segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Full Confluence DH Confluence Trail2 miles479 ft40893093467
2top of culvert Culvert Trail1,345 ft104 ft4083311392
32nd Culvert climb Fuel Break Trail1,070 ft104 ft4081317362
4Clementine to Culvert Fuel Break Trail2,519 ft163 ft40793172516
5First Culvert climb Fuel Break Trail739 ft78 ft4072315342
6CULVERT DH v.2014 Culvert Trail1 miles421 ft40683120349
7Last stretch Foresthill Divide Trail1,655 ft84 ft4062218766
8Pavment section of Clemintine Rd to Fuel Break Lake Clementine Rd.1 miles611 ft40112761120
9Grunt after Upper Clem Foresthill Divide Trail2,144 ft120 ft4010215715
10Ride it Don't Slide it Foresthill Divide Trail2,942 ft177 ft39662108313
11Forestill Divide Loop, Counterclockwise, second half Foresthill Divide Trail4 miles291 ft38162014318
12connector dh Foresthill Connector Trail1,916 ft207 ft3811216689
13Clementine (to Pavement) Clemetine Trail4,920 ft393 ft38102649521
14Connector South - One Way Foresthill Connector Trail4,951 ft36 ft3797229626
15Divide Loop 1st DH Foresthill Divide Trail761 ft71 ft3794205878
16Connector Rollers - FHDL to Bench Foresthill Connector Trail4,664 ft142 ft37812144420
17Drivers Flat Climb Foresthill Divide Trail401 ft50 ft3762361868
18Forest Hill Divide Loop Foresthill Divide Trail3,625 ft266 ft3752200939
19Dead Tree DH Foresthill Divide Trail1,182 ft107 ft37181985111
20Fire Road & ST to DF Climb Foresthill Divide Trail5,272 ft148 ft3687195476
21Connector - Fun Ass DH to the bridge Foresthill Connector Trail3,872 ft133 ft33321853610
22Connector climb Foresthill Connector Trail1,823 ft167 ft33201834612
23Connector - Top of Clementine Rd Gate to FHDL Foresthill Connector Trail2 miles289 ft3171171571
24Complete Foresthill Divide Loop, Counterclockwise Foresthill Divide Trail10 miles321 ft2010879217
25Manzanita - squirrel to stagecoach Manzanita trail4,047 ft51 ft1705134210
26Manzanita Trail Manzanita trail1 miles186 ft16191246323
27Manza Initial DH Manzanita trail1,532 ft148 ft1611123867
28first half Manza Manzanita trail3,249 ft218 ft1590121015
29Poppy Loop Dowhill Poppy Trail4,492 ft245 ft121656510
30Mc Ranch down HS Poppy Trail5,115 ft271 ft121456263
31Final HF Climb Poppy Trail1 miles261 ft116654798
32Flood: first bench to first corner Upper Stage Coach Trail746 ft84 ft110662021
33Connector Out N Back From West Side Foresthill Connector Trail7 miles303 ft105030857
34Switchbacks: Pure DH Magnolia Ranch Connector3,019 ft280 ft98230741
35Pheasant (So Legacy to Golden Eagle) Pheasent Trail2,201 ft45 ft88634641
36Fun Enduro Gold Finch Trail3,370 ft110 ft80728792
37Gold Finch Trail Downhill Gold Finch Trail3,465 ft128 ft80128610
38Enduro Complete ! Gold Finch Trail3,731 ft140 ft79928540
39Grey Squirrel East #2 Grey Squirrel Trail1,463 ft41 ft79625510
40Stonewall Stonewall3,197 ft432 ft789335423
41Grey Squirrel climb from creek to N. Legacy Grey Squirrel Trail3,496 ft113 ft77924882
42Grey Squirrel East #1 Up Grey Squirrel Trail1,765 ft78 ft77924991
43Grey Squirrel Eastbound Grey Squirrel Trail2 miles194 ft76324143
44Golden Eagle DH Golden Eagle Loop1,385 ft63 ft76028412
45Clem Descent Dirt Only Clemetine Trail2 miles353 ft72813380
46Up Mossy Rock Mossy Rock Trail1,702 ft88 ft72029371
47Pheasant (Golden Eagle to S.Legacy) Pheasent Trail2,356 ft55 ft71224182
48Switchbacks Stonewall1,671 ft117 ft69826975
49Seven Pools Vista Trail Seven Pools Vista3,111 ft187 ft69624814
50Down and Up to Saddle Down & Up Trail2,890 ft83 ft69420971
51Bridge to gate climb North Legacy Way1,856 ft202 ft68115070
52UP Mammoth Bar (from Confluence to Mammoth Bar Rd.) Confluence Trail2 miles440 ft66737953
53Hidden Falls climb 1 Blue Oak Loop2,798 ft150 ft66223876
54River Otter Rollers River Otter Loop2,152 ft121 ft66024053
55River Otter Loop River Otter Loop5,203 ft157 ft65923964
56Grey Squirrel to Bench Grey Squirrel Trail1 miles95 ft65421521
57Grey Squirrel Westbound Grey Squirrel Trail2 miles198 ft63520792
58Mc Ranch Rd Climb South Legacy Way3,515 ft281 ft62312100
59Razorback (Construction Crew orginal name) River Otter Loop1 miles139 ft60721750
60actually rocky Rockys879 ft165 ft57819605
61Steep down to Mossy Mossy Rock Trail664 ft102 ft56124832
62Rocky (mammoth bar) Rockys1,209 ft204 ft55217833
63J Divide Upper River Otter Loop1 miles158 ft50213350
64Fuel Break climb from gate Fuel Break Trail3,896 ft347 ft50118823
65fuel break to culvert Fuel Break Trail3,958 ft279 ft50018721
66Top to Bridge Blue Oak Loop2,574 ft127 ft49518110
67River Otter from N.Legacy to Deer River Otter Loop1 miles156 ft44411433
68Seven Pools Vista Point to Top Seven Pools Vista1,839 ft90 ft40715452
69Great Egret Great Egret Trail2,691 ft72 ft38910381
70Hidden Falls Exit Hill Poppy Trail683 ft79 ft3628331
71Pioneer Trail (Construction crew orginal name) Great Egret Trail3,500 ft66 ft3277572
72Sleepy Hollow (Construction Crew orginal name) Ringtail Trail1 miles108 ft2615931
73Ringtail Northbound Ringtail Trail1 miles130 ft1864852
74Culvert climb (after reroute) Culvert Trail1 miles432 ft1242830
75Cooper's Hawk Loop (Counter-Clockwise) Cooper's Hawk Trail1 miles88 ft1041521
76seven pools clockwise Seven Pools Loop5,202 ft104 ft751610
77Seven Pools Loop Seven Pools Loop5,211 ft129 ft731470
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