segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Dam Straight Climb Cherry Creek2,285 ft36 ft83927589622
2PHP Official Sanchez Sprint (Stone Entrance Sign) Cherry Creek1,516 ft44 ft76028195423
3Just The Dam Climb Cherry Creek2 miles134 ft70986183657
4Hot Right Cherry Creek702 ft8 ft50813893612
5Get Me Out Of Here North Cherry Creek2 miles50 ft41452362314
6Get Me Out Of Here Cherry Creek2 miles54 ft39372103617
7ST to ST Climb East West (Highlands Point)1,833 ft119 ft2851285185
8Gun Range tt north Railroad Bed4,392 ft43 ft21751650010
9Cherry Creek Bike Trail Climb Railroad Bed1,592 ft6 ft1964159899
10RHMS to Tunnel East West Connect (Douglas)3,406 ft57 ft1876125060
11Gun Range Sbnd interval Railroad Bed3,666 ft41 ft1815159047
12Daniels park rollers East West (Highlands Point)4,707 ft89 ft1672108699
13MV Climb East West1 miles176 ft15581222122
14W/B DC Trail Decent to Bridge East West2,148 ft101 ft141196419
15Highlands Point Climb East West (Highlands Point)2,511 ft187 ft1409918822
16BC Trail to Bridge Downhill East West2 miles168 ft1394947013
17Concrete Dam North Bound East West2,298 ft109 ft137092209
18Sign to Gate Downhill East West1 miles168 ft124773539
19EW trail to bottom bridge East West3 miles399 ft123449909
20WMonarch trail tunnel to Rocky Heights East West Connect (Douglas)3,245 ft47 ft121560557
21Eagle's Bait East West1,207 ft64 ft121488778
22EW Decent to Tunnell East West (Highlands Point)2,117 ft123 ft1184628310
23Steep Climb on EW Trail East West (Highlands Point)544 ft66 ft118161559
24Lower Eagle's Down East West1,534 ft69 ft112580689
25EWRT - Tunnel to Grigs Lot East West (Highlands Point)2 miles137 ft105258326
26Descent to Concrete Bridge East West2,239 ft114 ft103681669
27DC E/W Trail Warm-up Hill East West2,225 ft69 ft1021883115
28Gate to Gate West Big Dry3,084 ft61 ft97462819
29Chandon Way Climb West Big Dry2,714 ft118 ft53551087
30Rangeview Sprint1 East Tollgate Creek2,808 ft15 ft50822724
31Grigs to East West Trail via HRMD Trail West Big Dry1 miles183 ft40820723
32Nature trail bit East Tollgate Creek3,219 ft30 ft40721592
33Tower to Buckley Powerline Path4,897 ft70 ft40122011
34West Tollgate Creek (Dartmouth to Hutchinson Pond) East Tollgate Creek3,170 ft26 ft34619891
35FlanderBate's Sprint Unnamed Creek2,933 ft18 ft30625675
36Conservatory Path Climb North Conservatory West3,755 ft99 ft26922877
37Segment 1 TGC N East Tollgate Creek2 miles67 ft18710750
38It's a long way to the top (if you wanna go really REALLY slow) Windmill Creek Loop813 ft28 ft1143400
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