segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Dead Coyote California Riding & Hiking Trail - Japatul1 mile532 ft964323
2Short Dead Coyote California Riding & Hiking Trail - Japatul4,557 ft315 ft954461
3Sprint to the top California Riding & Hiking Trail - Japatul1,187 ft66 ft934352
4Minefield down Minefield2,254 ft108 ft652131
5Leaving the Field East entrance1,862 ft44 ft572900
6Minefield up Minefield2,368 ft110 ft543421
7the man the myth the legends j-mo Olivewood2,543 ft60 ft511151
8top of gower single track Himmel Canyon Run1 mile337 ft381510
9g1 Himmel Canyon Run2,933 ft233 ft381500
10g2 Himmel Canyon Run1,038 ft170 ft381510
11Wrights Ridge Climb The Ruins1,248 ft74 ft351620
12Wrights DH Big Momma DH713 ft95 ft321281
13Django DH Big Momma DH1,117 ft95 ft311130
14The Ruins (down) The Ruins2,121 ft72 ft302341
15Downhill on the Rocks On the Rocks635 ft43 ft283151
16The mainline Mainline2,363 ft68 ft23900
17Wrights North Ridge The Ruins3,029 ft136 ft201360
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