segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1End-FunRun Kirkhill Fun Park420 ft10 ft1382104241
2Fun Park Kirkhill Fun Park1,766 ft23 ft13761033428
3End_AK Kirkhill Fun Park501 ft10 ft1367106412
4Fire road between reds Forest Road1,241 ft56 ft135362895
5Tower South Climb - Sprint! Tower South Climb799 ft88 ft13291116721
6funparkshort Kirkhill Fun Park1,586 ft67 ft132588991
7Down on the upside Pitfichie Red Climb964 ft29 ft132461566
8Boulder hopping fun Pitfichie Red Climb1,260 ft102 ft132161747
9Pitfichie Red Climb Pitfichie Red Climb1 miles323 ft1320617013
10To the top of Cairn William Pitfichie Red Climb1 miles301 ft132061745
11Cairn William the !st Pitfichie Red Climb1 miles299 ft132061332
12On the up Pitfichie Red Climb1,476 ft106 ft131961536
13Couple o drops Pitfichie Red Climb1,583 ft68 ft131961426
14Great Granite Pitfichie Red Climb1,372 ft51 ft131561467
15Cairn William Granite Top Singletrack Climb Pitfichie Red Climb1 miles317 ft131461104
16Steep stairs to gravel Devil's Staircase1,458 ft121 ft130959688
17Cairn William to 3rd corner Devil's Staircase3,629 ft145 ft1308595111
18Always a wet bit! Devil's Staircase1,661 ft46 ft130759656
19Last 3rd CW Downhill Devil's Staircase1,049 ft92 ft130659525
20Cairn William to Sketchy Turn off Devil's Staircase1 miles332 ft1304593810
21Top to sharp stairs Devil's Staircase2,635 ft121 ft129959423
22A96 Climb Forest Road1,449 ft301 ft1278704213
23Devil's Staircase Devil's Staircase1 miles417 ft1251503433
24CairnWilliam - To last Jump Devil's Staircase1 miles344 ft125050405
25Gravel Ripper Devil's Staircase964 ft54 ft125050156
26Fun Park Full Run Kirkhill Fun Park3,111 ft98 ft124770992
27Climb back to singletrack Forest Road3,424 ft196 ft116340784
28Let's end this madness Forest Road3,760 ft168 ft112441834
29Tower Descent Tower Descent940 ft67 ft1113769836
30Starting Climb Deeside Way2,555 ft221 ft110683432
31Home run Forest Road4,079 ft217 ft109737191
32Stone Circle to Before Gate Forest Road4,352 ft247 ft109437251
33Gate to Stone Circle Forest Road4,461 ft254 ft108541166
34Rise from Lui Water Derry Lodge Road980 ft21 ft100913102
35First push Green Hill1,990 ft206 ft97350852
36single track climb Green Hill2,056 ft210 ft97250147
371st single track up hill Green Hill2,058 ft194 ft971495210
38Pitfichie first descent Green Hill2,093 ft138 ft970413611
39Initial climb Forest Road3,407 ft156 ft96842146
40Greenhill to Fire road Green Hill4,026 ft168 ft96340991
41ABZ Mates Race 4 July 13 Stage 1 Green Hill3,945 ft162 ft96340996
42To the puddle of doom Green Hill1,161 ft98 ft96141234
43Wet & lame Green Hill1,787 ft27 ft96141085
44Puddle to Puddle Green Hill788 ft41 ft96041037
45cross roads to cross roads Forest Road2,321 ft228 ft958115246
46Steep underfoot Green Hill1,779 ft165 ft95743612
47Half bitch half man Forest Road2,468 ft213 ft9531179911
48First drop Green Hill1,094 ft71 ft93938746
49Just the steep bit Green Hill1,360 ft157 ft93741766
50Rocky Trail along Wall Side Trail604 ft38 ft91350576
51Pitmunie Climb Forest Road3,918 ft385 ft90031034
