Trail Karma

Earn "Trail Karma" by donating to your local trails

Donate some cash to your favourite riding areas to help local associations & builders maintain and develop the trails!

100% of your donation will go directly to the trail association
(minus PayPal transaction fee).

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The more you donate to regions the more Trail Karma you earn. Trail Karma is just our small way of giving you kudus for helping support trails. A special Trail Karma icon will be shown beside your username and your name listed on the karma donors list. We will also hold prize draws in the future for those who have donated.

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Donation Stats

USD Donated
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$2 or more 1 Karma
$5 or more 3 Karma
$15 or more 10 Karma
$25 or more 17 Karma
$50 or more 38 Karma

Recent Donations

1Asrael$15 USDSep 22, 2017Finale Ligure
2paulus51$15 CADSep 21, 2017South March Highlands
3mikey$5 CADSep 21, 2017West Bragg Creek
4Clevedude$5 USDSep 20, 2017Big Hills
5arika805 EURSep 20, 2017Cuasso al Monte
6blockrockin$15 USDSep 20, 2017White Clay Creek State Park
7Jctilley$25 CADSep 20, 2017Albion Hills
8kellyburger$25 USDSep 20, 2017Washington
9canadaka$1 CADSep 20, 2017Fraser Valley
10danhauber$20 USDSep 20, 2017New Jersey
11Jredone$15 USDSep 20, 2017New York City
12jonhammar$15 USDSep 20, 2017Stockholm
13Mickbeard$15 AUDSep 20, 2017Majura Pines
14tadass$25 CADSep 19, 2017Burke Mountain
15ericcpinkbike$15 USDSep 19, 2017Midland City Forest
16leelau$30 CADSep 19, 2017Cumberland
17leelau$50 CADSep 19, 2017Whitehorse
18leelau$30 CADSep 19, 2017Revelstoke
19canadaka$10 CADSep 19, 2017Revelstoke
20Cc-Cycles$10 USDSep 19, 2017Biel/Bienne
21jon123rjk$15 CADSep 19, 2017Copeland Forest
22tadass$25 CADSep 19, 2017Revelstoke
23Sethgo74$10 USDSep 19, 2017Stillwell Woods Park
24Lusciousleeta$25 CADSep 18, 2017Sunshine Coast
25benviebikes$15 CADSep 18, 2017Frisby
26richardatbelair£10 GBPSep 18, 2017Cannock Chase
27damricky$5 USDSep 18, 2017Milwaukee
28Maddymoosta$10 AUDSep 17, 2017SportUNE MTB Trails
29MAPERKINS$25 CADSep 17, 2017North Vancouver
30aleksa$10 CADSep 17, 2017Revelstoke
31aleksa$10 CADSep 17, 2017Valemount Bike Park
32aleksa$15 CADSep 17, 2017Williams Lake
33b-roc$20 CADSep 16, 2017Mt. Macpherson
34FCH0001$25 CADSep 16, 2017E47 ÉcoSentiers
35JonPow$15 USDSep 16, 2017Änggårdsbergen
36bcsnipes$5 CADSep 16, 2017Otway
37socfan12$15 USDSep 16, 2017Six Mile Run
38stef1978$50 CADSep 15, 2017Doumont
39stef1978$5 CADSep 15, 2017Lillian Lake
40Pakundo$10 USDSep 15, 2017Cottonwood Valley
41naterr$25 CADSep 15, 2017Revelstoke
42yukitsubota$15 CADSep 15, 2017Whistler
43coldspell99$20 USDSep 15, 2017Missoula
44endurocorp$15 USDSep 14, 2017Sobótka
45nicolemtb$100 CADSep 13, 2017Mount Fromme

Top Donators

1north-shore-bike-shop$9,000 CAD
2drichardsonNVAN$6,000 CAD
3TELUS$3,000 CAD
4radek$2,811 USD
5MTBTrailsCo$1,250 CAD
6muddbunnies$1,005 CAD
7Mfabian$1,000 USD
8Rustyroof$985 CAD
9leelau$850 CAD
10leefluff$615 USD
11reidolum$600 CAD
12ccracer$500 CAD
13theshadowmonkey$500 CAD
14Fleetofbeets$500 USD
15Viking0195$500 USD

Top Regions

1North Vancouver18,492
4Fraser Valley1,827
5Vedder Mountain1,278
6Gooseberry Park1,050
7Signal Hill897

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