segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1BRR short sprint to TH Brown's Ranch Rd.2,672 ft29 ft2977136571
2Cholla Mtn Sprint to the Top - CM5 to Crest Cholla Mtn. Loop2,775 ft119 ft235787474
3CL2 to CM7 Dry Gulch Trail Dry Gulch Trail1,172 ft45 ft230589513
4Cholla Mtn - Cathedral to Summit Cholla Mtn. Loop5,095 ft167 ft2259805912
5CM7 to CM4 Cholla Mtn Loop Trail Cholla Mtn. Loop1 miles213 ft223478715
6CM1 to MV3 Watershed Trail Watershed Trail2,672 ft52 ft2220975810
7Maverick from shortcut, E-W Maverick Trail3,324 ft51 ft2209863619
8Upper Ranch Trail - BT6 to UR8 Upper Ranch Trail1,993 ft45 ft218276435
9Branding Iron - TD1 to GM7 Branding Iron Trail4,038 ft75 ft213077522
10GM10 to GM5 Granite Mtn. Loop1,824 ft31 ft206987556
11Western flank of slant mtn, north bound Upper Ranch Trail3,389 ft47 ft204166099
12Watershed N from Maverick Watershed Trail2,695 ft50 ft2012775111
13CM DH from Old Sonoran connector to DG Cholla Mtn. Loop3,474 ft93 ft201283547
14GM5 to GM7 Granite Mtn. Loop5,048 ft143 ft189977948
15Connector W-E Branding Iron Trail4,626 ft101 ft188264125
16VT3 to WB1 Powerline Road #2 Powerline Rd. #2254 ft1 ft187476022
17Skip It Latigo Trail3,125 ft89 ft184865718
18ski time Latigo Trail2,675 ft63 ft184868180
19Balanced Rock WB - Granite Mtn to Chuck Wagon Balanced Rock Trail4,006 ft67 ft183763916
20Twist n Shout Cholla Mtn. Loop419 ft4 ft183460593
21GM5 to GM4 Granite Mtn. Loop2,929 ft37 ft183358144
22Latigo Up Latigo Trail1 miles97 ft181462998
23Cholla DH Cholla Mtn. Loop2,651 ft104 ft180870982
24Old Latino E-W Uphill Only Latigo Trail3,542 ft64 ft180762806
25GM Switchback Ascent Granite Mtn. Loop777 ft21 ft179965571
26up and over balanced rock Balanced Rock Trail741 ft39 ft179760272
27Granite Mtn Loop WB - Bootlegger to Branding Iron Granite Mtn. Loop1 miles164 ft174266101
28Switchback decent Granite Mtn. Loop997 ft22 ft173557496
29Short Switchback D Granite Mtn. Loop631 ft18 ft173257191
30Backside Cholla Descent Cholla Mtn. Loop1 miles213 ft1716645412
31Whisky a go go Whiskey Bottle Trail1,896 ft28 ft171178323
32Granite Mtn Loop EB - GM9 to GM2 Granite Mtn. Loop4,829 ft96 ft170663209
33Granite Mtn Loop - Bootlegger to Overlook Granite Mtn. Loop4,944 ft71 ft169263365
34Cholla Mtn SB CM4 to CM2 Cholla Mtn. Loop5,151 ft142 ft1681472111
35Boom Corral Trail3,084 ft70 ft166359803
36Alma down to wASH Hackamore Trail4,595 ft144 ft1656580911
37Latigo 114th to 118th Latigo Trail2,673 ft52 ft164974140
38Connector E-W Branding Iron Trail4,768 ft101 ft164862865
39LG1 to Latigo Summit Latigo Trail2,479 ft102 ft162570349
40GM4 to GM3 Granite Mtn. Loop3,730 ft71 ft162050945
41GH DN Granite Mtn. Loop4,065 ft117 ft1601539013
42GH Drop Granite Mtn. Loop3,133 ft111 ft159953712
43Latigo E-W Latigo Trail1 miles109 ft159567928
44Vaquero Trail W-E Vaquero Trail4,640 ft45 ft1588611911
45Balance Rock EB - Chuckwagon to Granite Mnt Balanced Rock Trail4,003 ft69 ft157349971
46Balanced Rock WB to Cholla Balanced Rock Trail1 miles70 ft156750943
47Dry Gulch WB Dry Gulch Trail1,221 ft46 ft153549057
48GM7 to GM8 Granite Mtn. Loop2,863 ft45 ft152749524
49New Latigo section Latigo Trail3,350 ft57 ft151961299
50New Latigo, East to West Latigo Trail3,307 ft60 ft148549918
51Maverick Singletrack Eastbound Maverick Trail3,344 ft44 ft147640249
52Whiskey to Latigo Whiskey Bottle Trail1 miles63 ft145853685
53Maverick Top Gun Maverick Trail4,003 ft29 ft145546521
54The Switchback Granite Mtn. Loop282 ft17 ft144656792
