Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
#10 Mine TrailRed Mountain Park
867 ft-2 ft84 ft
#14 Connector TrailRed Mountain Park
1,275 ft-71 ft36 ft
#14 Mine TrailRed Mountain Park
809 ft-109 ft
17th Ohio Battery TrailHistoric Blakeley State Park
2,805 ft-37 ft35 ft
2-Star BettyMcClellan Trails
3,694 ft-45 ft36 ft
265 LoopChickasabogue State Park
3,887 ft-68 ft71 ft
4-Ball TrailWildwood Park
1,998 ft-31 ft67 ft
Abby RoadRedstone Arsenal
4,111 ft-30 ft129 ft
Access TrailLake Wilmore
939 ft-53 ft75 ft
Access TrailJCC
299 ft-45 ft
Access TrailTannehill Ironworks
255 ft27 ft
Access TrailTannehill Ironworks
1,113 ft-1 ft43 ft
Access TrailLake Guntersville State Park
499 ft-65 ft
Access TrailMcClellan Trails
1,168 ft-3 ft
Access TrailAuburn University
379 ft9 ft
Access TrailTrussville Sports Complex
3,224 ft-17 ft68 ft
Access TrailForever Wild Trails @ Beaver Creek
307 ft-2 ft28 ft
Access Trail ShortChickasabogue State Park
3,887 ft-36 ft21 ft
1,434 ft-39 ft20 ft
1 mile-50 ft69 ft
2,894 ft-7 ft9 ft
Alms House TrailMonte Sano State Park and Land Trust
2 miles-307 ft56 ft
Altamont Park TrailBirmingham
1,194 ft-21 ft28 ft
Alum HollowGreen Mountain Nature Preserve
1 mile-190 ft63 ft
AmpitheaterChapman Mountain Nature Preserve
696 ft7 ft
Antique CreekMunny Sokal Park
1,867 ft-23 ft38 ft
ApacheRedstone Arsenal
3,763 ft-28 ft44 ft
Apache TrailEd Lisenby Lake
1 mile-68 ft61 ft
ApolloRedstone Arsenal
4,454 ft-170 ft51 ft
Armadillo AlleyChewacla State Park
2,421 ft-41 ft43 ft
Arrowhead TrailMonte Sano State Park and Land Trust
5 miles-867 ft472 ft
ArtemisRedstone Arsenal
4,076 ft-297 ft17 ft
Baby BearColdwater Mountain
1 mile-53 ft56 ft
Backside LoopSwayback Bridge
2 miles-109 ft166 ft
Bailey CoveBlevins Gap Preserve
1,444 ft271 ft
Balden Plantation TrailHistoric Blakeley State Park
2,064 ft-9 ft2 ft
Bankhead Trail (Aka RMAD)Monte Sano State Park and Land Trust
2 miles-13 ft271 ft
Bartram NRTTuskeegee
4 miles-325 ft348 ft
Bartram TrailTuskeegee National Forest
4 miles-446 ft221 ft
Base CAMP TrailChewacla State Park
1,565 ft-29 ft27 ft
Bastard LoopSwayback Bridge
2,053 ft-90 ft94 ft
Beach LoopChickasabogue State Park
2,789 ft-40 ft38 ft
Beaver Dam RunJ.D. and Annie S. Hays Nature Preserve
2,703 ft
Beaver Pond TrailHistoric Blakeley State Park
2,638 ft-16 ft12 ft
Beaver Tail FlatsForever Wild Trails @ Beaver Creek
5,157 ft-42 ft44 ft
Belly MineHurricane Creek Park
5,154 ft-108 ft115 ft
Benjamin Randal LoopHistoric Blakeley State Park
1,309 ft-31 ft24 ft
BernerMcMullen Cove
1,844 ft-126 ft
BetwixtMcMullen Cove
2,100 ft-16 ft7 ft
Bevil AlternateLake Guntersville State Park
4,055 ft-26 ft112 ft
Big Bluff TrailMcMullen Cove
2 miles-309 ft86 ft
Big Cat Hill BypassMonte Sano State Park and Land Trust
435 ft4 ft
Big John ConnectorSlyward Trails @ Lake Howard
2,635 ft-38 ft86 ft
Big Levee - EastForever Wild Trails @ Beaver Creek
