Trail Karma

Earn "Trail Karma" by donating to your local trails

Donate some cash to your favourite riding areas to help local associations & builders maintain and develop the trails!

100% of your donation will go directly to the trail association
(minus PayPal transaction fee).

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The more you donate to regions the more Trail Karma you earn. Trail Karma is just our small way of giving you kudus for helping support trails. A special Trail Karma icon will be shown beside your username and your name listed on the karma donors list. We will also hold prize draws in the future for those who have donated.

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Donation Stats

USD Donated
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$2 or more 1 Karma
$5 or more 3 Karma
$15 or more 10 Karma
$25 or more 17 Karma
$50 or more 38 Karma

Recent Donations

1plmn$25 USDMay 27, 2017Moorhead
2tdp7$5 USDMay 27, 2017Draper
3pointsunknown$25 USDMay 27, 2017Montana Mountain
4loudmutha$10 CADMay 27, 2017Diamond Head
5Dowdney$75 USDMay 27, 2017Bent Creek Experimental Forest
6birkooo$5 EURMay 27, 2017Male Karpaty (Bratislava)
7stawi-biker$15 CADMay 26, 2017Squamish
8S3tigoHide$15 CADMay 26, 2017Pass Powderkeg
9Jonesy259$15 AUDMay 26, 2017Jolly Nose State Forest
10skela$15 CADMay 26, 2017Squamish
11jcurry3141$15 USDMay 26, 2017Chicago
12robopad$75 CADMay 26, 2017North Vancouver
13Socanman$5 CADMay 25, 2017Cumberland Forest
14Teresa-V$25 CADMay 25, 2017Winnipeg
15Joseanpacheco$5 USDMay 25, 2017Zapotecas USA Bikes Park
16mattlr33$5 AUDMay 25, 2017Victory Heights Recreational Trails
17pablogoral$15 USDMay 25, 2017Poland
18cgray007$5 USDMay 25, 2017Patapsco Valley State Park
19gcorth$10 USDMay 24, 2017Ester Dome - Happy Valley Trail
20jbrown8777$10 CADMay 24, 2017Mount Fromme
21Kolliker-Fuse$25 CADMay 24, 2017Naughton Trails
22crizo$10 USDMay 24, 2017Post Canyon
23ptldbkr$15 USDMay 24, 2017Presumpscot River Preserve
24fml$15 USDMay 24, 2017Green Valley
25ShaggeyCHF20 CHFMay 24, 2017Zürich
26SandiT$15 CADMay 23, 2017Christie Lake
27Sheffordbromont$15 CADMay 23, 2017Réseau du Mont-Oak
28mtbcxchick$10 CADMay 23, 201712 Mile Coulee
29Coledube$20 CADMay 23, 2017Blackstrap Provincial Park
30jgalaski$15 CADMay 22, 2017South March Highlands
31tis929$50 CADMay 22, 2017Sentiers de l'Abbaye d’Oka
32Vistaww$15 CADMay 22, 2017Ellison Provincial Park
33Tysmith85$5 CADMay 22, 2017SCMBC Trail Network
34Jeff730$25 CADMay 22, 2017Mill Creek Ravine
35Veggiepower$10 CADMay 22, 2017B&K
36smae-ze$10 CADMay 22, 2017Pyramid Bench
37J-MTB$15 USDMay 22, 2017Sprain Ridge Park
38Lawsm$10 CADMay 21, 2017Kimberley Nordic Club
39Jay6of7$5 CADMay 21, 2017Dagmar
40kegor$25 CADMay 21, 2017Fight Trail
41mikey$5 CADMay 21, 2017West Bragg Creek
42StubbornMoose$15 USDMay 21, 2017Mills River
43nthrx$15 USDMay 21, 2017Änggårdsbergen
44burn1$10 CADMay 20, 2017Eagle Mountain
45nilswalk$50 USDMay 20, 2017Truckee Bike Park

Top Donators

1north-shore-bike-shop$9,000 CAD
2drichardsonNVAN$6,000 CAD
3TELUS$3,000 CAD
4radek$2,801 USD
5MTBTrailsCo$1,250 CAD
6muddbunnies$1,005 CAD
7Mfabian$1,000 USD
8Rustyroof$985 CAD
9leelau$710 CAD
10leefluff$615 USD
11theshadowmonkey$500 CAD
12Fleetofbeets$500 USD
13Viking0195$500 USD
14ccracer$500 CAD
15chris8500$450 CAD

Top Regions

1North Vancouver18,417
3Fraser Valley1,824
5Vedder Mountain1,204
6Gooseberry Park1,050
7Signal Hill897

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