segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1N Galbraith Ln Climb Towers (South Side Approach)1 miles499 ft4067221673
2Cedar dusting Cedar Dust2,700 ft20 ft3674208061
3Clear Cut Sprint (Mid-Road After Blue Rock) Towers (South Side Approach)999 ft84 ft33272845611
4Galbraith 1 Towers (South Side Approach)1 miles383 ft3127216268
5Silver Rock to Summit Climb Towers (South Side Approach)760 ft113 ft2940189455
6Galbraith Towers (South Side Approach)3,162 ft320 ft2913186332
7tower sprint Towers (South Side Approach)4,918 ft344 ft2879176549
8last switchback on tower road Towers (South Side Approach)351 ft44 ft2775176009
9Actual Atomic Dog Atomic Dog3,565 ft337 ft27011401050
10S-turns to Muffin top SST594 ft42 ft2659159815
11Mullet Mullet3,962 ft267 ft2651102377
12Middle SST SST2,060 ft197 ft26001540712
13Golden Spike SST2,221 ft213 ft25941585125
14Kiosk to Rock N Roll Cedar Dust2,489 ft22 ft2582179042
15Drop in SST898 ft106 ft2536164067
16SST Alders SST2,002 ft127 ft2512146388
17Ridge (top of switchbacks) to Kiosk Ridge Trail (from Viewpoint North)4,791 ft393 ft2452230942
18SST Lower Rock Drop SST453 ft52 ft2450143025
19Ridge (top of switchbacks) to Cedar Dust entrance Ridge Trail (from Viewpoint North)1 miles431 ft2434228254
20Cedar Dust Cedar Dust2,873 ft24 ft24151496013
21Blue Rock Climb Towers (South Side Approach)4,247 ft378 ft23921442614
22Unemployment Line Unemployment Line3,664 ft372 ft23841213451
23last pitch Towers (South Side Approach)3,157 ft289 ft2326116834
24Backdoor Backdoor1,540 ft187 ft23161308014
25Tower Road (2300 to U-Line) Towers (South Side Approach)1 miles385 ft2294133514
26miranda Ridge Trail (from Viewpoint North)2,768 ft232 ft22832087012
27Correct QOD Climb QOD Alternate Climb2,395 ft115 ft2268127222
28Actual Miranda Ridge Trail (from Viewpoint North)1,510 ft107 ft2248201709
29Ridge Trail Ridge Trail (from Viewpoint North)1 miles543 ft21492043724
30Evo 5.0 Evolution2,174 ft321 ft2101101051
31Straw Up Three Pigs2,011 ft135 ft19491342412
32Stick Three Pigs2,080 ft105 ft17741147215
33SST SST2 miles661 ft17691080919
34Galbraith Wall RD 2400 (The Wall)2,551 ft275 ft1761815313
35Mullet Mullet3,972 ft267 ft1729778319
36Stick-Straw Three Pigs4,679 ft257 ft1712106982
37Cheech and Chong Cheech and Chong's Wild Ride2,744 ft248 ft1675668020
38Ridge side option up QOD Alternate Climb2,437 ft175 ft163283221
39Irish Death 2018 Irish Death1,966 ft354 ft155946520
40South Bay Trail (North) South Bay Trail5,260 ft56 ft152477807
41Brick climb Three Pigs3,669 ft170 ft140777309
42Taylor Dock Ramp South Bay Trail400 ft45 ft1386680512
43Actual Pump Track Pump Track1,404 ft203 ft137843755
44Brick - Stick Three Pigs1 miles288 ft135171077
45boy scout Pump Track1,728 ft158 ft132941863
46Family Fun Center Family Fun Center1,477 ft44 ft132355245
47Pump Track Pump Track3,397 ft324 ft1311401511
48Three Pigs Uphill Three Pigs1 miles455 ft1296663114
49Dog Patch (creek to Tower Rd) Dog Patch1,788 ft86 ft129666581
50Intestine Intestine2,245 ft106 ft1255638812
51BS Connector Intestine1,342 ft112 ft122762355
