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Pemberton is renowned for its abundant gnarly freeride, downhill and technically challenging x-country trails that make the area a unique place to experience. However, beginner to intermediate mountain bikers and families looking for something a little more conservative to ride also have some fun options to explore. From the Valley Loop, a scenic family ride around the town site, to trails such as Bathtub, Teepee, Happy, Back Pains, Lake Loop and No Err, there are numerous great options worth riding. Start with the beginner to intermediate trails recommended in this guide, and move up to some of the more challenging intermediate to advanced rides once you get comfortable with the type of riding and terrain found in Pemberton. One thing is for certain: this guidebook is a must for anyone exploring the area.

80 plus trails listed and waiting to be explored!
6 detailed topographic trail maps highlighting all the trails!
trail descriptions, distances, elevations, ratings and photos!
areas: One Mile Lake, Townsite, Mackenzie and Mosquito Lake!
family-friendly trails and pathways!
new trails: Newsflash, Back Pains, Fifty, Rusty Trombone and Cloudbase 9!

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