Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
100 Acre Wood trail100 Acre Woods
439 ft-24 ft20 ft
100 Acre Wood trail100 Acre Woods
794 ft44 ft
100 Acre Wood Trail100 Acre Woods
516 ft-26 ft58 ft
100 Acre Wood trail100 Acre Woods
2,186 ft-110 ft73 ft
100 Acre Wood trail100 Acre Woods
1,056 ft-118 ft57 ft
100 Acre Wood trail100 Acre Woods
986 ft-53 ft6 ft
100 Acre Wood trail100 Acre Woods
958 ft-18 ft6 ft
100 Acre Wood trail100 Acre Woods
348 ft11 ft
100 Acre Wood Trail100 Acre Woods
891 ft-91 ft
100 Acre Wood trail100 Acre Woods
1,439 ft-31 ft43 ft
100 Acre Wood trail100 Acre Woods
810 ft-19 ft25 ft
100 Acre Wood trail100 Acre Woods
360 ft-4 ft12 ft
100 Acre Wood trail100 Acre Woods
770 ft-29 ft5 ft
100 Acre Wood Trail100 Acre Woods
538 ft-9 ft43 ft
100 Acre Woods100 Acre Woods
1,569 ft-16 ft31 ft
16th street access trailChuckanut Mountain
303 ft9 ft
1,917 ft-109 ft4 ft
2 1/2Galbraith
2,983 ft-95 ft48 ft
2.5 ExtendedGalbraith
1,361 ft-57 ft4 ft
2,572 ft-264 ft
Access TrailChuckanut Mountain
1 mile-11 ft676 ft
Air ChairGalbraith
1 mile-588 ft
Alternate InclineBlanchard Mountain
1 mile-753 ft46 ft
Arboretum to Ferry100 Acre Woods
1,070 ft-3 ft
Around The LakeChuckanut Mountain
2,175 ft-95 ft146 ft
Arroyo from CaliforniaChuckanut Mountain
758 ft76 ft
2,134 ft-6 ft157 ft
Art's connectorGalbraith
367 ft19 ft
Art's TrailGalbraith
3,346 ft-63 ft126 ft
Atomic DogGalbraith
3,720 ft-379 ft5 ft
Austin AvenueLookout Mountain
2,316 ft-96 ft6 ft
Baby BearGalbraith
2,347 ft-22 ft129 ft
Backcountry ConnectorLake Padden
2,165 ft90 ft
1,907 ft-192 ft
Backside TrailGalbraith
1,229 ft-121 ft35 ft
2,578 ft-52 ft85 ft
Baneberry TrailLookout Mountain
1 mile-32 ft646 ft
Bay to Baker - SqualicumBellingham
1 mile-20 ft61 ft
Bear KnuckleGalbraith
1,155 ft-19 ft21 ft
2,333 ft-129 ft3 ft
Bearly ThereGalbraith
1,151 ft-21 ft51 ft
Blue SteelGalbraith
853 ft-68 ft
Bob's TrailGalbraith
1 mile-473 ft
Boot DryerGalbraith
1 mile-391 ft16 ft
Bottle OpenerGalbraith
2,949 ft-42 ft86 ft
Bottle Rocket SpurGalbraith
Bottoms upLookout Mountain
1 mile-648 ft70 ft
Boulder BendWhatcom Falls Park
2,057 ft-6 ft121 ft
Boulder ChuteWhatcom Falls Park
315 ft-9 ft
Brer RabbitGalbraith
1,996 ft-43 ft14 ft
Briar PatchGalbraith
400 ft
British ArmyBlanchard Mountain
1 mile-642 ft2 ft
Brown DogGalbraith
1,909 ft-195 ft18 ft
Brown PowLake Whatcom Park
2 miles-1,670 ft110 ft
Bunny CutoffGalbraith
822 ft-3 ft35 ft
Bunny TrailsGalbraith
3,380 ft-68 ft76 ft
BurnoutSamish Crest Open Space
2,608 ft-16 ft91 ft
Byron-Dumas connectorSamish Crest Open Space
669 ft17 ft
3,471 ft-80 ft112 ft
3,351 ft-34 ft260 ft
Candy GutGalbraith
266 ft9 ft
Cedar DustGalbraith
2,907 ft-27 ft9 ft
Cedar Dust Black Jump LineGalbraith
1,127 ft-88 ft10 ft
Cedar Dust Blue Jump LineGalbraith
977 ft-90 ft5 ft
Cedar Dust Expert Jump LineGalbraith
974 ft-78 ft
Cedar Dust Green Jump LineGalbraith
921 ft-73 ft
Cedar Jumps ClimbGalbraith
2,570 ft-11 ft133 ft
Cedar Lake ConnectorChuckanut Mountain
531 ft
Cedar Lake LookoutChuckanut Mountain
3,304 ft-260 ft194 ft
Cedar Lake LoopBlanchard Mountain
2,751 ft-131 ft129 ft
Chanterelle Lookout TrailLake Whatcom Park
180 ft
Cheech and Chong's Wild RideGalbraith
2,845 ft-270 ft3 ft
Chuckanut Falls Trail100 Acre Woods
604 ft13 ft
Chuckanut Falls Trail100 Acre Woods
1,591 ft-188 ft
Chuckanut Falls Viewpoint Trail100 Acre Woods
1,345 ft-14 ft85 ft
CincoBlanchard Mountain
2,045 ft-220 ft
Clayton BeachChuckanut Mountain
3,310 ft-156 ft3 ft
3,330 ft-25 ft157 ft
1,856 ft-8 ft115 ft
397 ft-3 ft52 ft
Connector Mole TrapGalbraith
150 ft-2 ft
Connelly Creek Trail100 Acre Woods
5,019 ft-33 ft165 ft
Cornwall TrailBellingham
2,614 ft-51 ft45 ft
Cornwall Trail 2Bellingham
1,938 ft-25 ft30 ft
1,848 ft-81 ft24 ft
Cougar RidgeLookout Mountain
2 miles-900 ft107 ft
Cow BelleGalbraith
1,502 ft-23 ft5 ft
Creekbed Trail (PNT)Blanchard Mountain
4,222 ft-258 ft10 ft
Crest to Bloor stSamish Crest Open Space
2,008 ft-6 ft17 ft
Crest to ReveilleSamish Crest Open Space
2,470 ft-10 ft83 ft
1,329 ft67 ft
Dad BodGalbraith
1 mile-699 ft214 ft
Das Auto BahnGalbraith
1,777 ft-156 ft8 ft
Deja VuGalbraith
1,246 ft-19 ft45 ft
1 mile-648 ft85 ft
Dipper connectorGalbraith
144 ft
DJ - Raymond ConnectorSamish Crest Open Space
630 ft-106 ft
DJ accessGalbraith
635 ft48 ft
DJ TrailGalbraith
935 ft110 ft
Dog PatchGalbraith
1,910 ft-27 ft101 ft
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