52Wonderland- Down Wonderland3,136 ft175 ft122455604
53Banditos (1st half) Bandito2,497 ft45 ft120247773
54keystone down Keystone2,748 ft152 ft115044194
55Naughty Nelly Wonderland (lower)3,033 ft92 ft112646804
56Straw Down Three Pigs2,112 ft135 ft109529531
57Stick-Brick Three Pigs1 miles295 ft109027271
58Tough Love (Climb) Tough Love4,027 ft181 ft104139386
59Sprint Bob's (Upper)4,909 ft447 ft102647230
60Cedar Dust from Rock and Roll Start Cedar Dust2,223 ft19 ft98645900
61Dog Patch Dog Patch3,135 ft99 ft97345859
62Cabin Cabin2,427 ft38 ft96540674
63Meth lab Meth Lab1,060 ft105 ft95528753
64OLY Oly2,677 ft96 ft94439176
65Karma Karma1,622 ft67 ft93363358
66Upper Whoopsie Woodle Whoopsie Woodle3,747 ft166 ft91630716
67Here to There Here To There1,580 ft72 ft89936204
68Lower whoopsie woodle Whoopsie Woodle1 miles410 ft88029986
69Rock n Roll Rock and Roll3,864 ft83 ft86245484
70Whoopsie Woodle Whoopsie Woodle2 miles599 ft854281812
71Last Call Last Call1,247 ft37 ft84733140
72Fragrance Lake Road Fragrance Lake Road2 miles864 ft84126888
73Three Pigs Three Pigs1 miles413 ft82919606
74Double Black reroute Double Black Diamond5,197 ft835 ft82425399
75Three Dollar Dewey Double Down4,489 ft717 ft81923458
76Fragrance Lake Rd Climb Fragrance Lake Road3,937 ft410 ft80823501
77Kaiser - Oly to Tower Rd 2016 Kaiser5,203 ft86 ft80419450
78Reverse Bandito Bandito2,552 ft34 ft79824053
79Flying Squirrel Irish Death2,509 ft387 ft795236410
80Kungfu Gunslinger Tough Love4,800 ft233 ft79323793
81Scorpion V.2 Scorpion2,957 ft263 ft79219226
82Cedar Dust Reverse Cedar Dust2,699 ft24 ft79233615
83Irish Death Irish Death2,255 ft391 ft78522985
84Dog Patch Down Dog Patch2,244 ft90 ft78228227
85Whoop whoop Interurban Trail1,466 ft49 ft76131011
86SPACEWOLF Spacewolf3,350 ft405 ft753159512
87Spacewolf DH Spacewolf2,052 ft411 ft74216103
88Hush-Hush to Hemlock Lost Lake Trail North1,729 ft198 ft74022470
89Bob's Trail Bob's (Upper)5,004 ft465 ft72836678
90Cougar Cougar2,036 ft78 ft72422192
91Bomb Down From Padden Padden Gorge Trail2,533 ft98 ft71845744
92Lost Giants to Dog Patch Lost Giants1,188 ft15 ft71228960
93Ridge DH Ridge Trail2,060 ft313 ft70318063
94Lost Soul Lost Soul1,350 ft52 ft69522333
95187 (Granny's) 1871,557 ft91 ft69126495
96Valleybrook Ln Climb RD4000 - East4,018 ft285 ft68823841
97Naughty Nelly (up) Wonderland (lower)2,788 ft108 ft67116952
98Two Dollar Trail Two Dollar1 miles441 ft66420569
99Appendix-Family Fun Center Down Family Fun Center1,714 ft56 ft66324101
100Power Up Lake Padden Loop994 ft39 ft66021632
101Rock'n'Roll reroute Rock and Roll3,471 ft83 ft65523615
102two dollar trail lower Two Dollar2,165 ft259 ft64419430
103911 9111,871 ft201 ft64016503
104two dollar trail mid Two Dollar1,395 ft64 ft63818710
105CR to The Diablo Cougar Ridge2,833 ft392 ft63517563
106CR Post Diablo Cougar Ridge1 miles658 ft62316776
107Ridge Trail Down Ridge Trail (from Viewpoint North)1 miles518 ft62224133
108Upper Kaiser Upper Kaiser1,212 ft62 ft62015203
109Cougar DH Cougar Ridge2 miles1,006 ft61016073
