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#146 Bogus Nordic Sappers ReturnBogus Basin
1.2 miles-472 ft
#147 Nordic-Eastside connectionBogus Basin
4,523 ft-311 ft
Around the Mountain Trail #98Boise
6.8 miles-2,443 ft
Big-Stack Cutoff Trail #126Bogus Basin
4,016 ft-271 ft
Bob's TrailMilitary Reserve Park
1.6 miles-497 ft
Bogus Nordic Redtail 145Bogus Basin
3,405 ft-134 ft
Brewer's BywayBogus Basin
1.2 miles-248 ft
Bucktail TrailMilitary Reserve Park
1.3 miles-220 ft
Castle Rock Loop TrailMilitary Reserve Park
1.3 miles-225 ft
Central RidgeBoise
1.9 miles-31 ft
Central Ridge Spur SouthBoise Foothills
364 ft
Central Ridge Spur Trail #22aBoise
2,776 ft-74 ft
Central Ridge Trail Spur 22aBoise Foothills
1,789 ft-14 ft
Chickadee Ridge LoopMilitary Reserve Park
3,247 ft-34 ft
Cobb Trail #13Boise Foothills
1.7 miles-79 ft
Connection Shane's Trail to Rocky Canyon roadBoise Foothills
2,333 ft-188 ft
Connection Trail #31 Spur To Miller Gulch THBoise Foothills
3,438 ft-197 ft
Corrals TrailMilitary Reserve Park
5.4 miles-737 ft
Corrals Trail #32- Low SingleTrackBoise Foothills
1,385 ft-164 ft
Cottonwood Creek Trail #27Military Reserve Park
4,361 ft-410 ft
Crestline TrailMilitary Reserve Park
2.3 miles-14 ft
DB Connector Trail #123Bogus Basin
2,310 ft-259 ft
Deer Point Trail #91Boise
2.1 miles-277 ft
Dry Creek #78Boise Foothills
7.0 miles-2,267 ft
Eagle RidgeMilitary Reserve Park
1.0 miles-109 ft
Eastside Trail #120Bogus Basin
6.6 miles-2,462 ft
Elephant Rock Loop Trail #23aBoise
2,681 ft-197 ft
Elk MeadowsBogus Basin
1.4 miles-300 ft
Fat Tire TraverseMilitary Reserve Park
1.2 miles-228 ft
Five Mile GulchMilitary Reserve Park
3.3 miles-59 ft
Freddy's Stack Rock TrailBoise
3.9 miles-1,220 ft
Freddys Stack Rock SS Trail #125Boise
2.2 miles-1,005 ft
Freestone RidgeMilitary Reserve Park
2.0 miles
Hard GuyBoise Foothills
4.9 miles-140 ft
Highlands Trail #1Boise
1.6 miles-641 ft
Homestead Trail #12Boise Foothills
2.1 miles-41 ft
Hulls Ridge 4ABoise
2,227 ft-219 ft
JPs East side Cutoff TrailBogus Basin
1.5 miles-204 ft
4,644 ft-11 ft
Lower Hulls Gulch TrailMilitary Reserve Park
2.2 miles-646 ft
Lower Loop Nordic Trail #148Bogus Basin
1.6 miles-403 ft
3.6 miles-1,156 ft
Military Reserve ConnectionMilitary Reserve Park
4,040 ft-282 ft
Morning StarBogus Basin
1.5 miles-650 ft
Mountain Cove Trail #22cMilitary Reserve Park
5,123 ft-456 ft
Mr Big Trail #124Bogus Basin
1.8 miles-259 ft
Orchard GulchMilitary Reserve Park
1.6 miles-198 ft
Oregon Trail sectionTable Rock
4.2 miles-53 ft
Owl's RoostHulls Gulch
3,387 ft-344 ft
Public Trail Connection to #15Table Rock
1,023 ft-24 ft
QuarryTable Rock
2,899 ft-230 ft
Red Cliffs TrailMilitary Reserve Park
1.3 miles-4 ft
Red Fox TrailHulls Gulch
1.1 miles-699 ft
Ridge Crest Trail #20Military Reserve Park
1.2 miles-610 ft
Rock Garden Trail #16bBoise Foothills
2,095 ft-299 ft
Rock Island Trail#16 a/bBoise Foothills
2,260 ft-205 ft
Scott's TrailMilitary Reserve Park
1.1 miles-624 ft
Seaman Gulch Trail #110Boise Foothills
1.8 miles-357 ft
Shane'sMilitary Reserve Park
1.4 miles-55 ft
Shanes LoopBoise Foothills
2,278 ft-125 ft
Sheep Camp #80Hulls Gulch
4,049 ft-402 ft
SidewinderBoise Foothills
1.3 miles-10 ft
Sinker Creek Trail #122Bogus Basin
2.7 miles-1,466 ft
Sweet Connie #77Boise
6.0 miles-2,119 ft
Table Rock Loop Trail #16Boise Foothills
3,461 ft-653 ft
Table Rock Loop Trail #16 part 1Boise Foothills
752 ft
Table Rock Trail - LowerTable Rock
2,156 ft-5 ft
Tempest Trail #95Bogus Basin
4,381 ft-515 ft
The Face Trail #93Bogus Basin
1.2 miles-229 ft
Three BearsMilitary Reserve Park
3.3 miles-1,028 ft
Three Bears - LowerBoise
1.5 miles-109 ft
Toll Rd trail #27aMilitary Reserve Park
3,577 ft-289 ft
Toll Rd trail #27aMilitary Reserve Park
3,577 ft-289 ft
Trail #190 Mores MtBogus Basin
1.5 miles-179 ft
Trail #92 ShindigBogus Basin
2,890 ft-422 ft
Trail 15 - LowerBoise Foothills
2,074 ft-7 ft
Trail 15 - MiddleBoise Foothills
1,786 ft-26 ft
Trail 15 - UpperBoise Foothills
2,681 ft
Trail 15ABoise Foothills
2,943 ft-9 ft
Trail 16 - MiddleBoise Foothills
2,300 ft-42 ft
Trail 16aBoise Foothills
3,010 ft-129 ft
Trail 16b - EastBoise Foothills
2,777 ft-95 ft
Trail 16b - Roller SegmentBoise Foothills
1,065 ft-64 ft
Trail 16b - WestBoise Foothills
2,467 ft-59 ft
Trail 17Boise Foothills
3,006 ft-61 ft
Trail 4Boise
5.7 miles-2,659 ft
Trail#110-connectorBoise Foothills
2,049 ft-137 ft
Trail#112 Wild PhloxBoise Foothills
3,994 ft-73 ft
Tram Trail #14Boise Foothills
1.4 miles-515 ft
uk connector roadBogus Basin
973 ft-137 ft
Uknown - LowerBogus Basin
3,969 ft-326 ft
UnknownBogus Basin
2,836 ft-295 ft
Unknown - UpperBogus Basin
2,680 ft-105 ft
unmarked marked single trackBoise Foothills
1.1 miles-80 ft
Upper RedtailBogus Basin
2,926 ft-211 ft
Urban Connection Trail #9Boise
-679 ft
Valley View Trail #111Boise Foothills
1,605 ft-108 ft
Watchmen TrailMilitary Reserve Park
2.8 miles-829 ft
Watchmen Trail #3Boise Foothills
3.6 miles-1,325 ft
West Highland ValleyBoise Foothills
1.7 miles-20 ft
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