Mountain Bike
8 Connector
536 ft-61 ft
Angora Road Access Path
1,906 ft105 ft
Angora Road Trailhead to Fruit Farm
2,782 ft73 ft
Antietam Lake Park Trail
472 ft-6 ft
Antietam Reservoir Trail
1 mile-200 ft204 ft
Boomsauce (Lower)
2,415 ft-172 ft
Boomsauce (Upper)
1,814 ft-120 ft10 ft
Bumble Bee
1,417 ft-3 ft105 ft
Cave Trail
1,663 ft-56 ft3 ft
Climb Trail from Fruit Farm
2,602 ft207 ft
Crazy 8s
1,529 ft-68 ft71 ft
Dane's Flow Around
1,113 ft-110 ft
Dane's Run
3,122 ft-334 ft10 ft
Easy way up
1,615 ft-45 ft79 ft
Ferndale Trail - Antietam Lake Park
4,190 ft320 ft
Figure 8 Main
1,083 ft81 ft
Figure 8 to Ferndale
819 ft-38 ft27 ft
2,369 ft-22 ft69 ft
Gravity Trail - Antietam Lake Park
5,154 ft-379 ft
Hinnerskiz Basin Trail
2,103 ft-30 ft29 ft
List Rd Parallel
1,041 ft-18 ft31 ft
List Rd. Connector
184 ft
List Rd. to Angora Rd. Trailhead connector
627 ft-43 ft
List Rd. trailhead connector
983 ft-3 ft37 ft
2,503 ft160 ft
2,780 ft-61 ft88 ft
3,501 ft-372 ft
Rock drop trail off of TNT
799 ft50 ft
Rocky Rotary
981 ft-38 ft28 ft
Rocky Rotary 4
69 ft
1,641 ft-21 ft84 ft
2,154 ft-149 ft6 ft
The Pines
1,289 ft-163 ft
2,493 ft-167 ft16 ft
To Nature Center
1,265 ft-26 ft85 ft
Twisted Sister
2 miles-157 ft76 ft
Vietnam to Angora Rd.
1,598 ft-112 ft
Wizard of Oz
4,790 ft-146 ft43 ft
Wizard of Oz branch.
1,107 ft-14 ft63 ft
Wood Cutter
4,413 ft-157 ft3 ft
Wood Cutter Angora Trailhead connector
561 ft16 ft
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