segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1The Rise Spokane River Centennial Trail550 ft16 ft28331151420
2east up Upchuck3,288 ft227 ft2310279056
3Bryan's Strava Blast Upchuck3,429 ft221 ft12801533312
4Upchuck Climb Upchuck2,345 ft154 ft1255148924
5Camp Sekani Park - Upper Dan Trail - West to East (Start to Simple Tools) Dan1,160 ft14 ft1217106594
6Panic Rev Esmeralda2,620 ft234 ft87968069
7Camp Sekani Park - Upchuck Trail (2016 Re-route) - Ascent (To Peter Built) Upchuck1 miles293 ft80757001
8Ezzy SuperD Top Esmeralda2,945 ft248 ft78247987
9Camp Sekani Park - Upchuck Trail - Ascent (Full) Upchuck1 miles318 ft75647886
10Rabid Rabbit (Re-route) Rabid Rabbit2,176 ft237 ft719400213
11Ezzy SuperD Bottom Esmeralda4,835 ft304 ft71646876
12Beacon West Esmeralda4,938 ft313 ft70750207
13Esmeralda to the Towers Esmeralda2 miles511 ft680433915
14Simple Tools 3.0 Simple Tools3,291 ft208 ft65430842
15The Tooth Fairy Bomber779 ft47 ft59637351
16Disc Golfers are Rad Upchuck2,062 ft40 ft58730075
17Simple Tools 3.0 Simple Tools4,722 ft272 ft55323313
18wall street PeterBuilt844 ft88 ft51230624
19Hollywood Hollywood776 ft91 ft47227136
20Poff Rocks Good Twin1,141 ft112 ft41527854
21Thunderdome '10 Pop Rocks1,735 ft147 ft39826693
22Upper Cat 2 Camp Sekani/Downhill Course Access Road1,602 ft166 ft38418482
23Down Scared Cat Scared Cat1,121 ft62 ft34521882
24Vince 5k Vince 5k2,544 ft108 ft28718962
25Scared Cat up Scared Cat1,242 ft72 ft27012831
26Simple Tools 3.0 up Simple Tools3,352 ft199 ft2586876
27Tickler Up Tickler912 ft62 ft2578881
28Wiggler up Wiggler1,164 ft49 ft22611411
29Tickler Tickler996 ft64 ft2097162
30McPoopy Pants PennyLane1,226 ft65 ft20610341
31Do it up right Simple Tools4,055 ft245 ft1904702
32Camp Sekani Park - Simple Tools - Ascent (2015 Re-route) Simple Tools1 miles299 ft1894630
33Carousel The Carousel3,262 ft226 ft1594262
34Down to the Myth Myth1,468 ft168 ft1535340
35Penny Lane PennyLane3,662 ft154 ft1417302
36Wiggler Wiggler1,212 ft52 ft1244400
37Airport Escalator Airport Escalator4,659 ft257 ft1224230
38Amazon Misogyny 5K Vince 5k2,559 ft97 ft1214211
39The Zipper (Upper) Zipper2,169 ft383 ft1102843
40Banzai Kitten Climb Banzai Kitten2,543 ft85 ft1092851
41Down Airport Escalator Airport Escalator4,566 ft250 ft1043360
42The Carousel - down The Carousel3,964 ft219 ft841691
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