2 miles-157 ft115 ft
Big Levee - WestForever Wild Trails @ Beaver Creek
3,352 ft-75 ft97 ft
Big Levee Advanced TrailForever Wild Trails @ Beaver Creek
1,621 ft-8 ft6 ft
Big Pimpin' #2Wildwood Park
2 miles-398 ft282 ft
Bill And Marion Certain TrailBlevins Gap Preserve
2 miles-132 ft386 ft
Bills Creek LoopSlyward Trails @ Lake Howard
3 miles-153 ft144 ft
Black Creek East LoopTurkey Creek Nature Preserve
1,073 ft-2 ft2 ft
Black Creek Link #2Black Creek Mountain Bike Park
295 ft-3 ft
Black Creek Loop #1Birmingham
1 mile-107 ft114 ft
Black Creek ParkTurkey Creek Nature Preserve
3,153 ft-8 ft9 ft
Black Creek Rails to TrailsBlack Creek Mountain Bike Park
6 miles-122 ft162 ft
Black ForestChickasabogue State Park
2 miles-175 ft178 ft
Black HawkRedstone Arsenal
4,714 ft-35 ft286 ft
Black Ridge Loop #3Black Creek Mountain Bike Park
2 miles-272 ft265 ft
Blackhawk TrailEd Lisenby Lake
3,556 ft-59 ft78 ft
Blackhawk Trail LoopEd Lisenby Lake
3,140 ft-72 ft73 ft
Blake's Cabin TrailMcMullen Cove
2 miles-162 ft230 ft
BlowhardColdwater Mountain
2,379 ft165 ft
Blue Bell Creek TrailMcMullen Cove
2,306 ft-13 ft
Blue GravityColdwater Mountain
3,146 ft-204 ft
Blue Horse Trail #520Talladega National Forest
7 miles-659 ft640 ft
Blue Horse West #520Talladega National Forest
5 miles-660 ft278 ft
Blue TrailUniversity of South Alabama Trails (USA)
1 mile-191 ft205 ft
Bluff Line TrailMonte Sano State Park and Land Trust
2 miles-85 ft378 ft
Bluff TrailChickasabogue State Park
2 miles-165 ft154 ft
Bluffline ConnectorMonte Sano State Park and Land Trust
91 ft12 ft
BMRR North TrailRed Mountain Park
2 miles-3 ft147 ft
BMRR South TrailRed Mountain Park
2 miles-304 ft188 ft
Bog TrailMonte Sano State Park and Land Trust
1,555 ft-14 ft57 ft
Bomb DogColdwater Mountain
5 miles-1,026 ft376 ft
Bombing RunFort Rucker
674 ft119 ft
BostickLand Trust of North Alabama: Wade Mountain
1 mile-183 ft168 ft
Bottoms StartUniversity of South Alabama Trails (USA)
4,820 ft-10 ft18 ft
Bottoms Start linkUniversity of South Alabama Trails (USA)
62 ft
Boulder RidgeOak Mountain State Park
1 mile-125 ft128 ft
Boy Scout Connector BridgeChewacla State Park
92 ft
Breastworks TrailHistoric Blakeley State Park
1 mile-42 ft36 ft
Brushy Creek Trail #220Bankhead National Forest
4 miles-435 ft468 ft
BrutalityMunny Sokal Park
3,114 ft-59 ft54 ft
Buddy PowellMunny Sokal Park
2,795 ft-45 ft11 ft
Buddy Powell LoopMunny Sokal Park
2,221 ft-30 ft24 ft
Buffalo RockLake Guntersville State Park
4,980 ft-191 ft113 ft
Bull FrogColdwater Mountain
1,021 ft-26 ft46 ft
Bulldog TrailChapman Mountain Nature Preserve
1 mile-28 ft103 ft
BullwinkleColdwater Mountain
2,520 ft-25 ft16 ft
BunnyColdwater Mountain
1,159 ft-87 ft49 ft
Bushwhacker JohnsonMonte Sano State Park and Land Trust
3,415 ft-65 ft103 ft
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