segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1First Down 305527 ft47 ft3365495098Albuquerque
2Fence/Big DH/Fast Rocky Climb/Gravel Road 3051,605 ft31 ft32824850521Albuquerque
3Corner practice Trail 365 - North2,445 ft50 ft3219438785Albuquerque
4Post to top of Pino 3412,145 ft161 ft32064949431Albuquerque
5Short 341434 ft46 ft3097472696Albuquerque
6Gravel Road to Cement Blocks 305984 ft62 ft30584359017Albuquerque
7365 Simms to Dirt Rd Trail 365 - North1 miles64 ft29043707613Albuquerque
8Chupacabra Trail 365 - North2,113 ft75 ft2607256127Albuquerque
9Rock & Arroyo Trail 365 - North2,982 ft51 ft2604250884Albuquerque
10Wash Down 230A549 ft34 ft1963205617Albuquerque
11Hip Check Trail 365 - North1,016 ft19 ft1596155075Albuquerque
12DBack Trail up to double down 2301,727 ft119 ft1496147515Albuquerque
13DBack Trailhead ---> Rockwall Climb 2302,322 ft132 ft1480145707Albuquerque
14Rocky DH 2302,391 ft227 ft14751470422Albuquerque
15Rocky Arroyo 230704 ft40 ft1474144273Albuquerque
16Elena Jump Trail - Northbound 3663,529 ft72 ft1457892310Albuquerque
17Elena Rocks - MTC Trail w Rocky DH 2301 miles189 ft1455143026Albuquerque
18Elena Jump Trail - Southbound 3663,317 ft80 ft140976082Albuquerque
19whoop it up 3423,204 ft80 ft137687763Albuquerque
202 wheel drift practice 305A2,581 ft51 ft114557545Albuquerque
21Pino to Post Descent 3412,145 ft160 ft113160015Albuquerque
22Whoop it North 3422,974 ft72 ft97345511Albuquerque
23Lower Otero Canyon - TJ's to Tunnel climb out Otero Canyon1 miles235 ft958549214Albuquerque
24Jump Road 1411,557 ft100 ft95440840Albuquerque
25Rockyer Arroyo Foothills665 ft98 ft93062900Albuquerque
26Lower Tunnel DH Tunnel Canyon3,443 ft220 ft91837761Albuquerque
27Elena Cutback 2302,202 ft109 ft90946250Albuquerque
28New Mexico 337 Climb Tunnel Canyon4,579 ft300 ft90642874Albuquerque
29Tunnel to cinder block Tunnel Canyon1 miles310 ft87840985Albuquerque
30Tunnel up Tunnel Canyon2 miles519 ft862400610Albuquerque
31Upper Birdhouse Ripper Birdhouse Ridge3,304 ft217 ft83829922Albuquerque
32Not The Top Foothills1,367 ft131 ft82955350Albuquerque
33Otero Climb Otero Canyon1 miles230 ft75347829Albuquerque
34West Ridge to TJ's West Ridge1 miles156 ft69826285Albuquerque
35Gnasty Wag - Blue Ribbon to Otero Cyn Gnasty W/aG1 miles202 ft66722491Albuquerque
36climb out of otero Tunnel Canyon2,685 ft219 ft65524695Albuquerque
37Coyote Chute Coyote Trail1,116 ft100 ft65417571Albuquerque
38Tunero Drop Tunnel Canyon2,353 ft167 ft63529517Albuquerque
39Tunnel Canyon DH Tunnel Canyon2 miles411 ft61323685Albuquerque
40Forest Loop Rd to Powerline Turn-off Forest Loop Rd4,774 ft235 ft57022584Placitas
41Blue Ridge Climb2 Blue Ribbon2,414 ft133 ft54931295Albuquerque
42The "Other" Rocky DH 2301,586 ft109 ft54925652Albuquerque
43Boss Hogg Birdhouse Drop Birdhouse Ridge1,939 ft170 ft54619290Albuquerque
44Blue Ridge rocky section Blue Ribbon2,032 ft118 ft54531200Albuquerque