52Lower warm Up Warm up Down520 ft39 ft89771506
53Hill of Marcus - Technical Climb Hill of Marcus Climb2,260 ft83 ft895654811
54Muddy Climb - AK Hill of Marcus Climb535 ft42 ft89366777
55iffy hill Forest Road2,099 ft257 ft83924035
56Iffy Long Forest Road2,751 ft344 ft82123812
57Home Run Path803 ft73 ft77640557
58Fast Run Down Forest Path1,571 ft147 ft77227670
59To Scolty car park Deeside Way1,494 ft85 ft76436394
60Bellamore Slabs Heartbreak Ridge1,253 ft212 ft74215836
61screaming start Forest Road619 ft116 ft74026586
62Warm up Down Warm up Down1,578 ft56 ft730729418
63Climb to Scolty Tower with short cut Forest Road1,738 ft139 ft72343593
64Kirkhill Fun Park Loop Kirkhill Fun Park3,254 ft74 ft71229424
65pitfichie uphill Forest Road797 ft144 ft71221674
66Loch Muick TT Around Loch Muick2 miles71 ft71010754
67Lets rock n roll Pitfichie Downhill1,682 ft188 ft69821431
68Fast Forwarder Fast Forwarder1,099 ft134 ft691485325
69Climb to Scolty Tower Forest Road1,993 ft177 ft68335580
70FF Fast Forwarder903 ft85 ft68146215
71Go for Gold Forest Road596 ft26 ft67432044
72Gouch Singletrack Climb Forest Path2,318 ft67 ft67276017
73Super dick Pitfichie Downhill2,821 ft367 ft66319684
74Take it to the gate Heartbreak Ridge1,268 ft210 ft66013042
75steep climb from walkers path Forest Road747 ft121 ft64829743
76Loamasaurus rex Fallen Tree336 ft56 ft63834747
77Fun Park Climb Kirkhill Fun Park Access Trail1,598 ft21 ft63220651
78Home Stretch Forest Road1,971 ft23 ft61719232
79White Bridge to Linn of Dee Chest of Dee Access Road3 miles110 ft6157530
80Scolty doonhill (top section, tower to gate) Scolty DH Top Section682 ft5 ft597340112
81Bottom section Forest Road603 ft124 ft59420253
82Top section of descent to Rowantree Rowantree Descent3,836 ft319 ft58824198
83Last bit to Shooting Greens Deeside Way1,691 ft120 ft56916663
84ABZ Mates Race 4 July 13 Stage 3 Pitfichie Downhill3,806 ft509 ft55917006
85Tricky climb Forest Path176 ft44 ft55831042
86Capel Rd Climb Loch Muick to Capel Mounth descent2 miles822 ft5457674
87Wall squeeze Wall Squeeze694 ft112 ft53625038
88Fuddy Mucker Trailhead Connector1,130 ft51 ft53636210
89Kirkton Muir climb Forest Road2,635 ft152 ft51725591
90Mount Scolty from the rear Forest Road2,921 ft193 ft51722114
91lochmuick to capel mounth decent! Loch Muick to Capel Mounth descent4 miles928 ft5166923
92Log Ride LogRide1,784 ft241 ft503209514
93Flat n Rooty LogRide1,782 ft233 ft49820290
94Up to the Pearly Gates Up to the pearly gates359 ft39 ft49342634
95Murder Death Kill MDK1,578 ft320 ft489199014
96Gas Gas Gas Gas1,504 ft233 ft488352112
97Offt Mieks Full Run313 ft94 ft48527341
98MDK from the left (full) MDK2,236 ft356 ft48121148
99Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be S Club 7 Forest Road4,902 ft127 ft47715152
100tyrebagger tower Tower Descent967 ft106 ft47019733
101Final Blast to Rowantree Off the bat648 ft95 ft46216657
102Rooty Route Peaks, Troughs and Gully Climbs2,139 ft45 ft43221304
103Kingshill Loop Kingshill Loop2 miles171 ft432182711
104Upper Dee Drop Dee Drop467 ft77 ft43226856
105Viewpoint Descent Tower South Climb1,094 ft89 ft42713520
