segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Killer Downhill Pumphouse up1,272 ft72 ft973985543
2Twisty turny outward 60MoM Start1,116 ft26 ft9321287911
3Windy Climb Mangold Verge Contour Path1,760 ft55 ft876768312
4sprint hom boetie Mangold Verge Contour Path339 ft6 ft871115193
5Gap Jump Gap Jump Trail1,660 ft52 ft7941090914
6Baakens downhill Little Walmer Single Track4,598 ft81 ft793625222
7Pump house paved road Mangold Verge Contour Path3,017 ft56 ft69450918
8Hill Climb Switchback Crossing792 ft24 ft56024037
9rocky ride Rocky Ride671 ft73 ft47215345
10Killer downhill up new Pumphouse up1,568 ft60 ft33518688
11Jeep Track Joy up Middle Trail3,462 ft92 ft30117018
12Jeeptrack Joy Middle Trail3,102 ft85 ft2698744
13Dodds Farm Drop Dodds Farm Drop289 ft49 ft2359333
14Only if U dare Linkside down the pipe to the valley696 ft73 ft1858874
15Pumpstation Down and Up Pumphouse up2,880 ft69 ft1805901
16Wendy ave to the water downhill :D Wendy Ave Drop In1,387 ft68 ft491301
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