45Gnasty to the first switch back Gnasty W/aG1,831 ft141 ft54029403Albuquerque
46Lower Birdhouse Shred Sequence Birdhouse Ridge4,468 ft306 ft53919151Albuquerque
47Gnasty W/aG Gnasty W/aG1 miles236 ft53329264Albuquerque
48Gnasty Wag - Otero Cyn to Blue Ribbon Gnasty W/aG1 miles219 ft53329161Albuquerque
49Sandia Peak Cat 3 Descent from Pond Golden Eagle - Sandia Peak2 miles454 ft52715174Albuquerque
50Golden DH Golden Eagle - Sandia Peak4,921 ft363 ft52715171Albuquerque
51Tiny Sprint Fenceline #58308 ft29 ft50932983Placitas
52Tio Juanito DH Tio Juanito4,445 ft238 ft50517775Albuquerque
53Dropping In Drop In1,251 ft72 ft50125550Albuquerque
54Golden Eagle to 10K Golden Eagle - Sandia Peak2 miles569 ft49112792Albuquerque
55A Wonderful World Descent West Ridge750 ft73 ft47517681Albuquerque
56SSMTC Trail Descent 2302,418 ft130 ft47422110Albuquerque
57What a Wonderful World West Ridge1 miles145 ft45817161Albuquerque
58Chuck Norris Rambo1,046 ft131 ft45214581Albuquerque
59Upper Blue Ribbon descent Blue Ribbon2,527 ft119 ft45215484Albuquerque
60Sandia Peak Golden Eagle Descent Golden Eagle - Sandia Peak4 miles1,412 ft44811055Albuquerque
61Unnamed Rd Climb King of the Mountain2,195 ft431 ft44612471Albuquerque
62Forest Road 462 Climb Coyote Trail5,062 ft302 ft44211601Albuquerque
63Get Gnasty Gnasty W/aG3,073 ft180 ft43513433Albuquerque
64ever and anon Coyote Trail3,679 ft198 ft43311421Albuquerque
65Strip Me Down Decent Chalk Dust #35870 ft41 ft43222304Placitas
66Gnasty DH Gnasty W/aG1 miles198 ft43013372Albuquerque
67Forest Road 462 Climb Coyote Trail1 miles285 ft43011320Albuquerque
68From Split to Top Coyote Coyote Trail3 miles573 ft42111110Albuquerque
69Drop In North To South Drop In3,168 ft75 ft41819411Albuquerque
70Home Bound Fenceline #58648 ft32 ft41527165Placitas
71Up Coyote Coyote Trail5 miles600 ft39910174Albuquerque
72Rock Wash DH Es07484 ft75 ft39616763Placitas
73Coyote Split #3 Coyote Trail2,378 ft149 ft38513502Albuquerque
74Cajun Pine to SC Cajun Pine3,212 ft31 ft38113652Albuquerque
75New Mexico 536 Climb King of the Mountain3,921 ft275 ft3788661Albuquerque
76Fun Fenceline segment North Fenceline #582,754 ft41 ft37722631Placitas
77Sandia Crest Scenic Hwy Climb King of the Mountain1 miles267 ft3768763Albuquerque
78W Ridge to Otero Cyn West Ridge2 miles154 ft3709661Albuquerque
79Delbert DH to Chamisoso Delbert's (5622)1 miles220 ft37010142Albuquerque
80Coyote Split #2 Coyote Trail1 miles300 ft36712361Albuquerque
81Cajun Pine _ Meadow to 3B Cajun Pine3,753 ft100 ft36512823Albuquerque
82Upper Chamisoso DH Chamisoso (5184)1 miles130 ft36510071Albuquerque
83Blue Ribbon Lower Blue Ribbon3,811 ft267 ft36111084Albuquerque
84tio up Tio Juanito4,243 ft241 ft35712491Albuquerque
85Blue Ribbon DH Blue Ribbon1 miles454 ft35710988Albuquerque
86Coyote Split #1 Coyote Trail1 miles280 ft35612002Albuquerque
87Easiest Three Bottles315 ft30 ft3549060Albuquerque