106Gnarly Graymore Gnarly Graymore1,927 ft320 ft418105010
107Lower dee drop Dee Drop1,022 ft186 ft41822483
108From The Fallen Tree Fallen Tree869 ft172 ft41215053
109berm baby bump Berm Baby Bump664 ft80 ft412314912
110Lefty Of The Tower Flee the Tower581 ft67 ft40816348
111Dee Drop Dee Drop1,653 ft270 ft403220210
112Miek's Runs Mieks Full Run894 ft116 ft39612990
113unclimable decent Green Hill1,215 ft129 ft39612464
114Peaks & troughs Peaks, Troughs and Gully Climbs2,070 ft42 ft39516812
115DMT DMT1,279 ft220 ft392253415
116Crack cleaner Crack Cleaner3,223 ft439 ft388190427
117Countesswells to road ride The Climb604 ft61 ft38819741
118Old Downhill straight down from the gate over slab Scolty DH Old Track1,381 ft262 ft38610509
119Tree Hugging Hippie Tree Hugging Hippie1,370 ft108 ft376278117
120Switchbacks Mieks Full Run503 ft66 ft37612764
121Tight as a Badgers... Tight as a Badgers1,214 ft174 ft374179618
122Black Burn bridge to Boat House turn off Black Burn bridge to Boat House2 miles159 ft3724121
123Left climb Forest Road1,317 ft119 ft3657882
124Final Straw Deeside Way1,614 ft110 ft36413061
125Glascorrie Climb Mt Keen1,960 ft274 ft3564301
126Fungle Rd Singletrack Descent Fungle Singletrack Section3,975 ft208 ft3458663
127Hill of Marcus - Singletrack Ascent Descenderoo1,368 ft156 ft34314984
128Earn it again Forest Road2 miles301 ft34333420
129Bovaglie Climb Land Rover Track5,089 ft247 ft3426051
130Crunchie Slice Bitchin725 ft160 ft33715821
131Dried Up Turnpike Path873 ft102 ft33713962
132The Pipe Wall Hop733 ft103 ft3378132
133Bitchin Bitchin1,716 ft285 ft33415627
134Squirrel Run Squirrel Run1,212 ft61 ft33416564
135From the rocky rollers to the bottom Fallen Tree1,443 ft247 ft33010484
136Pedal Pedal Drop Pedal Pedal Drop1,058 ft141 ft3287614
137Hidden treasures Hidden Treasures1,382 ft108 ft32710434
138Green Hill decent thru Woods Green Hill1,825 ft209 ft3268115
139Greymore from the trees Greymore Downhill1,235 ft194 ft32517323
140Boulderdash Straight Down426 ft72 ft3249565
141Blue Bear Bitchin947 ft107 ft32113353
142Boathouse to Queenie's House Around Loch Muick2 miles65 ft3205050
143Green Hill southerly decent Green Hill3,269 ft328 ft3188093
144Rim Pinger 2nd half Rim Pinger1,517 ft269 ft31313262
145Gully Climb Peaks, Troughs and Gully Climbs559 ft71 ft31311022
146Cannie Down Cannie Down1,130 ft157 ft3129514
147bridge of cannie man Cannie Down1,094 ft153 ft3119371
148Fall Line Full Metal Jacket609 ft85 ft30813795
149Carin-mon-earn mast climb Forest Path4,560 ft258 ft30510075
150Scolty track to gate Forest Road2,892 ft216 ft2945693
151Keen top descent Mt Keen3,224 ft715 ft2933611
152Rowantree off the bat Off the bat1,863 ft232 ft2887780
153RHS Lower Rocky Horror Show2,347 ft294 ft2888831
154MK Summit Descent North Mt Keen2,057 ft550 ft2863542
155RHS Upper Rocky Horror Show1,301 ft271 ft2868841
156RHS Top Rocky Horror Show847 ft206 ft2858874
157RHS Full Rocky Horror Show3,675 ft568 ft2848762
158Graymore DH Greymore Downhill1,921 ft314 ft28212876
159Rocky Horror Show Rocky Horror Show3,760 ft546 ft2808775
