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      Free to use decent trail- light DH- no lifts

      Takes me about 35 ins to ride from the bottom to the top (some pushing- almost climbing with the bike involved!)
      One at the top there are 3-4 tracks coming down with options to switch between them
      I tend to go for the big one which has a couple of drops at maybe 175cm and several at around 100cm- decent berms have been put in too
      Primary Trail Type: All-Mountain & Downhill
      Access Info:
      Head for chateau valmy- by pass the turn to the building at the bottom - when the road turns sharp left go straight over the junction down the slope- turn left at the bottom of the slope onto the tracked road- head up the road until you come to a flattish section- part way along on the right there are two paths- take the right hand one- once on that keep going right- until you come to a junction- left up the rocks or straight on slightly downhill- turn left- push your bike up the rocks- keep going until you come out on a tracked road- once on the tracked road turn right and head up the hill- keep going until you see a TB looking track on your right- over that and keep going until you have a slight slope down to a plateau- you are now at the top!

      --- This is the ride I did all summer 2014- it might not be the best- I might be climbing it wrong but I enjoyed myself!---

      From what I gather there is a lot ore to be had there- I'll be back next summer so will update with what I find
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