segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Lynn Ary Park Coastal Trail3,706 ft24 ft35491647711Anchorage
2Earthquake Park to Pt Woronzof Coastal Trail4,531 ft84 ft31101221033Anchorage
3Earthquake Park hill Coastal Trail4,122 ft54 ft30331168539Anchorage
4Stench Sprint Coastal Trail1,097 ft24 ft29311100520Anchorage
5Coastal Trail Woronzof Uphill Sprint Coastal Trail1,439 ft52 ft2764104212Anchorage
6Second Breakfast Updated 2018 Second Breakfast1,140 ft81 ft1993147629Anchorage
7Upper Jeff's Whoop Whoop Jeff's Whoop Whoop3,472 ft217 ft15661727039Anchorage
8Lower Jeff's Whoop Whoop Jeff's Whoop Whoop3,625 ft240 ft15381649334Anchorage
9Mighty Bike from C$ Express to Bolling Alley Mighty Bike2,154 ft41 ft1369958713Anchorage
10Nate's Revised Whoop Whoop Jeff's Whoop Whoop1 mile502 ft13581474128Anchorage
11Middle Earth drop-in ( TH to Hanging Chad) Middle Earth2,632 ft19 ft134073210Anchorage
12Toilet Bowl DH Toilet Bowl1,069 ft54 ft1237592414Anchorage
13Bolling Alley - North, Fast & Flow Bolling Alley2,490 ft43 ft121865999Anchorage
14Toilet Bowl Toilet Bowl1,885 ft58 ft116561168Anchorage
15Tower Power South Tower Power3,569 ft38 ft112362589Anchorage
16Second Breakfast Second Breakfast1,772 ft101 ft1116701414Anchorage
17Change of Pace Down Change of Pace1,808 ft55 ft109865047Anchorage
18Bolling Alley- Sandbox to Tower Power Bolling Alley2,383 ft43 ft1094567010Anchorage
19Hanging Chad DH Hanging Chad1,784 ft90 ft1083572915Anchorage
20Eh-Line Tech Eh-Line1,114 ft163 ft10591215134Anchorage
21(Official) Eh-Line Eh-Line3,390 ft285 ft10441191727Anchorage
22Lee's Train no cheat Lee's Train1,664 ft91 ft100478587Anchorage
23Lee's Train Lee's Train1,524 ft72 ft100178492Anchorage
24Good Greeff Jumpline Good Greeff977 ft53 ft999668118Anchorage
25L-Train Rolling Start Lee's Train1,714 ft114 ft99976996Anchorage
26Good Greeff Good Greeff2,942 ft126 ft996638110Anchorage
27TOA Antenna WB Tour of Anchorage Trail983 ft37 ft97262678Anchorage
28C$ Bottom C$ Express618 ft35 ft94851844Anchorage
29Kitchen Sink Kitchen Sink3,015 ft65 ft94153779Anchorage
30Evolution Evolution1,714 ft87 ft92342264Anchorage
31Raspberry Ascent to Chalet Raspberry Multi-use Trail2 miles138 ft92029313Anchorage
32C$ Mini Launchers and Roots C$ Express1,240 ft48 ft89348606Anchorage
33Gauer Power Gauer Power4,579 ft336 ft892524015Anchorage
34Change of Pace Up Change of Pace1,741 ft57 ft88037453Anchorage
35Sugar Lumps Bolling Alley1,611 ft68 ft86633436Anchorage
36Northwest Passage Northwest Passage2,047 ft144 ft853451617Anchorage
37TOA Service Hill Tour of Anchorage Trail4,838 ft155 ft845741615Anchorage
38Evolution DH only Evolution1,112 ft89 ft83938238Anchorage
39Jodphur Parking Lot to Kitchen Sink Kitchen Sink3,271 ft35 ft833411110Anchorage
40Lee's Train Down Lee's Train1,958 ft69 ft81865630Anchorage
41Sand Box Sand Box2,327 ft69 ft81644216Anchorage
42Tour to Bluedot Southbound Tour of Anchorage Trail3,427 ft37 ft80266977Anchorage
43sting in the linkup South Bivouac Trail1,274 ft33 ft79362475Anchorage
44Tower Power from Kitchen Sink to Bolling Alley Tower Power4,056 ft29 ft78033125Anchorage
45Candy Mountain DH Candy Mountain2,246 ft121 ft778366112Anchorage
46Tower Power Sprint Tower Power1,458 ft27 ft76734685Anchorage