160HB Junction to VC Gordon Way Path1 miles391 ft2776172
161Wooooo Master Blaster1,738 ft224 ft27610260
162Fungle Rd Landrover Track Descent Fungle Road4,538 ft503 ft2767202
163Glen Lui bridge Derry Lodge Road1 miles142 ft2733240
164Iffy Up The Way Forest Road2,359 ft313 ft2725731
165VC to Heather Bridge Junction Gordon Way Path1 miles403 ft2716221
166Climb all up hill Uphill Slog2 miles859 ft2716258
167Mega enduro track of death Mieks Full Run491 ft135 ft27010578
168Wee Sprint Path2,340 ft23 ft27014082
169Double drop Double Drop669 ft117 ft26714386
170Sprint to the top Sprint to the top1,132 ft153 ft2677832
171heart rate hell Cnoc Dubh Ascent2,739 ft228 ft2635740
172Roots Manova Roots Manova2,154 ft280 ft2618264
173Berm Blaster Goosefest756 ft148 ft2617944
174Boat House turn off to Black Burn bridge Black Burn bridge to Boat House2 miles165 ft2592942
175Green Mile Singletrack The Green Mile Descent1 miles472 ft2573641
176Grassy Bank Forest Road2,672 ft421 ft2564942
177Tyrebagger Tester Ermagurd!744 ft82 ft25313578
178The 'Green Mile' descent The Green Mile Descent3 miles879 ft2483461
179Walkin' The Mile The Green Mile Descent1 miles553 ft2483451
180Cnoc Dubh to the rock Cnoc Dubh Descent1,897 ft240 ft2455000
181Cnoc Dubh Descent Cnoc Dubh Descent2,506 ft283 ft2434984
182S-K-A-F Mastermind4,245 ft790 ft2396573
183Harold Bishop - Above The Treeline My Little Pony507 ft84 ft2387930
184sketchy and fresh (mapped correctly) Mastermind3,812 ft768 ft2386532
185Harold Bishop My Little Pony1,355 ft237 ft2357615
186They call it enduro Forest Road3,654 ft88 ft2354271
187Tour of Duty Bottom Tour of Duty Bottom834 ft185 ft2329982
188Steep Sketchy and Fresh Mastermind5,126 ft802 ft23060213
189Hutchison Descent Loch Etchachan Path3,628 ft750 ft2272602
190Up and Downs Ups and Downs863 ft84 ft2254541
191Blast to Shooting Greens Ozloc's Crotch1,745 ft21 ft2257802
192Lazy Ba5tard (after all the wee climbs) Slack Bastard2,178 ft321 ft2237222
193Kingshill loop2 Kingshill Loop2 miles181 ft2237631
194Rowantree Rocks Rowantree Descent2,185 ft329 ft2214763
195Hutchinson Memorial descent Loch Etchachan Path3,438 ft693 ft2212532
196BJ Adventures Speed test to Lake Ben Macdui Descent1 miles624 ft2202572
197Pitmunie Rocket Forest Road3,676 ft377 ft2203492
198Guard to Baudy Meg Guard to Baudy Meg1 miles234 ft2196451
199drumtochty dh 2 Mattock706 ft172 ft2199047
200don't eat yellow snow Don't Eat Yellow Snow1,176 ft90 ft2165802
201Capel Rd Descent Loch Muick Descent2,696 ft482 ft2142462
202Stage 2 Stage 2594 ft86 ft21312078
203Derry Lodge to Linn of Dee (end of dirt track) Derry Lodge Road3 miles201 ft2122630
204Leave the brakes alone! Stage 3537 ft89 ft21010643
205Derry lodge climb Derry Lodge Road3 miles214 ft2092461
206Steep Climb Forest Track1,243 ft104 ft2095460
207Baby Salmon Baby Salmon1,309 ft142 ft20881812
208Wee Goauch Wood Climb Forest Road2,385 ft146 ft2065310
209Cnoc Dubh Cnoc Dubh Ascent3,230 ft164 ft2064752
210Burn O'Vat Downhill to Vat Turn Off Burn O'Vat Trail3,697 ft206 ft2046600
