segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Pine Hollow Gate to Timpooneke Turn Off Alpine Loop Road1 miles495 ft51743354328
2Skittles Ridge Trail1,131 ft103 ft282399854
3The Grunt Ridge Trail2,225 ft192 ft253482273
4DCSF DH - Part 1 South Fork Little Deer Creek4,931 ft377 ft228374011
5DCSF DH to new fork South Fork Little Deer Creek1 miles436 ft226873471
6Ridge/Pine Intersection to View Point Ridge Trail2,834 ft254 ft180760742
7Summit Parking Lot to DCSF Top Ridge Trail3 miles386 ft171337943
8Baby Heads Climb Ridge Trail1,190 ft168 ft157247812
9That One Little Climb on Ridge Ridge Trail361 ft78 ft155847071
10Ridge Trail Rally Ridge Trail1,498 ft159 ft155546831
11Summit to Pine Hollow Trail Split Ridge Trail1 miles251 ft146343790
12Deer Creek DH (Top portion) South Fork Little Deer Creek3,922 ft381 ft136142370
13Forest Descent South Fork Little Deer Creek1 miles554 ft135642440
144-Way to Cascade Springs Rd. Crossing South Fork Little Deer Creek2 miles572 ft130239551
15South Fork Climb to Road South Fork Little Deer Creek1 miles500 ft128140302
16SFLDC - Road crossing to summit - last push South Fork Little Deer Creek840 ft54 ft124839341
17Pine Hollow to Meadow Pine Hollow1,918 ft201 ft105938452
18Sasquatch Canyon Pine Hollow2,832 ft235 ft105838170
19Utah 92 Climb Pine Hollow1,994 ft266 ft101535401
20Mud Springs Climb Mud Springs3,145 ft307 ft88620093
21Mud Springs to Cabin Intersection Tibble Fork3,961 ft382 ft88017180
22Sasquatch Canyon DH Section Only Pine Hollow3,418 ft295 ft80326580
2347 DH to fork. Pine Hollow3,204 ft290 ft80226170
24Mud DH top split Mud Springs2,146 ft200 ft73216063
25Mud DH top split Mud Springs2,146 ft200 ft73216060
26Mud to Tibble Crossing down Mud Springs1 miles825 ft72816132
27Tibble to Mud Springs Intersection Tibble Fork1 miles709 ft66613464
28Mud Springs Intersection to Dam Tibble Fork2 miles955 ft65513392
29Lower Mill DH Mill Canyon3,732 ft535 ft52211261
30Los Tres Bastardos Ridge Trail4,607 ft172 ft48411731
31Down to Mill Mud Springs2,400 ft341 ft46410840
32Mud DH bottom split Mud Springs2,407 ft318 ft46110801
33Ridge Trail 157 (Mill Canyon -> 4 Way) Ridge Trail2 miles269 ft45211282
34Pine Hollow DH Pine Hollow1 miles755 ft44314330
35Final Sprint - Brocks Mill Canyon (Upper)2,107 ft117 ft42712061
36Mill Canyon Switchbacks to Creek Crossing Mill Canyon (Upper)2 miles678 ft42111664
37Mill Peak Canyon Switchbacks Mill Canyon (Upper)3 miles952 ft42011610
38Mill Canyon Switch Backs Mill Canyon (Upper)3 miles1,053 ft41811541 | July MTB Course Mill Canyon (Upper)3 miles1,087 ft40911080
40American Fork Canyon Rd Climb Mill Canyon1 miles678 ft4039870
41South Fork Climb to Trail 055 South Fork Little Deer Creek2 miles558 ft3827620
42South Fork Climb to Parking Lot not through parking lot South Fork Little Deer Creek2 miles630 ft3737200
43157 Downhill Junction 2 Junction Ridge Trail3,258 ft253 ft3726620
44Mill to Mud connector Mill Canyon1 miles613 ft3388761
45Mill Trail Head to Mill Valley Mill Canyon2 miles789 ft3027490
46Mud Springs DH Mud Springs2 miles1,168 ft2936442
47Unnamed Rd Climb South Fork Little Deer Creek3,924 ft405 ft2283970
48Three Sisters Ridge Trail2,500 ft208 ft2283300
49Backside Climb South Fork Little Deer Creek5,237 ft458 ft2273990
50AF overlook AF Overlook (Pine Hollow Peak)3,323 ft165 ft2243501
51Mill Canyon Switchbacks DH from creek crossing Mill Canyon (Upper)2 miles680 ft2233882
52Joy Climb South Fork Little Deer Creek2 miles571 ft2103630
53Mill Canyon DH Mill Canyon (Upper)3 miles1,099 ft2083362
54Pine Hollow to Meadow Pine Hollow1 miles792 ft2033930
55Fast and Flow (re-routed) DH to top of Mill Canyon Ridge Trail2 miles709 ft1692600
56Ridge157 4-way to Mill Ridge Trail2 miles271 ft1552120
57What goes up Ridge Trail3 miles1,121 ft1452120
58Reroute 157 Ridge Trail1,823 ft147 ft1312510
59Ridge 157.1 Ridge Trail2 miles608 ft1152070
60South Fork Climb South Fork Little Deer Creek2 miles642 ft1132330
61American Fork Canyon Road Climb Tibble Fork2,837 ft303 ft1021500
62Mill Spring to Rock Spring on Trail 157 Ridge Trail3 miles1,104 ft851520
63Drop the hammer and watch it float Timpooneke Road766 ft25 ft791830
64Tibble Fork Rd Climb Mud Springs3,353 ft376 ft731260
65Nf 70085 Climb Ridge Trail (North)4,811 ft453 ft65790
66pole line pass climb Ridge Trail (North)4,449 ft452 ft62750
67Mutual Dell Connect Mutual Dell Connector1,687 ft172 ft591500
68Ridge Trail Climb Tibble Fork2,147 ft282 ft54791
69Full Tibble Fork Climb Tibble Fork3 miles1,703 ft40581
70Cummings Pkwy Climb Ridge Trail (North)1,338 ft287 ft15150
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