47Salmon run - eastbound Salmon Run1,727 ft14 ft719523910Anchorage
48TOA Antenna Hill Tour of Anchorage Trail2,219 ft95 ft70239689Anchorage
49Speedway Northbound Speedway5,058 ft61 ft697497710Anchorage
50Rover's Run Up Rovers Run1 mile151 ft69633108Anchorage
51Salmon Run - Westbound Salmon Run1,628 ft30 ft685727611Anchorage
52Hive - Descent Lower Hive1 mile231 ft67335503Anchorage
53Rover's Run down Rovers Run1 mile172 ft66031886Anchorage
542015 Hammerman Course - Bolling Alley Bolling Alley1 mile131 ft61620132Anchorage
55Janice's Jive up to GL Janice's Jive2,841 ft177 ft52844777Anchorage
56Up Queen Bee Queen Bee3,612 ft208 ft52144639Anchorage
57Queen Bee North Queen Bee3,793 ft214 ft497347210Anchorage
58MicroDot Eastbound Baseball Boogie2,381 ft75 ft47738535Anchorage
59Upper Hornets Nest - Going North Hornet's Nest2,261 ft36 ft46920032Anchorage
60Janice's Jive to Queen Bee Janice's Jive2,213 ft55 ft44927031Anchorage
61Microdot Westbound Baseball Boogie2,252 ft73 ft446312210Anchorage
62Hornets's Nest Up to Gasline Hornet's Nest2,548 ft60 ft43018782Anchorage
63Hornets Nest Downhill Hornet's Nest5,280 ft123 ft42216554Anchorage
64Hive Downhill Lower Hive1 mile241 ft40821705Anchorage
65Service climb to Conversation Corner Junior Nordic Loop (Lighted)1,696 ft68 ft39818107Anchorage
66Rambone Winter 20/21 Rambone1 mile48 ft39515535Anchorage
67Bowling Alley Even Day, (Tower Power Start) Bolling Alley4 miles124 ft3809133Anchorage
68Janice's Jive Rolling Start Janice's Jive2,806 ft166 ft36222103Anchorage
69Queen Bee North Queen Bee3,850 ft215 ft31814170Anchorage
70Hillside STA trails- "Yellowjacket" Descent. Yellow Jacket4,681 ft215 ft31013806Anchorage
71Bearbottom Bearbottom3,656 ft78 ft29917671Palmer
72Brown Bear westbound Brown Bear2,513 ft108 ft29219495Anchorage
73STA to Prospect Heights Cooldown Upper Gasline Trail709 ft72 ft28514114Anchorage
74Janice's Jive - Lower Janice's Jive2,430 ft78 ft2827973Anchorage
75Full Buddy Werner Spencer Loop1 mile354 ft2826702Anchorage
76Buddy Werner Dr Climb Spencer Loop2,957 ft268 ft2816812Anchorage
77Lower Gauer Power, Hive to TTR Ticket to Ride2,433 ft147 ft2768541Anchorage
78Lower Gauer Power Gauer Power2,675 ft177 ft2758572Anchorage
79Eh-Line Flow Spencer Loop2,727 ft190 ft2749714Anchorage
80Bowling Ally Loop Odd Days Bolling Alley4 miles129 ft2735173Anchorage
81Stinger Downhill Stinger3,275 ft133 ft2648776Anchorage
82Scary Tree Scary Tree1 mile87 ft2627865Anchorage
83Trail Service to Abbott Abbot Multi-use Trail South2,073 ft28 ft25717024Anchorage
84Paper Plate Westbound Polar Bear5,107 ft83 ft24110411Anchorage
85Rootbear Skinny Dusty Downhill to Bearberry Bearberry Bluff1,665 ft109 ft22910922Palmer
86Yellow Jacket down on Gas Line Upper Gasline Trail2,463 ft248 ft2274943Anchorage
87"The Rock" to Expert Trail Head Counter Clockwise Jump Trail1,959 ft61 ft2127672Palmer
88Basher Run Hansel and Gretel2,086 ft75 ft20711793Anchorage
89Bolling Alley odd loop from Jodphur Bolling Alley4 miles117 ft2064374Anchorage
90Hillside STA trails - "Hive" - Climb from Yellowjacket to top. Lower Hive1 mile220 ft2048192Anchorage
91Polar Bear - Eastbound Polar Bear4,920 ft71 ft2008440Anchorage
92Expert Trail Uphill Counter Clockwise Monk's Hood3,612 ft94 ft1989861Palmer
