segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Climbing up Cement Lead Forest Road3,641 ft231 ft1866861
2Bad Boys Forest Road1,419 ft62 ft1796773
3Tunnels Tunnels1 mile444 ft1644732
4Tunnels Drop Tunnels1,574 ft194 ft1644730
5Slow Girls TRACK Slow Girls1,281 ft156 ft1596111
6Slowgirls from lookout Slow Girls1,318 ft136 ft1596070
7Stags Drop Stags Drop712 ft154 ft1555925
8The Cutting The Cutting2,918 ft129 ft1536023
9SeeSaw TRACK Seesaw2,369 ft210 ft1223161
10Doolittle Forest Road1,908 ft182 ft823150
11Rehab Ridge TRACK Rehab Ridge1,211 ft178 ft17171
12Rehab Ridge Rehab Ridge1,497 ft221 ft16161
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