211Roots Peaks, Troughs and Gully Climbs744 ft7 ft2045180
212Don View Climb Rowantree Descent2,075 ft283 ft2026114
213Loch Muick descent. Loch Muick Descent2,976 ft558 ft1992261
214Slower Slugain Access Road2 miles238 ft1992130
215Mirkwood Mirkwood1,863 ft145 ft19810457
216Excuse my German Excuse my German864 ft166 ft198112713
217Slugain Access Road3 miles578 ft1982260
218Wee singletrack Forest Track685 ft65 ft1989230
219Kill all hippies Kill all hippies1,065 ft156 ft1966692
220Cairn William Rewind Pitfichie Red Climb1 miles301 ft1954733
221loam sweet loam Black Pine520 ft74 ft1938291
222short cut to mast Craigendinne Conquest1,274 ft93 ft1915281
223Bombhole to Barrier Bombhole to the Barrier593 ft64 ft19011301
224The Roller Coaster The Roller Coaster2,131 ft228 ft1893692
225fungle fox hunt Fungle Road1 miles525 ft1885161
226fox hunt Fungle Road1 miles525 ft1885160
227Roots and needles Black Pine2,030 ft260 ft1867691
228just the pig just the pig1,427 ft76 ft18410673
229down the piggy just the pig959 ft84 ft1788760
230Squirrel Squirrel536 ft101 ft17775810
231burn o vat ownhill Burn O'Vat Trail4,797 ft276 ft1766267
232Black Pine Black Pine3,012 ft425 ft1767148
233Burn o'Vat Singletrack Uphill Burn O'Vat Trail4,824 ft279 ft1724126
234Burn of Vat - Last Bit Burn O'Vat Trail1,286 ft48 ft1715781
235SWC Scolty Climb Croft-thorn trail1,628 ft175 ft1694760
236steep start Quioch Access Road1,107 ft141 ft1671830
237First Entrance Climb Forest Road5,261 ft295 ft1635593
238half pine Black Pine1,643 ft187 ft1636562
239The Line The Line1,378 ft264 ft1607067
240The Full Line The Line1,775 ft337 ft1577033
241Tap your mither Access Path1,717 ft446 ft1562644
242D'oggy Style D'oggy Style755 ft161 ft1524633
243Car-park Link Path1,084 ft67 ft1515932
244from last signpost to stile Gordon Way Path2,447 ft24 ft1512441
245Poop Shoot Mk.II Forest Road226 ft52 ft1494502
246Ozloc's Crotch Ozloc's Crotch3,846 ft137 ft1494070
247Offside : trees Access Path2,431 ft396 ft1381882
248fungle single track reverse Fungle Singletrack Section4,804 ft248 ft1372111
249Quick Route Up Shortcut393 ft48 ft1343390
250Cairn to Bombhole Quarry1,285 ft177 ft1315690
251Down Cairn-mon-earn Forest Path4,161 ft254 ft1303991
252Quarry Quarry1,327 ft166 ft1305655
253royverside drive Roy's Reacharound1,429 ft135 ft1273465
254full new mill climb Forest Road3 miles844 ft1274896
255Durris 1 Durris 1975 ft220 ft1253437
256Eeeeerrrrmmmmaaaggguuurrrdd!! Ermagurd!958 ft104 ft1243204
257Pitfichie New(er) DH Track From Treeline Pitfichie SDA Track1,519 ft395 ft1242054
258Offside : full bifter Access Path4,190 ft853 ft1231472
259into the pines Black Pine836 ft105 ft1233671
260Loamy Corners Goosefest1,517 ft292 ft1172020
261Crathes, Burn of Coy Path1 miles65 ft1176261
262Top jump section A Line939 ft68 ft1166564
263from_cairn_to_burn Roy's Reacharound2,687 ft204 ft1153151
264Face slapping by conifer Culsten Burn Decent3,143 ft239 ft1141561
265Bucharn Steadings Descent Forest Road3,786 ft302 ft1132683
266tower ess climb Tower Ess Descent1 miles591 ft1124002
267Cocktails at Barrymore’s pool Black Pine1,418 ft174 ft1123492