55Hackamore CW Hackamore Trail2 miles149 ft143144156
56Maverick trail East to West Maverick Trail1 miles56 ft1416452817
57Bootlegger Lower Ascent Bootlegger Trail3,366 ft102 ft140660694
58CM7 to CM1 Cholla Mtn. Loop2,670 ft40 ft139453323
59Corral Sprint Corral Trail2,895 ft64 ft139036722
60Mav shortcut from CM trail Connector603 ft28 ft138640064
61Corral Climb Corral Trail1 miles106 ft136537260
62New Guy was here Corral Trail2 miles117 ft135236847
63Whiskey Bottle Fraesfield Summit To Lot Descent Whiskey Bottle Trail2,566 ft110 ft130252865
64UR1 to UR4 Upper Ranch Trail3,302 ft24 ft129937665
65Whiskey bottle north to south Whiskey Bottle Trail2 miles147 ft129652649
66Bootlegger New Down 'n Out Bootlegger Trail3,621 ft112 ft126740246
67Sunset Vista climb from parking lot Sunset Vista696 ft39 ft124437947
68Vaquero E to W Vaquero Trail4,419 ft45 ft1241439211
69Thru the Saddle Upper Ranch Trail2,528 ft35 ft121130471
70Cholla Mtn NB from CM2 to CM4 Cholla Mtn. Loop5,085 ft142 ft113932695
71Get Ready to Puke! Upper Ranch Trail2,360 ft43 ft111231330
72Turpentine to Black Hill Trail Turpentine Trail1 miles38 ft110035273
73Hawksnest - HW12 to HW16 Hawknest Trail1 miles94 ft108636197
74Whiskey Bottle Climb NB Whiskey Bottle Trail2,740 ft120 ft106433005
75Upper Ranch SB from UR5 to UR4 Upper Ranch Trail2,459 ft35 ft106225010
76Upper Ranch SB from UR5 to UR4 Upper Ranch Trail2,459 ft35 ft106125011
77Granite Mtn Ascent West Side Granite Mtn. Loop4,763 ft119 ft104226902
78Tastes like Turpentine Turpentine Trail1 miles39 ft104128277
79Bootlegger to Granite Bootlegger Trail3,284 ft48 ft103731821
80Hackmore Hackamore Trail4,846 ft150 ft101723578
81Cone Tr - URT to Hackmore Cone Mtn. Trail4,836 ft92 ft100621760
82Wahooooooooo Hawknest Trail2 miles201 ft1005310014
83Browns: 136th Express DX to LM 136th Street Express1 miles44 ft98038066
84Sonoran Challenge Trail N-S Stagecoach1,741 ft12 ft97225753
85136th Express - Ashler to LM SB 136 St. Express mid section3,301 ft15 ft94325023
86Balanced Rock Slickrock Balanced Rock Trail152 ft26 ft94020251
87Divide - Diablo S to Diablo N The Divide958 ft14 ft93327832
88Black Hills to Power Line Granite Mtn. Trail1,222 ft41 ft92622291
89136th SB - Dove Valley to Granite TH 136 St. Express mid section1 miles42 ft91523731
90Lower Turpentine Turpentine Trail3,878 ft60 ft91423353
91Maverick Trail W-E Maverick Trail1 miles65 ft90818568
92Strider Corral Trail3,749 ft37 ft90326272
93Peak View North to Powerlines 136th Street Express2 miles81 ft90332951
94Hawks EB- Divide to HD Hawknest Trail (North)2 miles87 ft90026051
95Hawknest Eastbound Hawknest Trail1 miles178 ft888265511
96136th- Cowpoke to Renegade. 136th Street Express2,049 ft41 ft88627612
972 South from 4 to BI The Divide4,855 ft46 ft88021964
98Scotty Likes Brownies! Corral Trail4,218 ft78 ft87724222
99Monument EB to 136th Monument Trail2,367 ft39 ft86332215
100Turpentine EB - Black Hill to Granite Mnt TH Turpentine Trail3,893 ft79 ft85725332
101Hawknest Westbound Hawknest Trail1 miles191 ft85225274
102Bootlegger Climb Bootlegger Trail1 miles163 ft84726991
103PD: 17 NB Hawknest Trail4,426 ft67 ft84522741
104Climby Climb Brown's Mtn.3,118 ft305 ft84320833
105Browns: 136th Express - Ashler to DV NB 136 St. Express mid section3,815 ft28 ft82024313
106Cowpoke - Dove Valley TO GM Loop Cow Poke Trail3,177 ft110 ft81823544
107Browns: 136th Express - LM to Ashler NB 136 St. Express mid section3,123 ft22 ft81524512
