segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Pivot Mach6 Rock Run Apwelantye2 miles72 ft91132716
2Ridge to 4wd Track Huffy Track4,181 ft76 ft77018784
3Echinda UP, W-E Echinda Trail4,553 ft158 ft710325317
4Echinda up and over W to E Echinda Trail1 miles120 ft683280313
5Tims DH Session # 1 Tim's Track4,194 ft108 ft62616583
6karls Carls Track3,783 ft51 ft62212513
7Carl's Track (the real one) Carls Track3,870 ft72 ft62212511
8Tim's Track (E-W) corrected Tim's Track1 miles128 ft59815421
9Alpe d'Sadadeen Alpe d'Sadadeen734 ft51 ft57817173
10Across Wigley E-W Apwelantye302 ft6 ft57620873
11Perenti Track (W to E) to 4WD track Perente Trail5,085 ft75 ft57232711
12Towers Downhill Apwelantye2,711 ft107 ft565220418
13Rabys TO to Nth Gate Northern Boundary Fence3,906 ft28 ft55713323
14OLD VERSION - hillclimb Arrwe1 miles72 ft54823793
15old eastside hillclimb Arrwe1 miles84 ft54323686
16Perentie (E to W) from 4wd Perente Trail5,165 ft64 ft54225416
17Top to bottom Arrwe2,407 ft67 ft533374714
18Shitter Track - W to E Shitter Trail4,157 ft55 ft52117066
19Echidna Downhill - From drum to sign Echinda Trail2,100 ft56 ft471247610
20Drum to Bottom Echinda Trail4,202 ft118 ft46824227
21the kicker Apwelantye3,415 ft132 ft46717408
22Todd River Sprint E to W Ilentye287 ft12 ft45524257
23Echidna switch up Echinda Trail2,323 ft73 ft45423695
24Todd River Sprint Ilentye236 ft6 ft44918304
25Tim's Track Tim's Track1 miles105 ft429175812
26Echidna E to W Echinda Trail1 miles152 ft424200814
27Ridge Sprint to Threeways Arrwe4,671 ft83 ft399287012
28Nth fenceline (gate to Rabys TO Northern Boundary Fence3,987 ft28 ft34612143
29Up Huffy (Roo Track) Huffy Track4,441 ft66 ft31515862
30Masters Track Switchbacks Alice in Wonderland3,784 ft49 ft23311606
31Bloodwood by D&P (up) Bloodwood3,362 ft107 ft2134471
32The Shitter Track Shitter Trail4,323 ft58 ft20484511
33Bloodwood trail (bottom to top). Bloodwood4,836 ft125 ft1993421
34Bloodwood by D&P (up complete) Bloodwood4,764 ft135 ft1993440
35pyrente E to W Perente Trail1 miles88 ft1956947
36Bloodwood Track by D&P Bloodwood3,529 ft104 ft1889707
37The Bloodwood Track (Top to Bottom) Bloodwood5,029 ft139 ft1818104
38Echinda UP, north side Echidna Alternative4,376 ft145 ft1597018
39Kurrajong trig climb Kurrajong Trig2,005 ft94 ft1182581
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