268Dalau Lama Dalau Lama2,063 ft353 ft1122984
269Green Hill Descent Green Hill Climb2,179 ft273 ft1113841
270Mither Tap Access Path4,940 ft951 ft1081530
271Keiloch Invercauld Climb Access Road2 miles587 ft1061230
272Ss1 Hindu Kush1,042 ft194 ft1012940
273Rorandle Climb Forest Road1 miles515 ft981884
274Across the hill Singletrack climb1,035 ft64 ft971790
275A.1 A Line2,419 ft236 ft962824
276It's Colin! It's Colin1,804 ft132 ft963252
277Shoulder from Bervie Water to Maxie Burn Forest Road4,097 ft122 ft931181
278Lower Kirkford Descent Kirkford3,254 ft570 ft921682
279Great Escape Great Escape2,427 ft529 ft922485
280Tower Ess Downhill Tower Ess Descent3,085 ft347 ft913470
281A.2 Pedal Up2,189 ft234 ft902711
282Resurrection Bombastic557 ft72 ft893011
283Wee break from climbing Forest Road361 ft47 ft881530
284Tower Ess Decent Tower Ess Descent1 miles577 ft873422
285Roy's Reacharound! Roy's Reacharound3,243 ft370 ft862636
286The Leg Burner Forest Road2,494 ft400 ft851160
287junction singletrack Kirkford789 ft94 ft851601
288Bird Spotter Bird Spotter3,684 ft357 ft842200
289Gate to Carnferg top climb (East - steep side) Carnferg Gorse Trail1 miles604 ft812031
290Don View Climb Rocky Horror Show4,044 ft645 ft791121
291Carnferg ascent (East - Steep side) Carnferg Gorse Trail3,843 ft509 ft791981
292Boom Alternate Start Boom1,646 ft144 ft781423
293DhFarm - N Track Pedal Up2,072 ft236 ft762030
294Fungle Road Climb Water Tank Track1 miles427 ft751283
295Durris loose corners Durris loose corners359 ft60 ft731780
296Upper Kirkford Descent Kirkford2,075 ft241 ft731371
297Steeps into Ballater Steeps into Ballater2,211 ft501 ft731432
298Rooty Rocky Rooty Rocky1,575 ft206 ft723974
299Old Military Rd Climb Forest Road2,191 ft280 ft712070
300Roast Walnuts Access Road520 ft81 ft692122
301rocky doon Path742 ft118 ft681170
302DH Farm Pedal Climb Pedal Up1,940 ft230 ft661732
303Bigger Beast of Phesdo Forest Track2,153 ft303 ft651574
304Gate t' top Forest Road2 miles329 ft643320
305Project SS Goauch Project SS Goauch991 ft235 ft631690
306Green Hill Singletrack Descent Part 2 Green Hill Woodland Singletrack704 ft63 ft624351
307Durris Loamy turns Singal track475 ft52 ft591450
308baudy meg reverse Guard to Baudy Meg2 miles272 ft581491
309The Grouse Emporium The Grouse Emporium1,566 ft317 ft57712
310Fungle Rd Climb Bird Spotter3,837 ft396 ft561742
311secret in the woods Secret in the Woods2,012 ft221 ft562384
312Helmet off aaaaaand push up... MDK2,328 ft362 ft54820
313capel rd decent to loch muick Loch Muick to Capel Mounth descent2 miles839 ft54591
314Carn Ferg Descent Carnferg Gorse Trail3,647 ft496 ft541481
315Lecht Blue dh Blue Hare4,207 ft330 ft532341
316Quarry Flat Oot Quarry Flat Oot1,037 ft209 ft521081
317B976 Climb Green Mile Ascent2 miles533 ft52770
318Stoney Descent Anyone for Golf?881 ft122 ft521361
319Elbow Armour Forest Road1,611 ft93 ft492671
320Rock 'n Root Rock n Root816 ft89 ft491823
321Creagan Riabhach Uphill Slog1,179 ft171 ft481293
322Rubbits run Bat 2761 ft104 ft47701
323log out Drop and Slide827 ft102 ft461253