88Three Bottles Chumble Zone Three Bottles2,802 ft163 ft35312960Albuquerque
89Chaulk Dust Chalk Dust #351,650 ft108 ft34915944Placitas
90Strip Mine Grade A (Lil' Fruita) Chalk Dust #353,110 ft197 ft34715793Placitas
91Drop In South To North Drop In3,057 ft72 ft3448221Albuquerque
92"Down" Coyote Coyote Trail4 miles581 ft34311575Albuquerque
93Savage Minus Ryan Bootleg #544,731 ft53 ft33520224Placitas
94Last Hoorah Chalk Dust #352,109 ft106 ft33515604Placitas
95Climb UP THE BACKWAY2 Chamisoso (5184)2 miles423 ft33214510Albuquerque
96Cajun Pine to 3B Cajun Pine3,396 ft40 ft33010581Albuquerque
973 Bottles North to South Three Bottles1 miles209 ft31710755Albuquerque
98Strip Mine From Turnoff to Bridge Chalk Dust #354,687 ft217 ft31211844Placitas
99Three Bottles "DH" Three Bottles1 miles160 ft30610412Albuquerque
100Flat Flow W/O Rocky Climb Cajun Pine1,996 ft60 ft3009530Albuquerque
101Jumps, Jumps, Jumps Bobsled #521,863 ft89 ft30018054Placitas
102Cajun Pine West to Service Road Cajun Pine3,789 ft115 ft2989441Albuquerque
103Skidmark High Voltage #59 (South)2,241 ft125 ft29813175Placitas
104coyote split to coyote dh FSR 4625,042 ft148 ft2959270Albuquerque
105Let it all hang out FSR 4621,076 ft95 ft2946100Albuquerque
106Flowbot Ws061 miles190 ft29015125Placitas
107Tie-in High Voltage #59 (South)483 ft23 ft28811913Placitas
108Fence Line North to South Fenceline #581 miles66 ft2789455Placitas
109Cajun Pine to South Crossing Cajun Pine2,136 ft101 ft2757112Albuquerque
110Roller Coaster Down High Voltage #592,205 ft134 ft26610449Placitas
111Cajun Pine Down Cajun Pine1 miles122 ft2637154Albuquerque
112Double to Cactus Gap Toilet Bowl (WS04)1,568 ft83 ft26217171Placitas
113Strip Mine to Strip Mine Via ChaulkDust Chalk Dust #351 miles277 ft2618002Placitas
114Whoop De Whoop Bootleg #544,214 ft52 ft25714337Placitas
115Forest Loop Rd to CS10 Climb Sidewinder #612,799 ft185 ft25712516Placitas
116Chamisoso Technical Jam Chamisoso (5184)3,683 ft123 ft2569141Albuquerque
117Knobbies no more DH Powerline1,390 ft205 ft25510274Albuquerque
118Whole Lotta Speed Decent Sidetrack #812,101 ft83 ft2558712Placitas
119Southwest berms and jumps Toilet Bowl (WS04)2,426 ft79 ft25416355Placitas
120Mishi Flow Coyote-Chamisoso Link1,713 ft40 ft2465950Albuquerque
121Shake Me Down Forest Loop Rd4,631 ft230 ft2458834Placitas
122Bottom of Pinion South Pinion4,283 ft141 ft2356434Albuquerque
123Pinion Slalom Pinion1,238 ft99 ft2357730Albuquerque
124last climb Arroyo Seco Trail2,733 ft95 ft2343680Golden
125Motivation Moon Sidewinder #611,884 ft120 ft2319704Placitas
126Cajun Pine to 3 Bottles Cajun Pine1 miles124 ft2255412Albuquerque
127PFC descent to parking lot Pine Flat Connector1,765 ft88 ft2254972Albuquerque
128Northern Mahogany Mahogany2 miles78 ft2224820Albuquerque
129Windy Trail Away from TH Arroyo Seco Trail1 miles148 ft2203581Golden
130Pokerchip smooth descent Pokerchip South1 miles214 ft2154620Albuquerque
