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#13Riverhead Forest
1,637 ft-132 ft
1 Night StandWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
4,612 ft-436 ft
1st AdditionWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
2,660 ft-142 ft
1st Addition BypassWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
441 ft-14 ft
Acquired TasteWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
1,908 ft-115 ft
AfterglowWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
1.0 miles-221 ft
Alders Bell Road LinkWaiuku Forest
1.7 miles-11 ft
Ambury To StonefieldsAmbury Park
5.0 miles-181 ft
Amyl NitrateWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
1,028 ft-63 ft
AnacondaWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
5,126 ft-36 ft
AnacondaTotara Park
4,931 ft-206 ft
Anaconda - Scrubber LinkTotara Park
666 ft-9 ft
Anzac DownRiverhead Forest
2,889 ft-233 ft
Anzac LoopRiverhead Forest
4,257 ft-118 ft
Anzac to Picnic DHRiverhead Forest
3,511 ft-145 ft
Appleton Rd DownhillRiverhead Forest
2,741 ft-216 ft
Appleton Rd MX LoopRiverhead Forest
3,574 ft-102 ft
Ararimu Valley Road ReturnRiverhead Forest
1.1 miles-23 ft
ArborlandDome Valley
4,147 ft-640 ft
Atiu Creek EntryAtiu Creek Regional Park
3,495 ft-7 ft
AV8AWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
584 ft-11 ft
B's TrackMaraetai Forest
1,397 ft-91 ft
Back To The FutureWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
3.5 miles-137 ft
BackroadWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
3,096 ft-186 ft
BaconatorRiverhead Forest
3,989 ft-377 ft
Bakers runWhitford Forest
831 ft-204 ft
Barlow Anzac Link LoopRiverhead Forest
3,477 ft-45 ft
Barlow Road BypassRiverhead Forest
3,197 ft-64 ft
Barlow Road ReturnRiverhead Forest
4,971 ft-72 ft
Barlow Road Return AlternateRiverhead Forest
320 ft
Barlow Road to Floating BridgeRiverhead Forest
4,584 ft-292 ft
Barlow Road to Joes BridgeRiverhead Forest
3,592 ft-158 ft
Barlow to LongbushRiverhead Forest
3,478 ft-271 ft
Barnyard BoogieRunway MTB Park
672 ft
Barnyard BoogieWaitawa Regional Park
1.3 miles-272 ft
Barnyard BoogieHunua Trails
1,689 ft-30 ft
Beach TrailWaiuku Forest
1.1 miles-117 ft
Beginners loopTotara Park
1,277 ft-11 ft
Better Than RoadRiverhead Forest
939 ft-71 ft
Better Than The RoadWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
2,800 ft-63 ft
Beveridge TrackWaitakere Ranges
3.2 miles-737 ft
Big MummaWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
2.4 miles-133 ft
Big Mumma's TailWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
1.1 miles-101 ft
BikiniWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
1,299 ft-122 ft
Blake Rd ReturnRiverhead Forest
1.1 miles-289 ft
Blake Rd Track EastRiverhead Forest
4,392 ft-46 ft
Blake Road BypassRiverhead Forest
1,593 ft-92 ft
Body BagWhitford Forest
1,917 ft-166 ft
Bond StreetArch Hill
175 ft-31 ft
Booty CallWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
3,098 ft-289 ft
Boundary LineWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
3,881 ft-263 ft
Boundary RunMaraetai Forest
2,852 ft-14 ft
Bradley Road LinkWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
4,776 ft-4 ft
BreadheadsWhitford Forest
2,895 ft-219 ft
BreadrollWhitford Forest
1,511 ft-121 ft
Bridal PathTotara Park
4,458 ft-41 ft
BSX ReturnRiverhead Forest
1.4 miles-83 ft
BSX TrackRiverhead Forest
577 ft-44 ft
Budgie SmugglersFourforty MTB Park
2,771 ft-513 ft
Burma Moto LinkRiverhead Forest
1,715 ft-40 ft
Burma Rd LoopRiverhead Forest
4,837 ft-66 ft
Bustin JieberFourforty MTB Park
1,321 ft-158 ft
Campbell ReturnRiverhead Forest
1.2 miles-115 ft
Can Of WormsArch Hill
291 ft-25 ft
Carpark to A R A DriveHunua Trails
1,738 ft-29 ft
Carters FirebreakRiverhead Forest
1,774 ft-60 ft
CastawayMaraetai Forest
1,526 ft-139 ft
CentipedeRiverhead Forest
1.1 miles-293 ft
Chain LinkWaitawa Regional Park
691 ft-37 ft
Challenge DHHunua Trails
4,422 ft-513 ft
Challenge TrackHunua Trails
2.7 miles-836 ft
ChallengerTotara Park
1,194 ft-40 ft
Club TrailWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
3,436 ft-39 ft
ComboWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
4,934 ft-11 ft
Comfortably NumbMaraetai Forest
4,363 ft-387 ft
CommunalRiverhead Forest
2,964 ft-319 ft
ConiferWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
1.2 miles-203 ft
Connecting FlightRunway MTB Park
923 ft
CortinaRoyal Albany Trail
3,358 ft-99 ft
Cowell Bush TrackWaiuku Forest
3,979 ft-105 ft
Cowell Gilpin LinkWaiuku Forest
3,511 ft-77 ft
Crazy SteepRiverhead Forest
2,235 ft-14 ft
Creek DHRiverhead Forest
3,469 ft-271 ft
CrosslinkRiverhead Forest
1,221 ft
Cutting TrailWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
1,607 ft-133 ft
D.I.C.Totara Park
3,471 ft-101 ft
D.I.C. to HubTotara Park
1,093 ft-14 ft
Darrens HillRiverhead Forest
4,654 ft-72 ft
DbL HappyRoyal Albany Trail
1,101 ft-56 ft
DC3Hunua Trails
2,179 ft-67 ft
Death-Grip DescentRiverhead Forest
3,011 ft-213 ft
DevolutionHunua Trails
1,885 ft-94 ft
Dog LegRiverhead Forest
3,173 ft-286 ft
Doggy DoosRoyal Albany Trail
2,239 ft-58 ft
Dome Valley DHDome Valley
3,064 ft-627 ft
Dooza'sFourforty MTB Park
950 ft-206 ft
Down to PaintballRiverhead Forest
2,886 ft-268 ft
Eastern Boundary Road to Walker Road LinkWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
1,141 ft-3 ft
Eastern FrontMaraetai Forest
1,926 ft-45 ft
Ed Rush RavineWoodhill Mountain Bike Park
2,045 ft-108 ft
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