Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
01 - Logs & BogsPorcupine Ridge
582 ft-19 ft25 ft
02 - Jerry's JourneyPorcupine Ridge
1,083 ft-6 ft18 ft
03 - Rise 'n ShinePorcupine Ridge
1,680 ft-20 ft31 ft
04 - Four StepsPorcupine Ridge
224 ft-29 ft
05 - The AltarPorcupine Ridge
498 ft-52 ft5 ft
06 - Stairway to HeavenPorcupine Ridge
4,222 ft-151 ft62 ft
07 - Doug's RunPorcupine Ridge
1 mile-128 ft104 ft
08 - PandemicPorcupine Ridge
4,252 ft-109 ft115 ft
09 - Fern GullyPorcupine Ridge
1 mile-77 ft71 ft
09 - Fern GullyPorcupine Ridge
194 ft
10 - Terrapin StationPorcupine Ridge
601 ft-8 ft23 ft
11 - Gravity GultchPorcupine Ridge
2,046 ft-47 ft50 ft
12 - The MazePorcupine Ridge
2,156 ft-25 ft10 ft
13 - Andrew's TheatrePorcupine Ridge
950 ft-10 ft6 ft
14 - The CorkscrewPorcupine Ridge
1,024 ft79 ft
15 - Kodi's AttackPorcupine Ridge
974 ft-69 ft
16 - Devil's BackbonePorcupine Ridge
525 ft-52 ft
17 - Up and OverPorcupine Ridge
965 ft-10 ft37 ft
All signs point to BaysvilleSouth Monck
922 ft-6 ft42 ft
Area 51Resource Management Centre
3,241 ft-81 ft70 ft
Back on the TrainRiverside Bike Park
3,071 ft-24 ft27 ft
Back on the TrainRiverside Bike Park
495 ft-5 ft
Barren DownRiverside Bike Park
1,001 ft-43 ft14 ft
Body DumpResource Management Centre
3,054 ft-40 ft18 ft
CBT FieldSouth Monck
856 ft
CBT to FieldSouth Monck
1,594 ft-8 ft12 ft
CBT to South Monck Road Field TrailSouth Monck
1,906 ft19 ft
CBT to the FieldSouth Monck
1,532 ft-22 ft36 ft
Clover Kickers HillSouth Monck
2,005 ft-35 ft48 ft
ConnectorResource Management Centre
328 ft-6 ft
ConnectorRiverside Bike Park
112 ft-3 ft
Connector from field to Keall's FallsSouth Monck
1,125 ft-16 ft
Connector Trail (main)Porcupine Ridge
1 mile-46 ft72 ft
Connector Trail (start)Porcupine Ridge
1,562 ft59 ft
Crazy GoatResource Management Centre
3,251 ft-10 ft94 ft
CreeksideSouth Monck
1,803 ft-23 ft111 ft
Doug's Run - Fern Gully ConnectorPorcupine Ridge
92 ft-13 ft
Douglas Drive to Wilson's FallsWilson's Falls
3,045 ft-33 ft3 ft
Down and OutRiverside Bike Park
545 ft53 ft
Down and OutResource Management Centre
381 ft-16 ft
Duck Chutes AccessResource Management Centre
427 ft-5 ft
Duck Chutes Turn AroundResource Management Centre
180 ft
Fairy Door ValleySouth Monck
472 ft18 ft
Field ConnectorSouth Monck
1,006 ft-39 ft
Field Cut-back UpSouth Monck
164 ft11 ft
Forest Cut AroundSouth Monck
623 ft
GnarniaResource Management Centre
3,261 ft-85 ft22 ft
Granite Bluff Access TrailWilson's Falls
3,717 ft-36 ft111 ft
Henry Road Connector #31Bracebridge
1,089 ft-3 ft
Jake BrakeResource Management Centre
2,136 ft-35 ft
Keall's FallsSouth Monck
1,375 ft-23 ft16 ft
Macaulay School TrailWilson's Falls
1,083 ft-3 ft8 ft
Main loopRiverside Bike Park
4,213 ft-49 ft91 ft
Not All the Way DownSouth Monck
459 ft-40 ft12 ft
Orange RibbonsSouth Monck
1,670 ft-13 ft24 ft
Parking Lot ConnectorPorcupine Ridge
213 ft22 ft
Pine PedallerResource Management Centre
3,205 ft-41 ft12 ft
Pink RibbonsSouth Monck
1,640 ft73 ft
Rabbit RunResource Management Centre
640 ft-3 ft
Rational GoatResource Management Centre
4,108 ft-102 ft39 ft
Ridge LineSouth Monck
1,079 ft-72 ft
Road to NowhereRiverside Bike Park
771 ft28 ft
Rock On/Barrens LookoutRiverside Bike Park
2,254 ft-87 ft69 ft
Rodgers Road Access TrailWilson's Falls
1,434 ft49 ft
Side BermsRiverside Bike Park
1,631 ft-74 ft6 ft
SlimerResource Management Centre
262 ft-17 ft
SlimerResource Management Centre
1,260 ft-7 ft4 ft
Strawberry Point TrailBracebridge
3,491 ft-5 ft
Strawberry Point TrailBracebridge
476 ft5 ft
Strawberry Point Trail #31Bracebridge
1,240 ft6 ft
Strawberry Point TrailBracebridge
1 mile-18 ft
Taken for GraniteResource Management Centre
2,575 ft-119 ft24 ft
The FreewayResource Management Centre
4,656 ft-4 ft143 ft
The RopesSouth Monck
367 ft16 ft
TrailWilson's Falls
659 ft20 ft
TrailWilson's Falls
1,250 ft-5 ft10 ft
Trail DBracebridge
3,560 ft-17 ft6 ft
Trail 1Resource Management Centre
3,556 ft-54 ft23 ft
Trail 2AResource Management Centre
3,655 ft-61 ft5 ft
Trail 2BResource Management Centre
4,140 ft-37 ft43 ft
Trail 2CResource Management Centre
1 mile-63 ft94 ft
Trail 3Resource Management Centre
3,576 ft-30 ft38 ft
Trail 4aResource Management Centre
2,254 ft-12 ft
Trail 4bResource Management Centre
2,470 ft-12 ft55 ft
Trans Canada - Mixed Use Trail #1 #31Bracebridge
5,020 ft-46 ft78 ft
Trans Canada Trail - Singletrack #1Bracebridge
2,149 ft-9 ft
Turtle TrotResource Management Centre
1,280 ft3 ft
Twist and ShoutRiverside Bike Park
971 ft-39 ft19 ft
Up and Down to Bound's BenchSouth Monck
1,109 ft-36 ft15 ft
Wilson's Falls TrailWilson's Falls
4,905 ft-45 ft70 ft
Wilson's Falls TrailWilson's Falls
4,255 ft-3 ft74 ft
Winter BypassResource Management Centre
2,539 ft76 ft
Winter's ComingResource Management Centre
2,477 ft-66 ft44 ft
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