131Golden Climb Arroyo Seco Trail2 miles237 ft2103250Golden
132Speed Trap Bobsled #522,743 ft102 ft20511643Placitas
133Turkey Trot Descending Turkey Trot2 miles446 ft1994933Albuquerque
134Avoiding Juan Another Juan2,448 ft67 ft1974171Albuquerque
135Clifhanger DH Arroyo Seco Trail3,004 ft232 ft1913100Golden
136Poker Chip North Face DH Pokerchip North1,761 ft213 ft1862800Albuquerque
137Terminator Mustang Alley #604,228 ft244 ft1846482Placitas
138Ledgy Section Out Arroyo Seco Trail3,837 ft238 ft1812890Golden
139all in Pokerchip North2,116 ft222 ft1802560Albuquerque
140Bear Scat UpperGnar Bear Scat North990 ft182 ft1803431Albuquerque
141Rockay Turkay Cajun Turkey957 ft56 ft1794330Albuquerque
142Wild Turkey DH Cajun Turkey1,134 ft68 ft1784321Albuquerque
143Cienega Springs South Climb Acequia Trail2,056 ft94 ft1754750Albuquerque
144Rocky Road Cd253,011 ft111 ft1745583Placitas
145Sidetracked Cs041,134 ft46 ft1726203Placitas
146Slamma Jamma Bobsled #524,815 ft201 ft1699611Placitas
147Same ol' Same ol' Cd252,977 ft111 ft1686791Placitas
148broke dick Cd253,009 ft110 ft1686770Placitas
149Descent in David Cyn Turkey Trot3,933 ft283 ft1653410Albuquerque
150Loco Drop (Complete) Turkey Trot3,852 ft265 ft1653411Albuquerque
151Turkey Trot- Canyon to Mars Court Turkey Trot2 miles343 ft1573103Albuquerque
152Fence line south to north Fenceline #581 miles65 ft1577294Placitas
153Mach 10k 10K South1,475 ft177 ft1513800Albuquerque
154Tariff Sheriff High Voltage #59 (South)2,229 ft121 ft1433131Placitas
155Moon Me Sidewinder #614,699 ft310 ft1335760Placitas
156Horse Bypass Lower UH Horse Bypass Lower3,790 ft205 ft1283101Albuquerque
157Make it stop! Horse Bypass Lower2,426 ft201 ft1273150Albuquerque
158LA CALLE Mustang Alley #601 miles316 ft1264343Placitas
159The Road Up San Ysidro Access Road4,006 ft149 ft1262052Rio Rancho
160it's rather steep in places. North Faulty3,676 ft393 ft1202461Albuquerque
161Cajun Cookin' Cajun Pine2 miles137 ft1152221Albuquerque
162Poker chip DH from Mahogany Pokerchip South4,144 ft203 ft1151700Albuquerque
163Cedro Peak DH Cedro Peak DH1,684 ft219 ft1092591Albuquerque
164Climb To Top of Chualk Dust Chalk Dust #351 miles261 ft1024304Placitas
165All chalked up Chalk Dust #354,647 ft227 ft1013122Placitas
166Roller Coaster Up High Voltage #592,266 ft139 ft1012371Placitas
167Powerline Plunge! Powerline (5543)1,066 ft392 ft991381Albuquerque
168Coyote Split Trail DH Coyote Split4,948 ft239 ft942130Albuquerque
169NT Up Top Bobsled #521,455 ft100 ft841722Placitas
170Fun Loop-Arroyo to Fence Seg Cs122,969 ft126 ft802712Placitas
171Ellis to 10K Bomber Challenge3,091 ft285 ft751411Albuquerque
172Rattlesnake to Mighty Mule (Descent) Rattlesnake2,170 ft180 ft731321Albuquerque
173Snake Bite Rattlesnake1,619 ft220 ft721310Albuquerque
174ATV Rowdy ATV Bypass687 ft101 ft701610Albuquerque
175Sandia Vista Descent Sandia Vista1 miles160 ft704752Albuquerque
176Dashing Thru Cacti Ws091,491 ft27 ft675533Placitas
