segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Sister IncarnaciĆ³n The Back 40 Loop3,884 ft156 ft4110874418
2Climb to Trafalgar The Back 40 Loop1,745 ft148 ft4049881414
3Steeps and Creeks off Trafalgar The Back 40 Loop1,708 ft144 ft3615815411
4Trafalgar climb The Back 40 Loop3,312 ft139 ft3611834610
5T&D Buckingham Gravel Climb The Back 40 Loop346 ft73 ft333966687
6Tame the Lion The Back 40 Loop2,016 ft73 ft3284771311
7Achtung Baby The Back 40 Loop2,573 ft48 ft2607499011
8Searching for Animal Chin Summit School2,245 ft159 ft2308407913
9Buckingham down and around The Back 40 Loop3,374 ft190 ft228943006
10BVCC Climb The Back 40 Loop2 miles207 ft223440968
11No more late fees The Back 40 Loop1,424 ft122 ft2052390511
12Lion around The Back 40 Loop2,289 ft73 ft1989494113
13French Cut The Back 40 Loop1,994 ft62 ft196049822
14Mountain of Merk The Back 40 Loop1,341 ft64 ft184936948
15T&D State Line Climb The Back 40 Loop1 mile117 ft1799353811
16For Now.... We Toast Flo Ride1 mile150 ft1642313413
17Orangatan down The Back 40 Loop1,531 ft117 ft148228425
18Too Cool for Summit School Summit School1,074 ft114 ft146530033
19Orangatang The Back 40 Loop1,581 ft122 ft130224867
20Climb up to Hampstead Rd The Back 40 Loop2,923 ft149 ft127823767
21Eat Your Avocado The Back 40 Loop1 mile170 ft125222846
22Full Buckingham Climb The Back 40 Loop1,983 ft210 ft94215842
23Descent from the gates of Hell The Back 40 Loop1,973 ft80 ft87017065
24Go for ALL! Rago3,927 ft107 ft86015737
25Kingsland climb The Back 40 Loop1,719 ft72 ft856185910
26SBAT Climb: 143ft in .6 mile SBAT3,459 ft144 ft79221048
27O.G.G.R The Back 40 Loop2 miles205 ft753193014
28Pattern Against User SBAT2,632 ft129 ft735172111
29Funions Pinyon Creek1,791 ft38 ft70219628
30Goat Tribute The Ledges1 mile54 ft697130111
31The Ledges - Northbound The Ledges3 miles200 ft683126116
32!LLA rof oG Rago3,786 ft107 ft66911014
33Climb In Bed SBAT2,406 ft116 ft63915616
34Invalid Litter Dept. Taylor Homestead1 mile205 ft63111109
35Half Werewolf The Ledges3,231 ft101 ft4557035
36Up to Commonwealth The Ledges1,080 ft77 ft4435483
37AES BV '19 stage 4 The Back 40 Loop1,805 ft155 ft3685010
38Better Than I Deserve Flo Ride1 mile148 ft1212322
39Hill O' Doom Flo Ride1,866 ft96 ft971902
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