segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1watch out for the trees For Pete's Sake3,697 ft33 ft954509711
2Log to Gravel, Down the Big Hill Falls View Trail2,195 ft57 ft943535914
3CCC CW climb out CCC trail1,223 ft46 ft87962548
4Lake/Falls view Bridge>Gravel road Falls View Trail1 mile62 ft83949835
5Fast Downhill Section on CCC CCC trail867 ft22 ft730441910
6CCC Downhill - field to bridge CCC trail2,554 ft68 ft72253218
7THE BACK STRAIGHTAWAY!! For Pete's Sake1,591 ft17 ft676339610
8High Gravity- First 2 descents High Gravity1,790 ft50 ft625453112
9High Gravity - 2nd descents > trail sign High Gravity2,189 ft52 ft598446110
10Lookout Below! High Gravity4,162 ft78 ft596436215
11The Back 9 Tiger Woods1,666 ft58 ft55533991
12Tiger Woods, Last set of berms Tiger Woods1,210 ft75 ft549347210
13Tiger Woods Tiger Woods1 mile86 ft539323514
14Chewacla Rock 'n' Roll Kick Six2,519 ft57 ft525291512
15Chewacla Cross Creek - 3 mile trail For Pete's Sake3 miles50 ft48120577
16Armadillo Alley For Pete's Sake2,878 ft37 ft47919183
17Kick Six Kick Six1 mile59 ft474270910
18Chweacla - CCC - CW CCC trail3 miles78 ft46521904
19Flo-Rida For Pete's Sake1,864 ft17 ft46016782
20Groundhog Day Groundhogs Day2 miles22 ft42912561
21#3 Dale Senior Rock Bottom3,839 ft72 ft42221194
22Rock bottom berms to bridge jump Rock Bottom1,783 ft97 ft35517189
23Back Straightaway Downhill For Pete's Sake1,578 ft16 ft33211303
24Project X Forward For Pete's Sake1,371 ft47 ft3007540
25Cross Creek - to the left (8) For Pete's Sake6 miles110 ft1312383
26stxc climb Tiger Woods461 ft57 ft1294441
27goodbye!! Access Trail868 ft10 ft702100
28Access Trail from Ogletree Access Trail966 ft7 ft682030
29General Mundy Trail General Mundy1 mile29 ft624004
30Loop Right Lake Wilmore Wilmore Loop2 miles36 ft561480
31Lake Wilmore Wilmore Loop2 miles50 ft422161
32general mundy trail backwards General Mundy4,996 ft36 ft24401
33mundy trail (3 loops) General Mundy3 miles40 ft24670
34mundy trail (5 loops) General Mundy5 miles40 ft0230
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