177Outer Right Loops West Loop2 miles40 ft67920Golden
178Delberts - Powerline to Chamisoso Delbert's (5622)3 miles352 ft641210Albuquerque
179Grand Enchantment Trail Climb Golden Eagle - Sandia Peak3,203 ft311 ft51750Albuquerque
180Outer Left Loop West Loop1 miles35 ft49660Golden
181Grand Enchantment Trail Climb Golden Eagle - Sandia Peak1 miles510 ft46630Albuquerque
182Picuda death climb Picuda Peak1,259 ft64 ft451211Rio Rancho
183Fenceline Strut Ws091,439 ft25 ft436872Placitas
184Petroglyph ascent from bike path to power lines Sandia Vista1 miles157 ft413731Albuquerque
185Red Classic West Edge Red Classic Loop2,863 ft131 ft41602Rio Rancho
186Red Classic Zip down to the Rocks Red Classic Loop2,663 ft131 ft40502Rio Rancho
187Blue grama singletrack Blue Grama1,371 ft25 ft395041Rio Rancho
188Challenge Climb Challenge3,324 ft288 ft38741Albuquerque
189Blue Grama Sprint Blue Grama1,543 ft9 ft342422Rio Rancho
190Climbing Out Of The Dirt Juan Tabo Hidden Valley trails1,046 ft58 ft345110Albuquerque
191Let it rip! Old ranch trail961 ft59 ft341072Rio Rancho
192Metal Giant to the Dam Parkway fat bike trail1,604 ft26 ft34981Rio Rancho
193Reservoir Kicker Reservoir1,441 ft85 ft321561Rio Rancho
194Parkway Final Push Parkway fat bike trail1,909 ft52 ft321071Rio Rancho
195Parkway Exit Parkway fat bike trail1,058 ft23 ft321111Rio Rancho
196Sage Grind Parkway fat bike trail2,632 ft57 ft32901Rio Rancho
197Blue Grama Singletrack Blue Grama1,888 ft34 ft312822Rio Rancho
198Picadu Peak Trail Picuda Peak5,079 ft81 ft31773Rio Rancho
199Reservoir Middle Reservoir2,976 ft68 ft293123Rio Rancho
200Rattlesnake Rim (from Santa Ana) Rattlesnake Rim3,868 ft105 ft292061Rio Rancho
201Lower Reservoir Lower Reservoir2,278 ft105 ft282553Rio Rancho
202Parkway climb to Fenceline Parkway fat bike trail1 miles94 ft28782Rio Rancho
203Ridge Top Hustle Ridgeline Trail1,308 ft31 ft27811Rio Rancho
204Metal Giant Ripper Parkway fat bike trail1,240 ft12 ft25701Rio Rancho
205Reservoir Rd. Reservoir3,376 ft116 ft241051Rio Rancho
206Dangerous D's Jump Line Jack Rabbit Ridge3,452 ft73 ft242362Rio Rancho
207Upper Reservoir Upper Reservoir4,132 ft81 ft232243Rio Rancho
208Plank Alley (just the planks) Plank Alley1,040 ft91 ft221501Rio Rancho
209Bitchin Bridges Bitchin Bridges5,183 ft48 ft22531Rio Rancho
210Piñon Pass (South end) Piñon Pass2,244 ft43 ft21802Rio Rancho
211Pucker up and Fly The Goat933 ft136 ft20932Rio Rancho
212Trailer Jumpline Coyote Ridge1,052 ft43 ft201313Rio Rancho
213Antlion Trail Descent Antlion trail2,683 ft117 ft192062Rio Rancho
214The Goat Trail The Goat2,455 ft155 ft19922Rio Rancho
215Ouch Red Classic Loop352 ft70 ft19230Rio Rancho
216Borderlands Arroyo (North End) Borderland Arroyo4,171 ft90 ft191281Rio Rancho
21704 Osage Loop Osage Loop2 miles93 ft191913Rio Rancho
21804b Osage Loop, part 2 Osage Loop3,331 ft92 ft192273Rio Rancho
219Ant Lion Trail (in reverse) Antlion trail2,677 ft103 ft18921Rio Rancho