110Lone Wolf Lone Wolf1,573 ft46 ft60818743
111Oly Up Oly2,100 ft84 ft60620751
112hush hush from hemlock junction Hush-Hush4,624 ft445 ft60619200
113Lair of the Bear Lair of the Bear3,782 ft239 ft60216697
114Drop out Galen's Step1,139 ft206 ft60117950
115Hush Hush for Real Hush-Hush1 miles415 ft60019268
116I found those signs offensive RD4000 - East1 miles771 ft59619715
117Tough Love (Descent) Tough Love3,743 ft178 ft59118343
1182 1/2 2 1/22,998 ft68 ft58016262
119Lower Dad Bod Dad Bod3,296 ft323 ft56812385
120Padden Short Climb from Shortcut to Samish Fork Upper Backcountry Loop1,413 ft187 ft56523621
121Keystone Up Keystone2,269 ft142 ft55115962
122Bottle Cap Bottle Opener2,523 ft90 ft54214423
123Cougar Ridge Cougar Ridge2 miles1,131 ft535126028
124Lone Wolf (from Lost Giants) Lone Wolf1,437 ft47 ft52115281
125Mama Bear Westbound Mama Bear3,435 ft91 ft50412062
126Rusty Can Rusty Can685 ft20 ft5009260
127fork to lot Backcountry Connector1,508 ft73 ft44816682
128N. Side RD to Kiosk Rd 10003,273 ft220 ft4389691
129Oriental Express Oriental Express2,991 ft489 ft43213864
130Crack Lab Rank Advancement1,308 ft98 ft42415343
131Mama Bear Eastbound Mama Bear3,467 ft90 ft42410390
132Goldilocks (up) Goldilocks2,166 ft128 ft41610423
133Padden XC S Tech Descent Lower Backcountry Loop1,094 ft197 ft40514090
134Deja Vu Deja Vu1,257 ft21 ft3676501
135Whatcom Wallop Whatcom Falls Connector4,069 ft109 ft36213810
136Brer Rabbit Up (Evil Twin) Mole Trap (Evil Twin)2,013 ft32 ft35510731
137Das Radobahn Das Auto Bahn1,050 ft119 ft3459141
138Orient Express Oriental Express1,986 ft267 ft3439321
139Cougar down Cougar1,879 ft81 ft3357471
140Hemlock Trail Climb Huckleberry Point3,590 ft489 ft3177930
141Huckleberry/Raptor Ridge Connector Huckleberry Point1 miles581 ft3167812
142Raptor Ridge DH Raptor Ridge5,074 ft343 ft3107011
143Brer Rabbit (Evil Twin) Mole Trap (Evil Twin)1,975 ft31 ft3058312
144Prison Love (Alt) Prison Love2,309 ft391 ft2926490
145Pipe road up to Cedar Fun Bob Rd 10001,566 ft152 ft2908960
146Vitamin R Vitamin R1,166 ft153 ft2884451
147Kaya Kaya3,163 ft100 ft28314231
148Jack and the Beanstalk Jack and the Beanstalk1,451 ft150 ft2555602
149Two Dollar - That Tricky Part at the Top Two Dollar1,652 ft152 ft2505780
150British Army down British Army3,496 ft503 ft2426002
151Wickersham Truck Trail Climb Wickersham Truck Trail2,192 ft303 ft2384540
152Pipeline hill climb Pipeline Road2,449 ft235 ft2368273
153Old Issues New Issues1,048 ft38 ft2367962
154Lost sailor British Army1,209 ft102 ft2356151
155British Army FULL PULL MF'er British Army4,592 ft564 ft2245691
156Cleator Road Climb Cleator Road2,769 ft337 ft2133691
157Wickersham Truck Trail Climb Wickersham Truck Trail1,889 ft322 ft2113991
158New Issues New Issues1,552 ft56 ft1988361
159Appetizer Access road3,304 ft178 ft1935332
160Lizard to Lily junction Lilly, Lizard Lake Loop2,805 ft138 ft1924080
161Upper trailhead to connector Lilly, Lizard Lake Trail1 miles564 ft1914301
162Bomb Down Fragrance Lake Road Fragrance Lake Road2 miles885 ft1874350
