segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Post-rocky descent climb Race Loop2,363 ft81 ft56518221
2Hooty Hoo Hill Race Loop2,611 ft77 ft56316931
3BB Down Hill Last Section Race Loop3,735 ft446 ft54316482
4Blue Trail UP Cannondale Short Cut5,037 ft260 ft44814650
5Crack Trail enduro segment Crack Trail1 miles341 ft4438464
6Mile Loop Rd Climb Race Loop3,743 ft274 ft4268101
7Alaskan Climb Crack Trail1 miles316 ft4067832
8BB Down Hill Race Loop2 miles557 ft40512172
9border ride Race Loop3,770 ft112 ft36510550
10Alaskan DH Gene's Trail1 miles279 ft3547162
11Voo Doo Rocks Climb Voo Doo Rocks2,358 ft144 ft3386432
12Voo Doo Rocks Voo Doo Rocks1 miles137 ft3366392
13Ridge top Fun Race Loop3 miles184 ft3089191
14mother of CRACK Race Loop1 miles140 ft2986050
15Gene's Enduro Segment Gene's Trail1 miles399 ft2494520
16Genes Trail Gene's Trail2 miles404 ft1963291
17Swamp Trail 2nd half counter Swamp Trail East1 miles64 ft1823020
18Lil Can Race Loop4,426 ft100 ft1141510
19Alkan Climb Little Canaan3,796 ft268 ft1091310
20warmup dh behind the store Little Canaan1,631 ft83 ft691090
21Crack Trail Crack Trail2 miles246 ft56800
22Blue Trail DOWN Cannondale Short Cut4,912 ft251 ft38530
23Swamp Trail 1st half counter Swamp Trail West1 miles56 ft27280
24WVU Eliminator Race Loop1,205 ft16 ft21450
25Pine Spurdumonium Pine Spur2 miles173 ft9100
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