Mountain Bike
A Connector
360 ft-21 ft
B Connector
155 ft27 ft
Back Trail
1 mile-123 ft120 ft
Bowl Connector
169 ft10 ft
Bowl to Gravel
67 ft-2 ft
C Connector
275 ft7 ft
Carpet Climb
1,222 ft-34 ft21 ft
Carpet Climb (Bypass)
187 ft-13 ft
Cutover Bowl to Zipper
78 ft-2 ft3 ft
D Loop
560 ft-21 ft13 ft
Dirt Road
Dirt Road
248 ft
Dirt Road
947 ft-43 ft
Dirt Road (Blue section)
510 ft-6 ft
Dirt Road - from 5 Point to Power Line Road
882 ft-15 ft17 ft
1,240 ft-35 ft
Elevator Bypass
319 ft-71 ft
Family Loop
1,867 ft-100 ft44 ft
Family Loop 2
1,479 ft-128 ft
4,247 ft-188 ft313 ft
Gateway (upper)
775 ft106 ft
Gateway Connector
44 ft3 ft
Gateway Connector 2
79 ft-7 ft
Gateway Cutover
125 ft-13 ft3 ft
Hamburger Hill
1,260 ft115 ft
Hamburger Hill Crossover
66 ft2 ft
Mall Overlook Road
2,203 ft-51 ft11 ft
Mardi Gras
4,186 ft-190 ft83 ft
Overlook Road (blue)
237 ft-19 ft
Pine Belt
3,668 ft-5 ft54 ft
Pine Belt Connector
79 ft2 ft
Power Line (Upper)
Power Line Road (upper)
77 ft
Power Line Road - Ridge Road
1 mile-88 ft61 ft
RG Trail
2,245 ft-92 ft115 ft
Rock 'n Roll
1,252 ft-42 ft21 ft
Rusty Barrel
1,588 ft-72 ft24 ft
Sand Road
3,324 ft-39 ft47 ft
Sand Trap
1,390 ft-19 ft32 ft
The Bowl
4,728 ft-125 ft20 ft
Tree Hugger
2,499 ft-43 ft9 ft
Yeti X-ing
3,942 ft-149 ft188 ft
Yeti Xing Connector
43 ft-19 ft
4,246 ft-129 ft129 ft
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