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Acid TrailAuger Falls
1.1 miles-217 ft
Adam's Gulch LoopAdam's Gulch
10.2 miles-2,146 ft
Alden GulchBaker
2.7 miles-112 ft
Apollo CreekBaker
2.7 miles-15 ft
Auger FallsAuger Falls
3,691 ft-136 ft
Baker LakeBaker
1.6 miles-67 ft
Baker Norton ConnectorBaker
3.1 miles-1,050 ft
Bald Mountain TrailSun Valley: Bald Mountain
4.9 miles-141 ft
Bear GulchJohnstone
3.3 miles-13 ft
Big Wood ConnectorSun Valley: Bald Mountain
3,813 ft-17 ft
Blue BottleAuger Falls
1,777 ft-22 ft
Blue Bottle (S)Auger Falls
1,988 ft-94 ft
Blue Gill ConnectAuger Falls
493 ft-39 ft
Blue Gill PondAuger Falls
5,073 ft-94 ft
BroadwaySun Valley: Bald Mountain
2.2 miles-813 ft
Bull DogCroy Creek
2.8 miles-688 ft
Bullion ConnectorCroy Creek
2.4 miles-329 ft
Castle CreekBaker
7.6 miles-678 ft
CenterlineCroy Creek
5,067 ft-200 ft
Cherry ConnectorGalena Lodge
3,791 ft-41 ft
Cherry Creek Road ConnectionGalena Lodge
3,979 ft-204 ft
Chocolate GulchHailey
3.8 miles-960 ft
Citizen's TrailAdam's Gulch
1.2 miles-355 ft
Cold SpringsSun Valley: Bald Mountain
6.7 miles-3,281 ft
Corral Creek TrailKetchum
3.3 miles-1,050 ft
Cow Creek ConnectorHailey
2.5 miles-500 ft
Cow/Greenhorn ConnectorGreenhorn
1,771 ft-88 ft
3.1 miles-131 ft
Deer CreekDeer Creek
4.7 miles-176 ft
DRJAuger Falls
4,960 ft-56 ft
EagleAuger Falls
1.5 miles-174 ft
Eve's GulchAdam's Gulch
5.7 miles-1,633 ft
Federal GulchGray's Peak
2.6 miles-21 ft
Federal-Timber RidgeGray's Peak
1.5 miles-552 ft
Fisher CreekGray's Peak
4.9 miles-2,785 ft
Forbidden FruitAdam's Gulch
1.1 miles-485 ft
Fox Creek LoopNorth of Ketchum
5.6 miles-1,293 ft
Fox Peak ConnectorAdam's Gulch
4,929 ft-124 ft
French ConnectionSun Valley: Bald Mountain
3,436 ft-22 ft
Galena Summit Toll RoadGalena Lodge
3.7 miles-198 ft
Galena Valley View LoopGalena Lodge
1.2 miles-254 ft
Galena View LoopGalena Lodge
1.1 miles-245 ft
GladiatorGalena Lodge
1.8 miles-474 ft
Grays PeakGray's Peak
3.5 miles-1,891 ft
Greenhorn to Imperial GulchGreenhorn
10.4 miles-2,455 ft
Griffin Butte ConnectorAdam's Gulch
1.5 miles-40 ft
Grinder PortionGalena Lodge
2.8 miles-419 ft
Harper's TrailAdam's Gulch
2.2 miles-956 ft
Harriman TrailKetchum
19.3 miles-1,210 ft
Haunted ForestAuger Falls
2,980 ft-38 ft
Heidlberg HillAdam's Gulch
4,622 ft-96 ft
Hidden ValleyCroy Creek
6.4 miles-1,113 ft
Homestead LoopAuger Falls
2,547 ft-25 ft
Howard's TrailDeer Creek
3.3 miles-272 ft
Hyndman-North ForkJohnstone
4.1 miles-85 ft
Johnstone Creek TrailJohnstone
5.2 miles-2,605 ft
Keith'sAuger Falls
1,757 ft-21 ft
Koda'sAuger Falls
5,254 ft-104 ft
Lake Creek ConnectorKetchum
1.5 miles-195 ft
Lake Creek ConnectorAdam's Gulch
1.5 miles-195 ft
Lane's TrailAdam's Gulch
2.2 miles-747 ft
Lodge LoopGalena Lodge
3,583 ft-84 ft
3.6 miles-1,447 ft
Long GulchJohnstone
4.8 miles-567 ft
Lower Cow Creek EastGreenhorn
1.6 miles-900 ft
Lower Cow Creek WestGreenhorn
4.8 miles-703 ft
LupineSun Valley: Bald Mountain
2.1 miles-894 ft
Mahoney TrailKetchum
5.1 miles-2,067 ft
Mahoney Trail #821Greenhorn
5.1 miles-2,080 ft
Mars RidgeGreenhorn
4.2 miles-404 ft
Mattie'sAuger Falls
3,693 ft-44 ft
3.6 miles-180 ft
Middle Fork - South ForkWillow Creek
7.0 miles-2,594 ft
Middle Fork Warm SpringsWarmsprings
6.0 miles-481 ft
Mill LakePrairie/Miner
2.1 miles-94 ft
Mine ShaftGalena Lodge
2,974 ft-323 ft
Miner's TrailGalena Lodge
4.6 miles-381 ft
Miner's Trail ConnectorGalena Lodge
1.2 miles-332 ft
Miner/Prairie ConnectorPrairie/Miner
1.8 miles-166 ft
Nadya's TrailCroy Creek
1,497 ft-2 ft
North Fork of Big SmokeyWarmsprings
5.8 miles-940 ft
North Fork of Deer CreekDeer Creek
4.6 miles-1,083 ft
Northwood to LodgeGalena Lodge
1.6 miles-193 ft
Norton/Miner #135Prairie/Miner
5.3 miles-2,271 ft
Norton/Prairie CreekPrairie/Miner
9.1 miles-1,976 ft
Oregon Gulch (L)North of Ketchum
3.2 miles-667 ft
Oregon Gulch (U)North of Ketchum
3.0 miles-1,959 ft
Oregon-Fox ConnectorNorth of Ketchum
3.8 miles-1,681 ft
Osberg Ridge TrailBaker
17.7 miles-3,485 ft
Osberg-Adam's ConnectorAdam's Gulch
1.6 miles-157 ft
Outhouse LoopGalena Lodge
1.6 miles-339 ft
Paleo ChannelAuger Falls
4,133 ft-101 ft
Paleo ConnectAuger Falls
304 ft-27 ft
Parker GulchJohnstone
3.3 miles-2,248 ft
Pearl's TrailGalena Lodge
3,783 ft-113 ft
Pioneer Cabin TrailJohnstone
3.5 miles-89 ft
Pioneer Cemetery LoopGalena Lodge
2.0 miles-231 ft
PorcupineAuger Falls
5,075 ft-45 ft
PorcupineGray's Peak
3.0 miles-1,754 ft
Pork chopAdam's Gulch
1.5 miles-183 ft
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