163British Army descent British Army3,844 ft572 ft1864031
164Fragrance Lake Rd Climb South Lost Lake Trail4,700 ft432 ft1824031
165South Lost Lake Climb from Fragrance Lake Rd South Lost Lake Trail1 miles518 ft1773961
166Hemlock Climb to Raptor Ridge Turn Hemlock4,215 ft464 ft1723440
167Grasshopper Grasshopper509 ft89 ft1723062
168Entree Access road3,428 ft306 ft1664300
169Lower Race Track Lilly, Lizard Lake Trail1 miles543 ft1663752
170Lower Race Track Lilly, Lizard Lake Trail1 miles543 ft1663750
171Lily to connector DH Lilly, Lizard Lake Trail1 miles631 ft1583662
172Devil Cross Devilcross1,140 ft174 ft1452322
173Little Karma (south) Karma1,709 ft66 ft1444011
174Air Chair Air Chair4,323 ft394 ft1392752
175Raptor Ridge Climb Raptor Ridge1 miles348 ft1322901
176Bow down to the Lizard Lilly, Lizard Lake Loop1,841 ft223 ft1322800
177Boot Dryer Boot Dryer3,926 ft203 ft1313470
178Larry Reed - W to E PNW Trail 26475,137 ft141 ft1242320
179Lily and Lizard Lake Trail Lilly, Lizard Lake Trail3 miles1,169 ft1212562
180Geneva Connector return Geneva Connector2,507 ft94 ft1125160
181Dos Copas up Dos Copas4,207 ft380 ft1092960
182Max SC downhill Max's Shortcut1 miles549 ft1041460
183Dos Copas 2018 Dos Copas1 miles523 ft1033090
184Cayuse Ct Climb Baneberry Trail2,826 ft419 ft971590
185Brown Dog Brown Dog1,146 ft65 ft934271
186Supercross Supercross1,858 ft192 ft921040
187Lily to Lizard Lilly, Lizard Lake Loop2,418 ft136 ft911570
188Samish Overlook to Max's Shortcut PNW Trail 26474,824 ft191 ft901390
189Max's shortcut uphill Max's Shortcut1 miles584 ft871942
190Brighton Crest Ln Climb Ridge Trail2,037 ft292 ft851640
191Alternate incline uphill Alternate Incline5,200 ft709 ft831820
192Max's shortcut to overlook PNW Trail 26474,778 ft161 ft751262
193Whoopsie Woodle - Up Whoopsie Woodle2 miles615 ft741501
194Brown Dog down Brown Dog1,264 ft101 ft743780
195Fragrance Lake Rd Climb Fragrance Lake Road2,147 ft331 ft71820
196British Army Trail British Army4,187 ft557 ft701090
197Hush Hush uphill Hush-Hush1 miles442 ft601600
198Lily-Lizard Lake Trail climb Lilly, Lizard Lake Trail2 miles1,170 ft58810
199Wickersham Truck Trail Climb Lower Chanterelle Trail3,947 ft373 ft52891
200Padden XC - Beginners' Loop Lower Backcountry Loop2 miles230 ft51730
201Geneva Connector Geneva Connector2,095 ft45 ft473050
202Alternate Incline Decent Alternate Incline4,115 ft618 ft44790
203Alt Incline down Alternate Incline4,816 ft614 ft44730
204raptor ridge Raptor Ridge4,587 ft344 ft33511
205Supercross Up Supercross1,725 ft201 ft29340
206Chuckanut Dr Climb PNW Trail 26472 miles1,128 ft24532
207Pacific Northwest Trail Climb Lilly, Lizard Lake Loop2,384 ft325 ft21220
208Bad choice Spacewolf3,327 ft408 ft16160
209Reverse Devil Cross (Really Stupid) Devilcross1,387 ft197 ft13161
210Bob's Uphill Bob's (Upper)4,756 ft449 ft880
211Hemlock Trail Climb Pine and Cedar1,929 ft308 ft680
212Lake Louise Road Climb Cougar Ridge3,958 ft369 ft330
213Samish Way Climb Cougar Ridge1 miles843 ft330
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