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Ultimate Flow at 18 Roadmtb featured
Fruita CO
18 miles1
PBR Lapsmtb
Fruita CO
4 miles2
Kessel Run Lapsmtb
Fruita CO
4 miles3
Zippity Do Da with Joes and MJoesmtb
Fruita CO
14 miles4
Beginner Flowmtb
Fruita CO
8 miles5
Uppity Chutes Down Laddersmtb
Fruita CO
6 miles6
18 Road Combomtb
Fruita CO
14 miles7
The Zippity Loopmtb
Fruita CO
8 miles8
The Edge Loopmtb
Fruita CO
29 miles9
2019 Fruita Fat Tire Festival - E-Bike Routeebike
Fruita CO
10 miles10
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