Middle Sam Merrill
2.4 miles-1,628 ft
Mt Hillyer
2.3 miles-612 ft
Mt Lowe East Railway trail
3,831 ft-112 ft
Mt. Lowe East Trail
1.9 miles-1,144 ft
1,604 ft-422 ft
Silver Moccasin
2.0 miles-1,322 ft
Silver Moccasin (Christian Camp to Chilao DH)
2.0 miles-956 ft
Silver Moccasin (PCT to Christian Camp)
1.6 miles-305 ft
Strawberry Peak
3.1 miles-1,706 ft
Strawberry Peak
3.3 miles-1,124 ft
Strawberry Spur
2,607 ft-109 ft
Sunset Ridge
2.2 miles-1,609 ft
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