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BadgersStanmer Park
2,661 ft-8 ft
Buzz LightyearStanmer Park
3,009 ft-155 ft
Charlie's AngelsStanmer Park
606 ft-4 ft
Chicken SticksWild Park
1,272 ft-136 ft
Clara'sStanmer Park
2,187 ft-83 ft
Community CoppicingStanmer Park
1,164 ft-54 ft
Curley WurleyWild Park
1,218 ft-158 ft
Derelict DownhillStanmer Park
768 ft-83 ft
Doctors OrdersStanmer Park
3,290 ft-173 ft
EPWild Park
3,328 ft-309 ft
Huck the pain awayWild Park
2,051 ft-234 ft
I BleedStanmer Park
1,612 ft-1 ft
Ill in the HeadStanmer Park
1,333 ft-77 ft
JunkyardStanmer Park
879 ft-16 ft
Magic MikeStanmer Park
767 ft-47 ft
Manic MinorStanmer Park
739 ft-37 ft
Off CamberStanmer Park
1,066 ft-41 ft
Oobleck ReturnsStanmer Park
1,264 ft
Pond LifeStanmer Park
893 ft-44 ft
Rail The RootsStanmer Park
2,786 ft-228 ft
RecoverStanmer Park
1,097 ft-59 ft
RH lineWild Park
1,551 ft-214 ft
RollercoasterStanmer Park
2,246 ft-91 ft
Simon's BusinessStanmer Park
1,705 ft-1 ft
Stanmer A&EStanmer Park
1,338 ft-82 ft
Sting in the TailStanmer Park
1,404 ft-50 ft
Stuart's bitsStanmer Park
986 ft-58 ft
SwitchbacksWild Park
994 ft-194 ft
Tea & CakeStanmer Park
2,478 ft-139 ft
Teepee TrailStanmer Park
1,018 ft-57 ft
The Long Way RoundWild Park
1,916 ft-202 ft
The One Before Clara'sStanmer Park
1,054 ft-17 ft
Witch's TableStanmer Park
1,882 ft-64 ft
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