324Water tank track downhill Water Tank Track1 miles424 ft421090
325original Cheyne Original1,231 ft150 ft411961
326Pinewood derby. Cnoc Dubh Ascent2,318 ft158 ft40920
327Chutney Nudger Chutney4,560 ft387 ft401312
328Invercauld Bridge Climb Beinn a'Bhuird Alternative Climb3,991 ft638 ft39430
329Downhill from junction. Uphill Slog2 miles818 ft37641
330Battlehill Quarry descent Battle Hill Quarry Desent662 ft56 ft361231
331Pitterderich Descent Pitterderich Descent1,350 ft199 ft361115
332Whoops to the Road The Roller Coaster1,870 ft223 ft35450
333Firetracker Forest Road2,204 ft167 ft341010
334Squirrel Nuts Squirrel Nuts1,305 ft104 ft34913
335Burn baby burn Exit Bennachie1,000 ft69 ft32570
336Mercury The Big Lebowski751 ft115 ft32811
337Gartly southern loop climb Gartly Blue3,409 ft107 ft31800
338Mercury Accurate The Big Lebowski709 ft106 ft31821
339Badalair to gate The Badalair1 miles667 ft30362
340Full Descent Access Road1,289 ft166 ft301250
341Hare Trail Hare Trail1,142 ft94 ft29792
342Farquharson Hill Path Descent Hill path descent1,779 ft191 ft29430
343Down to the road Cheyne Up Hill1,162 ft114 ft28691
344Brathens Downhill Brethens DH1,280 ft76 ft281033
345Secret in the woods Secret in the woods1,779 ft82 ft28610
346Bloody Muddy Across Craigendinnie3,234 ft299 ft26340
347Quarry Climb Gartly Blue3,763 ft146 ft24640
348Gartly Moor northern shorty Gartly Blue472 ft6 ft23650
349Off and push just the pig1,562 ft88 ft22310
350Rubbits run ext. Bat 21,243 ft193 ft22340
351Gartly Car park Climb Gartly Blue1 miles240 ft21600
352Mast Blast Corskie Climb2,191 ft55 ft21250
353sweet singletrack The Druids lair1,222 ft130 ft21730
354to the BAT cave The Druids lair2,912 ft225 ft20720
355Brathens Enduro Brathens Enduro2,164 ft21 ft19401
356Cruise back to the car park The storm (Cruise back to the car park)524 ft158 ft19310
357Craigcoileich Descent Craigcoileich Descent1,846 ft583 ft19230
358Weigh Anchors 2 Gutter Ball430 ft66 ft18290
359Tree Line Dead Wood828 ft38 ft17381
360The storm The storm (Cruise back to the car park)304 ft88 ft16280
361B9119 Climb Cnoc Dubh Descent1,364 ft289 ft15291
362Landrover Track Descent (Blue) Landrover Track Descent2 miles775 ft15280
363Smidgen of an Echo The Badalair4,620 ft504 ft14160
364Down Down Down Beinn a'Bhuird Alternative Climb3,960 ft481 ft14140
365down the front of creag coinnich Creag Choinnich Climb3,171 ft560 ft12300
366Weigh Anchors Gutter Ball482 ft77 ft12141
367Fern Paradise A (very small) Line583 ft49 ft11701
368Slopey Shoulder Slopey Shoulder2,203 ft244 ft8132
369Descent to Lost Valley (lower) Descent to Lost Valley1,878 ft290 ft6241
370Hana's Banana's Hana's Bananas1,458 ft94 ft6270
371creige leith The Green Mile Descent4,389 ft401 ft580
372Rusty Hatchet Rusty Hatchet2,235 ft410 ft5180
373Gartly Loop Gartly Blue5 miles367 ft4321
374B9119 Climb Burn O'Vat Trail4,293 ft274 ft331
375B976 Climb Across Craigendinnie2,461 ft355 ft330
376B976 Climb Across Craigendinnie2,461 ft355 ft330
377The Croft The Croft1,174 ft151 ft392
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