93Stinger - Up Stinger2,976 ft128 ft1976224Anchorage
94Expert Trail DH Monk's Hood2,592 ft165 ft19710014Palmer
95Eer Ty Racs Scary Tree1 mile53 ft1885471Anchorage
96Yellow Jacket Up Yellow Jacket4,452 ft230 ft1857113Anchorage
97Spencer Climb Spencer Loop2,909 ft129 ft1773492Anchorage
98Silky Johnson Connector Trail2,896 ft151 ft1764651Palmer
99Hornets Nest - Full Uphill Hornet's Nest1 mile123 ft1726320Anchorage
100Short Janice's Jive - Lower Janice's Jive2,186 ft50 ft1696542Anchorage
101Long Table Uphill Jump Trail1,510 ft76 ft16910751Palmer
102Scary Tree from DOT Scary Tree1 mile371 ft1654350Anchorage
103Scary Tree Scary Tree1 mile74 ft1634071Anchorage
104X-Tra Tuff Xtra Tuff517 ft117 ft1525671Girdwood
105Bermuda Bermuda Triangle1,025 ft226 ft15215403Girdwood
106Dig Deep Techy Drop-in Dig Deep1,021 ft158 ft1503173Anchorage
107Jump Jump Jump Spencer Loop1,090 ft122 ft1452151Anchorage
108Lars Would Go! Ticket to Ride4,460 ft331 ft1432701Anchorage
109The Wall Ice Box1,586 ft157 ft1382562Anchorage
110Dig Deep Dig Deep4,821 ft467 ft1372686Anchorage
111Transit to CC Park and back Campbell Creek Trail2 miles47 ft1143130Anchorage
112Rock Monster Rock Monster604 ft151 ft1114042Girdwood
113Yip and Yap Northbound Yip and Yep1,453 ft30 ft1112892Anchorage
1142015 Hammerman Course - Mizes Folly/The Wall Mize's Folly And Wall2,399 ft80 ft1092871Anchorage
115Moose Ridge Up Moose Ridge2 miles160 ft1052481Anchorage
116XY climb X & Y lakes loop5,070 ft145 ft1042690Talkeetna
117Conspiracy Scary Tree1 mile51 ft1042474Anchorage
118The Stranger (Westbound) Stranger1 mile69 ft1013285Anchorage
119Salamano's Dog Stranger1 mile73 ft992280Anchorage
120Basin Rd Climb Shaánaxh, (Sparkling Valley), Perseverance Trail2,737 ft279 ft975162Juneau
121When it all comes down, Cycling Trivialities Mosquito Singletrack2,914 ft145 ft979856Soldotna
122Nordic St Climb Spencer Loop3,875 ft278 ft961641Anchorage
123Rambone Eastbound Rambone4,641 ft51 ft953041Anchorage
124Tim's Obsession Panda Bear1 mile69 ft891740Anchorage
125Bamboo Eater! Panda Bear5,195 ft83 ft891742Anchorage
126Rambone Westbound Rambone4,384 ft48 ft882454Anchorage
127The (pedal biting) Lion of Veneto Mother1,796 ft21 ft881811Anchorage
128Yap and Yip Yip and Yep1,469 ft28 ft861543Anchorage
129Welcome to the new world order Mosquito Singletrack2,799 ft137 ft865143Soldotna
130Blue Ridge North Raven's Ridge (Blue Loop)2,273 ft41 ft821230Chugiak-Eagle River
131Black Stone Axe Drop Mosquito Singletrack2,898 ft157 ft816804Soldotna
132Meursault Stranger1 mile83 ft802282Anchorage
133Hamburger Fields South Hamburger fields1,619 ft39 ft801652Anchorage
134Perserverance-Ebner Falls to Bottom Shaánaxh, (Sparkling Valley), Perseverance Trail1 mile421 ft784451Juneau
135XY lake X & Y lakes loop3 miles160 ft782026Talkeetna
136YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP :( Depth Charge1,234 ft92 ft786714Soldotna
137Blue Loop Counter Clockwise Raven's Ridge (Blue Loop)1 mile106 ft781110Chugiak-Eagle River
138Ursus arctos horribilis Bear2,281 ft156 ft754120Soldotna
139Red Loop Clockwise Hot Tamale (Red Loop)1 mile108 ft751160Chugiak-Eagle River
140Climb Aboard the Tank Access to Tank Trail700 ft79 ft741331Anchorage
141Middle Spencer to The Hive Spencer Loop4,008 ft280 ft741364Anchorage
