Nordic Ski
A 2.5 km loop
1 mile-195 ft200 ft
Achey Breaky w
1 mile-68 ft175 ft
B 2.5km w
5,272 ft-167 ft109 ft
Bog Slog
2,185 ft-49 ft
C 2.55KM
2 miles-315 ft288 ft
Callahan w
879 ft-5 ft
Caribou Ridge w
3,888 ft-153 ft46 ft
Connector w
240 ft-6 ft
D 1.4km w
2,605 ft-55 ft61 ft
D 1.4km w
2,756 ft-115 ft12 ft
Fox Valley
1 mile-22 ft158 ft
Heartbreak Ridge w
2,848 ft-102 ft33 ft
Jackrabbit Loop
3,579 ft-51 ft53 ft
Langin's Loop w
2,612 ft-82 ft7 ft
1,686 ft-95 ft
Lynx w
1,237 ft-28 ft
Merry Go round w
2,543 ft-15 ft25 ft
Moose Run Part 1 w
5,112 ft-167 ft8 ft
Moose Run Part 2 w
2,848 ft-16 ft57 ft
Santa Fe
1 mile-180 ft75 ft
Sleepy Hollow Part 1
1,388 ft-3 ft83 ft
Sleepy Hollow Part 2
2,940 ft-90 ft
Sly Fox w
3,855 ft-96 ft44 ft
Sunset Blvd w
2 miles-332 ft220 ft
The Barry May Trail w
3 miles-261 ft330 ft
Tim Howard
3,438 ft-45 ft161 ft
Touton Hill w
463 ft
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