Mountain Bike
All's Well If It Ends Well
515 ft16 ft
Blind Man's Descent
650 ft-66 ft
Bridle Trail
1 mile-92 ft154 ft
Bunny Trail
1,358 ft24 ft
Canyon Connector
266 ft-6 ft
Cobblestone Crossing
167 ft6 ft
Danny Devito
755 ft-52 ft
Dirt Crit
2,041 ft-25 ft23 ft
Dirt Crit Shortcut
587 ft12 ft
1,398 ft60 ft
Dog Park Drop
374 ft-43 ft
East Mesa Loop
3,691 ft-24 ft25 ft
2,720 ft-16 ft51 ft
Erosion Case Study
318 ft-34 ft
Especially Heinous
1,161 ft-79 ft
Eucalyptus Cruise
719 ft-59 ft
Fall(line) Out Boy: Dance Dance!
591 ft-75 ft
Florida Canyon downhill
958 ft-78 ft
Florida Canyon East
1 mile-147 ft10 ft
Ghost of Redwoods Past
919 ft-84 ft
Gopher Cafe
1,161 ft-3 ft10 ft
299 ft-25 ft
Just Another Connector
190 ft5 ft
Lawn Bowler's Warmup Run
856 ft-84 ft
226 ft-24 ft
Marston Canyon Thruway
2,274 ft-15 ft52 ft
Marston Singletrack
984 ft-3 ft19 ft
Mesa Shortcut
797 ft6 ft
Myrtle Climb
443 ft39 ft
Myrtle Descent
381 ft-32 ft
Over The Hill
233 ft-5 ft
Pershing Climb
2,608 ft136 ft
post-climb return
597 ft8 ft
118 ft-12 ft
Schittz Creek
1,073 ft-43 ft
Schittz Pro Line
374 ft-25 ft
SD Zoo Downhill
2,280 ft-147 ft6 ft
Switzer Canyon Expressway
2,152 ft-32 ft89 ft
1,217 ft-17 ft8 ft
863 ft-6 ft9 ft
V-Drome Flats
305 ft-5 ft
266 ft-13 ft
West Climb
751 ft86 ft
West Mesa Drop-in
1,178 ft-51 ft
Wokey Wokey Knuckle Pokey!
341 ft-3 ft3 ft
Z Climb
676 ft30 ft
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