142Perseverance Up - Fork to Fork Shaánaxh, (Sparkling Valley), Perseverance Trail3 miles644 ft733550Juneau
143Perserverance Red Mill to Basin Road Shaánaxh, (Sparkling Valley), Perseverance Trail2 miles526 ft724101Juneau
144hatcher downhill 16 Mile DH Trail2 miles826 ft712936Palmer
145Barenmarke Bear1,411 ft140 ft704631Soldotna
146Panda Bear Panda Bear5,130 ft82 ft701233Anchorage
147Agent Orange Cheeto Dust1,098 ft16 ft692183Soldotna
148Suck My Wake Motoboto2,086 ft32 ft681995Soldotna
149ACME Industries Coyote1,828 ft47 ft673772Soldotna
150Perserverance Trail Climb Shaánaxh, (Sparkling Valley), Perseverance Trail1,740 ft291 ft654302Juneau
151Serpent and the Rainbow Voodoo1,752 ft35 ft631733Soldotna
152Long Drop Mosquito Singletrack2,764 ft165 ft623732Soldotna
153Hotlynx Lynx1,652 ft34 ft613702Soldotna
154Hamburger Fields Hamburger fields1,478 ft43 ft611603Anchorage
155I don't practice Santeria Voodoo1,912 ft34 ft601764Soldotna
156Perseverance DH - Fork to Fork Shaánaxh, (Sparkling Valley), Perseverance Trail3 miles644 ft572250Juneau
157Inner Loop CW Inner Loop2 miles329 ft561491Fairbanks
158roller coaster aka oh sh1t hill Roller coaster959 ft51 ft541102Anchorage
159Sure you want to go fast? Bluff Trail1,055 ft215 ft531610Anchorage
160Perseverance - Basin Road to top of Perseverance Shaánaxh, (Sparkling Valley), Perseverance Trail3 miles797 ft513011Juneau
161The best trail in North Bivouac! Best trail in North Bivouac3,384 ft47 ft48950Anchorage
162Blue Ridge South Raven's Ridge (Blue Loop)2,269 ft49 ft48650Chugiak-Eagle River
163Tony Knowles Coastal Bicycle Trail Climb Lekisch 5/7.5km Loop South Segment3,766 ft274 ft47981Anchorage
164Inner Loop CCW Inner Loop2 miles325 ft43731Fairbanks
165TNT-CW TnT1,644 ft54 ft43671Fairbanks
166Janice's Jive full descent Janice's Jive1 mile220 ft43780Anchorage
167Ridge Trail Climb O'Connor Creek East Ridge Trail (northern section)3,992 ft188 ft432912Fairbanks
168Red Mill Downhill Red Mill Trail2,406 ft245 ft421952Juneau
169Blue Loop Clockwise Raven's Ridge (Blue Loop)1 mile106 ft42550Chugiak-Eagle River
170Scooby Scooby2,456 ft87 ft38730Anchorage
171XY lake Clockwise X & Y lakes loop3 miles144 ft37630Talkeetna
1722 1/2 mile climb O'Connor Creek Trail to OMDR Powerline Trail3 miles558 ft35982Fairbanks
173Slikok Loop Clockwise Slikok XC loop 21 mile89 ft34912Soldotna
174Countersliklokwise Slikok XC loop 14,546 ft43 ft301682Soldotna
175Ridge Trail West O'Connor Creek East Ridge Trail (northern section)4 miles481 ft29813Fairbanks
176Equinox Marathon Cutoff Equinox Upper1,386 ft131 ft25730Fairbanks
177MotoBoto Motoboto2,005 ft28 ft24593Soldotna
178Eaglecrest Downhill Trail-Lower Section Eaglecrest Cat Track2,002 ft142 ft221191Juneau
179Sliklokwise Slikok XC loop 14,595 ft38 ft221212Soldotna
180TNT-CCW TnT1,709 ft54 ft21461Fairbanks
181Maeve's Maze (Clockwise) Maeve's Maze1,354 ft29 ft14330Chugiak-Eagle River
182Fish Creek Rd Climb Eaglecrest Cat Track2 miles1,451 ft13230Juneau
183Panda Stuffing Panda Stuffing2,472 ft31 ft13192Soldotna
184Rusty Trombone Main Vain4,235 ft712 ft690Sutton-Alpine
185Fishhook-Willow Road Climb 16 Mile DH Trail2 miles982 ft220Palmer
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