor & Aroostook Trail (Mars Hill to Bridgewater)Mars HillsMars HillsME
      Bangor & Aroostook Trail (Phair to Westfield)Presque IslePresque IsleME
      Bangor & Aroostook Trail (Westfield to Mars Hill)Mars HillsMars HillsME
      Bartlett MeadowWoolastookFrederictonNBmtb
      Bath - Grafton Rail TrailHartlandHartlandNBmtb
      Bear Claw BoulevardValley Outdoor CentreFlorenceville-BristolNBmtb
      Bear Necessities #1Poley MountainSussexNBmtb
      Beaverpond LoopKingswood / WoodlotFrederictonNBskixc
      Bees KneesShady GroveQuispamsisNBmtb
      Beginner TrailNew ZionMintoNBmtb
      BeloneSentiers Madawaska TrailsEdmundstonNBmtb
      Bent RimFort Kent Outdoor CenterFort KentMEmtb
      Bev's KnollWoolastookFrederictonNBmtb
      Beyond RealityMVPFrederictonNBmtb
      Bill Thorpe Walking BridgeFrederictonFrederictonNBmtb
      Birch ConnectorDeer ParkOromoctoNB
      Birch DescentWoolastookFrederictonNBmtb
      Black Cat'sHartlandHartlandNBmtb
      Black Forest LinkOdell ParkFrederictonNBmtb
      Blue BearHadleyFrederictonNBmtb
      Blue DotOdell ParkFrederictonNBmtb
      Blue JayHartlandHartlandNB
      Bluffs RoadSussex BluffsSussexNBmtb
      Bluffs to Picadilly RdSussexSussexNBmtb
      Boies Road ClimbHadleyFrederictonNBmtb
      BoneshakerOdell ParkFrederictonNBmtb
      Bootleg TrailNordic Heritage Sports CenterPresque IsleME
      Boss BlvdTower TrailsFrederictonNBmtb
      Boss DropTower TrailsFrederictonNBmtb
      Bottom ConnectorClaudieFrederictonNBmtb
      Boyer's LoopValley Outdoor CentreFlorenceville-BristolNBmtb
      Bridge the GapValley Outdoor CentreFlorenceville-BristolNBmtb
      Broken SpokeFort Kent Outdoor CenterFort KentMEmtb
      BumblebeeOdell ParkFrederictonNBmtb
      Bunny RampageRockwood ParkSaint JohnNBmtb
      Bunny TrailHadleyFrederictonNBmtb
      Buzzkill (East)Gibson TrailsFrederictonNBmtb
      Buzzkill (West)Gibson TrailsFrederictonNBmtb
      By pass MaraisBoisé BeaupréLa PocatièreQC
      Bypass ConnectorHyla ParkFrederictonNBmtb
      Call Center Access RoadFort Kent Outdoor CenterFort KentME
      Call Center Parking AccessFort Kent Outdoor CenterFort KentME
      Campground loop entryWoolastookFrederictonNBmtb
      Campground Loop RoadWoolastookFrederictonNBmtb
      Can-Am Loop (Paved)Fort Kent Outdoor CenterFort KentME
      CanaryNew EnglandMintoNBmtb
      Carl's TrailNordic Heritage Sports CenterPresque IsleME
      CarnageRockwood ParkSaint JohnNBmtb
      Carriage RoadRockwood ParkSaint JohnNBmtb
      Carrige RoadRockwood ParkSaint JohnNBmtb
      CastorNew EnglandMintoNBmtb
      CaswellGrand FallsGrand FallsNBmtb
      Caveat EmptorNew EnglandMintoNBmtb
      Chain BreakFort Kent Outdoor CenterFort KentMEmtb
      ChainsawSentiers de la MeuteRivière-du-LoupQCmtb
      Chalet Trail to HecticCrabbe MountainFrederictonNBmtb
      Chemin d'accèsBoisé BeaupréLa PocatièreQC
      ChevelleSentiers de la MeuteRivière-du-LoupQCmtb
      Chevelle DHSentiers de la MeuteRivière-du-LoupQCmtb
      Chicken CaesarOdell ParkFrederictonNBmtb
      Chris's ClimbNordic Heritage Sports CenterPresque IsleME
      Chris's ClimbNordic Heritage Sports CenterPresque IsleME
      Chris's CutoffNordic Heritage Sports CenterPresque IsleME
      Church EntranceTower TrailsFrederictonNBmtb
      City ViewMVPFrederictonNBmtb
      Clayton Road ClimbHadleyFrederictonNBmtb
      Clean AirRockwood ParkSaint JohnNBmtb
      Cliffe TrailFrederictonFrederictonNBmtb
      Coal MineNew ZionMintoNBmtb
      ColebrookeColebrooke TrailsGrand FallsNBmtb
      ColebrookeColebrooke TrailsGrand FallsNBmtb
      ColebrookeColebrooke TrailsGrand FallsNBmtb