108Cone Mtn Trail EB from CN5 to UR4 Cone Mtn. Trail4,932 ft108 ft81517803
109HackamoreToPowerline Hackamore Trail3,353 ft10 ft81317492
110Top of Slant NW to 1st 3-Way Brown's Mtn.3,063 ft370 ft81019973
111136th Express N Renegade to Hawksnest 136th Street Express1 miles21 ft79422710
112The Divide BI to High Desert The Divide5,020 ft37 ft79323729
113136th GMTH to Casey 136th Street Express1 miles44 ft78720694
114High Desert - HD3 to HD5 High Desert Trail3,741 ft62 ft78618856
115Hackamore CCW Hackamore Trail2 miles147 ft78116441
116136 X from Hawksnest to Cowpoke Connector 136th Street Express2 miles66 ft77921504
117Top of slant to Alma School Brown's Mtn.3,299 ft299 ft76819701
118Hawksnest west end to 3 Hawknest Trail (North)2 miles96 ft75621032
119Divide Trail - HD to HN The Divide1 miles22 ft74621377
120Browns Mtn Northside Climb Brown's Mtn.2,856 ft340 ft74119244
121Cowpoke GM to Dove Valley Cow Poke Trail3,249 ft110 ft73716623
122Balanced Rock SB - Granite Mtn to Powerline Rd Balanced Rock (South)2,356 ft52 ft73212310
123136Th Express - MV1 to MT1 136th Street Express3,838 ft7 ft73018582
124West end Hawksnest to east start Hawknest Trail (North)2 miles96 ft72618287
125136th Express - DX5 to MT1 136th Street Express1 miles7 ft70917430
126High Desert - CL3 to HD3 High Desert Trail1 miles125 ft70115956
127Up and Over Browns Mtn S-N Brown's Mtn.1 miles366 ft69617381
128Bootlegger Descent Bootlegger Trail1 miles159 ft69015130
129136th Street Express 136th Street Express2 miles82 ft68916051
130Buckshot E-W Buckshot3,712 ft56 ft65817374
131Powerline Rd WB - Balanced Rock to CW Powerline Rd. #24,368 ft35 ft65410341
132Stagecoach Trail - HD3 to HW16 Stagecoach1 miles33 ft64815174
133High Desert Trail HD5 to HD3 High Desert Trail3,930 ft68 ft64816235
134Up & Over Browns Mtn N-S Brown's Mtn.1 miles369 ft62216450
135High Desert - New Trail to Divide High Desert Trail1 miles78 ft61213332
136High Desert - HD5 to New Trail EB High Desert Trail1 miles77 ft59813303
137Browns: Black Hill Trail SB from DX to TH Black Hill Trail4,390 ft77 ft59013194
138Rustler up Rustler Trail3,627 ft83 ft5599381
139New 2 south from old 3 to Branding Iron The Divide2 miles46 ft54711634
1402 North from BI to 3 The Divide2 miles46 ft53713433
141Cowpoke connector from 136 XP Cow Poke (North)1,724 ft25 ft51313323
142CC1 to SB1 Desperado1,253 ft22 ft5019592
143Through the Canyon Coyote Canyon1,478 ft68 ft50011802
144High Desert Trail - CL3 to HD5 High Desert Trail2 miles194 ft49910386
145High Desert WB - HD3 to CL3 High Desert Trail1 miles91 ft47110960
146Cone Mtn Counter Clockwise Cone Mtn. Trail2 miles102 ft4437432
147DV13 to HW4 High Desert DT3,338 ft61 ft4399502
148UR4 to UR5 Cone Mtn Trail Cone Mtn. Trail2 miles102 ft4127081
149Rustler Hustler Rustler Trail3,655 ft89 ft41290910
150Power line climb Powerline Rd. #22,082 ft62 ft3795940
151Diablo - CC to Renegade Desperado2,481 ft19 ft3777210
152N Diablo WB El Diablo North1 miles66 ft3375861
153Carmie's revenge New Trail #12,850 ft12 ft3225793
154High desert - Old 22 to DV High Desert Trail1 miles102 ft2514542
155High Desert Trail - DV13 to HD5 High Desert Trail2 miles110 ft2494010
156136th Street Express NB to Bootlegger 136th Street Express3 miles87 ft1974391
157136th Express Last Gasp NB 136th Street Express2,765 ft4 ft1502070
158136th Express Last Gasp SB 136th Street Express2,543 ft2 ft1442061
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