220Plank Alley Plank Alley1,534 ft111 ft181142Rio Rancho
221Watch N U Coyote Ridge1 miles187 ft18861Rio Rancho
222Coyote Ridge Trail Coyote Ridge1 miles185 ft18863Rio Rancho
223Coyote Ridge Trail Coyote Ridge1 miles186 ft18862Rio Rancho
22404a Osage Loop, part 1 Osage Loop1 miles97 ft182273Rio Rancho
225Preserve Wash (from white rabbit) Preserve Arroyo1 miles108 ft181531Rio Rancho
226Rattlesnake Rim Trail Rattlesnake Rim1 miles159 ft171133Rio Rancho
227The Rim Trail The Rim trail1,370 ft47 ft171692Rio Rancho
228Red Canyon Arroyo from Whiskey Red Canyon Run Arroyo1 miles102 ft17602Rio Rancho
229Badlands Loop Arroyo Exit Mini Badlands Fat Bike Loop3,191 ft109 ft161822Rio Rancho
230Top Of The World Trail Top of The World2 miles615 ft15572Rio Rancho
231The Gutter, Lower Mini Badlands Fat Bike Loop1,420 ft35 ft151892Rio Rancho
232KB's Final Stretch KB's Loop (DownHill)2,545 ft65 ft14361Rio Rancho
233Santa Ana Rim (North End) Santa Ana Rim2,848 ft63 ft14691Rio Rancho
234The Gutter Mini Badlands Fat Bike Loop1,669 ft52 ft142303Rio Rancho
235Schitz Connector Schitz Creek1,118 ft70 ft14512Rio Rancho
236Preserve Wash Down (to Plank Alley) Preserve Arroyo2 miles183 ft141003Rio Rancho
237Overlook Overlook1,903 ft94 ft131272Rio Rancho
238Bailout Bailout1,521 ft42 ft13511Rio Rancho
239Tumbleweed Trail Tumbleweed1,502 ft43 ft13812Rio Rancho
240Santa Ana (to Chupacabra) Santa Ana Rim4,026 ft54 ft13622Rio Rancho
241Badlands Hills and Valleys Mini Badlands Fat Bike Loop2,734 ft48 ft131902Rio Rancho
242No Dabs In the Rocks Red Classic Loop4,134 ft109 ft13352Rio Rancho
243Twin Falls Upper Twin Falls3,160 ft130 ft13302Rio Rancho
244Climb to the Y Antlion trail2,592 ft99 ft12750Rio Rancho
245KB's Fat Bike Trail, Climb KB's Fat Bike Trail (climb)4,867 ft135 ft12852Rio Rancho
246Badlands Dips and Climbs Return Mini Badlands dips and climbs2,243 ft67 ft12772Rio Rancho
247Santa Ana Rim Santa Ana Rim1 miles78 ft12552Rio Rancho
248Rattlesnake Fat Bike Trail Bonus Rattlesnake Rim Bonus3,254 ft92 ft12492Rio Rancho
249Smokin rotors & dented frames Raiders of the Lost Gnar1,134 ft280 ft12240Albuquerque
250Sandstone World Red Canyon Run1,234 ft37 ft12671Rio Rancho
251Twin Falls Lower Twin Falls3,912 ft83 ft12302Rio Rancho
252Porcupine Trail Descent Porcupine trail1,216 ft47 ft11473Rio Rancho
253Lung Igniter Climb Lung Igniter1,780 ft111 ft111132Rio Rancho
254Tres Cabballos to Cut Off Tres Caballos2 miles238 ft11362Rio Rancho
255Super Z Super Z2 miles182 ft10262Rio Rancho
256Bobcat Arroyo Bobcat Pass1,055 ft35 ft10662Rio Rancho
257Owl Ridge Red Canyon Run2,646 ft107 ft10262Rio Rancho
258Borderland Arroyo Borderland Arroyo2 miles189 ft10922Rio Rancho
259Borderland Arroyo (Upper) Borderland Arroyo4,496 ft105 ft10962Rio Rancho
260GI Tract GI Tract1 miles157 ft10872Rio Rancho
261Skyland Blvd Climb Turkey Trot3,669 ft297 ft000Albuquerque
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