      Colleen's WayHadleyFrederictonNBmtb
      Connect the DotsHadleyFrederictonNBmtb
      ConnectorFort Kent Outdoor CenterFort KentMEmtb
      ConnectorShady GroveQuispamsisNBmtb
      ConnectorOdell ParkFrederictonNBmtb
      ConnectorIsland ViewFrederictonNBmtb
      ConnectorGibson TrailsFrederictonNBmtb
      ConnectorNew EnglandMintoNBmtb
      ConnectorNew ZionMintoNBmtb
      ConnectorOdell ParkFrederictonNBmtb
      Connector - Beaver PondWoodlotFrederictonNB
      Connector - HG to IntroIsland ViewFrederictonNBmtb
      Connector - HG to SnakeIsland ViewFrederictonNBmtb
      Connector - Hole in the WallMVPFrederictonNBmtb
      Connector - Lower CharlesClaudieFrederictonNBmtb
      Connector - Rake EaterClaudieFrederictonNBmtb
      Connector - ScissorsClaudieFrederictonNBmtb
      Connector - SubdivisionClaudieFrederictonNBmtb
      Connector - Upper GullyClaudieFrederictonNBmtb
      Connector - Upper IntroClaudieFrederictonNBmtb
      Connector - Wilson's LoopMVPFrederictonNBmtb
      ContourSentiers de la MeuteRivière-du-LoupQCmtb
      CopycatIsland ViewFrederictonNBmtb
      Corbett brook roadWoodlotFrederictonNB
      CorduroyRockwood ParkSaint JohnNBmtb
      Cotton Mill WayTower TrailsFrederictonNBmtb
      Country ViewMVPFrederictonNBmtb
      Country ViewMVPFrederictonNBmtb
      CreekbedOdell ParkFrederictonNBmtb
      CreeksideOdell ParkFrederictonNBmtb
      Cross Creek TrackDeer ParkOromoctoNB
      Crosstown TrailFrederictonFrederictonNBmtb
      Crystal LakeRockwood ParkSaint JohnNBmtb
      Crystal Lake continuedRockwood ParkSaint JohnNBmtb
      Cut ThroughValley Outdoor CentreFlorenceville-BristolNBmtb
      D-Track (Climb Trail)MVPFrederictonNBmtb
      Dam BeaverShady GroveQuispamsisNBmtb
      Dave's DropWoolastookFrederictonNB
      DDD LowerCrabbe MountainFrederictonNBmtb
      DDD UpperCrabbe MountainFrederictonNBmtb
      Deer TommyDeer ParkOromoctoNBmtb
      Deer TraxRockwood ParkSaint JohnNBmtb
      Deer-NiroDeer ParkOromoctoNBmtb
      Devil's OvenMintoMintoNBhike
      Dirt RoadFrederictonFrederictonNBmtb
      Doctor's OrdersNew EnglandMintoNBmtb
      DonjonSentiers de la MeuteRivière-du-LoupQCmtb
      Donnie's DetourRockwood ParkSaint JohnNBmtb
      Double BypassWoolastookFrederictonNBmtb
      Double Cross ConnectionMVPFrederictonNBmtb
      Double DownIsland ViewFrederictonNBmtb
      Double TrackClaudieFrederictonNBmtb
      Double TrackClaudieFrederictonNBmtb
      Double TrackClaudieFrederictonNBmtb
      Double TrackClaudieFrederictonNBmtb
      Double TrackHadleyFrederictonNBmtb
      DoubletrackDeer ParkOromoctoNBmtb
      DoubletrackDeer ParkOromoctoNBmtb
      DoubletrackDeer ParkOromoctoNBmtb
      DraglineNew EnglandMintoNBmtb
      Duck TrailDeer ParkOromoctoNBmtb
      Duke of YorkWoolastookFrederictonNBmtb
      Eastern RidgeFort Kent Outdoor CenterFort KentME
      Enthusiasts' PathRockwood ParkSaint JohnNBmtb
      Eric's Around the MountainNordic Heritage Sports CenterPresque IsleME
      Eric's Around the MountainNordic Heritage Sports CenterPresque IsleME
      Exit 45Colebrooke TrailsGrand FallsNBmtb
      Exit 64Colebrooke TrailsGrand FallsNBmtb
      Exit 69Colebrooke TrailsGrand FallsNBmtb
      Family TrailColebrooke TrailsGrand FallsNBmtb
      Family TrailColebrooke TrailsGrand FallsNBmtb
      Family TrailColebrooke TrailsGrand FallsNBmtb
      Farm RoadValley Outdoor CentreFlorenceville-BristolNBmtb
      Farm RoadBecaguimec TrailsHartlandNB
      Fat Bike DemoGrand FallsGrand FallsNBmtb
      Fence BypassHadleyFrederictonNBmtb
      Displaying 1 - 200 of 648