Trail Karma

Earn "Trail Karma" by donating to your local trails

Donate some cash to your favourite riding areas to help local associations & builders maintain and develop the trails!

100% of your donation will go directly to the trail association
(minus PayPal transaction fee).

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The more you donate to regions the more Trail Karma you earn. Trail Karma is just our small way of giving you kudus for helping support trails. A special Trail Karma icon will be shown beside your username and your name listed on the karma donors list. We will also hold prize draws in the future for those who have donated.

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Donation Stats

USD Donated
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$2 or more 1 Karma
$5 or more 3 Karma
$15 or more 10 Karma
$25 or more 17 Karma
$50 or more 38 Karma

Recent Donations

1Andropolus$5 USDApr 25, 2017Alafia River State Park
2bigredted$50 CADApr 25, 2017Cumberland Forest
3robopad$75 CADApr 25, 2017North Vancouver
4Fattysenior$25 USDApr 24, 2017West Coast Riders Club
5Fattysenior$25 USDApr 24, 2017West Coast Riders Club
6NigelPerry$50 NZDApr 24, 2017Dunedin
7Isaac411$5 USDApr 24, 2017Utah Valley
8youngster12$15 USDApr 24, 2017United Kingdom
9VedderMountainBikeCo$200 CADApr 24, 2017Vedder Mountain
10luddelundin$5 USDApr 24, 2017Croatia
11arpe$40 CADApr 23, 2017Ledgeview
12catchcam$5 NZDApr 23, 2017West Coast Riders Club
13leo100001$25 USDApr 23, 2017Portland
14Cingrasci$10 USDApr 23, 2017Stottlemeyer
15gcorth$15 USDApr 22, 2017Anchorage
16jaugsbu2$15 USDApr 22, 2017Green Valley
17carnut00$5 USDApr 22, 2017Creve Coeur Park
18hawkenruis$15 USDApr 22, 2017Spencer Mountain
19Ikeyg$5 USDApr 22, 2017Bethpage State Park
20jbreinholt$15 USDApr 21, 2017Los Angeles County
21calgarytrev$35 CADApr 21, 2017West Bragg Creek
22calgarytrev$15 CADApr 21, 2017West Bragg Creek
23Agahoe$5 CADApr 21, 2017Palgrave Conservation Area
24mikey$5 CADApr 21, 2017West Bragg Creek
25mattlj78$25 USDApr 21, 2017Grand Ridge
26hmbarbosa$5 NZDApr 21, 2017Victoria Park
27Liftman£15 GBPApr 20, 2017Glentress
28hexcentric502$15 CADApr 20, 2017Cranbrook Community Forest
29Slotz2550$5 USDApr 20, 2017Flagstaff
30craigcanucks$5 CADApr 20, 2017Simcoe County
31craigcanucks$10 CADApr 20, 2017Ottawa
32canadaka$1 CADApr 20, 2017Fraser Valley
33ckeyland$50 CADApr 20, 2017Squamish
34Gogreenlunchboxes$10 USDApr 20, 2017Scottsdale
35ekliever$25 USDApr 19, 2017Bellingham
36ekliever$25 CADApr 19, 2017Squamish
37ekliever$25 CADApr 19, 2017Sunshine Coast
38gimme$5 USDApr 19, 2017Flat Creek Crossing Ranch
39imervar$10 USDApr 19, 201718 Road
40Kenwe363$5 USDApr 19, 2017Sedona
41GettingFaster$10 CADApr 19, 2017Likely
42philsg$50 USDApr 19, 2017Copper Harbor
43Mattapo$25 USDApr 18, 2017New Zealand
44klenodium$5 USDApr 18, 2017Bymarka
45Jephro$5 USDApr 18, 2017Sedona

Top Donators

1drichardsonNVAN$6,000 CAD
2north-shore-bike-shop$6,000 CAD
3TELUS$3,000 CAD
4radek$2,801 USD
5MTBTrailsCo$1,250 CAD
6muddbunnies$1,005 CAD
7Mfabian$1,000 USD
8Rustyroof$985 CAD
9leefluff$615 USD
10theshadowmonkey$500 CAD
11Fleetofbeets$500 USD
12Viking0195$500 USD
13ccracer$500 CAD
14leelau$450 CAD
15chris8500$450 CAD

Top Regions

1North Vancouver16,134
3Fraser Valley1,783
5Vedder Mountain1,204
6Gooseberry Park1,050
7Signal Hill897

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