segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1The Falls Falls Trail1,168 ft24 ft82221473
2Bypass Nimbus1,066 ft108 ft65815072
3Nice swoopy DH Nimbus1,289 ft123 ft65517046
4Lower Graces DH Falls from Grace663 ft120 ft60712211
5Something New Fifth Avenue1,046 ft87 ft60216104
6home run Home Again2,495 ft163 ft52111401
7Upper Broadway Upper Broadway1,124 ft70 ft4949275
8Home Run Heading Out Home Again2,323 ft78 ft48210294
9Mile-Long Field Mile Long Field1,443 ft16 ft4808981
10Wind up Last Mile2,485 ft129 ft46911203
11South Ridge Run Descent South Ridge Run5,169 ft203 ft4538894
12Buck Dancer to Boulder Dash Boulder Dash552 ft62 ft4526934
13South Ridge Run Descent South Ridge Run3,867 ft181 ft4528871
14Boulder Dash Boulder Dash685 ft59 ft4456866
15Sluice Sluice1,146 ft149 ft4409644
16Escalator (Down) Escalator5,219 ft152 ft4278711
17Falls From Grace Falls from Grace1,975 ft194 ft4026061
18Quiver Road to Paradise939 ft74 ft4006835
19Pas The Buck DH Pass the Buck1,692 ft151 ft3968763
20Ski Tow Rd Climb Last Mile4,206 ft267 ft3699322
21Quarry Quarry Trail1,096 ft78 ft3364825
22Blue Dipper Blue Dipper1,475 ft114 ft3027531
23Wind Up (Down) Wind Up2,686 ft108 ft2775321
24Wind Up Wind Up2,831 ft117 ft2213801
25Waterbar Downhill Swoops & Loops Trail1,745 ft129 ft1505202
26Little Loop - Clockwise Swoops & Loops Trail2,524 ft34 ft1173782
27South Ridge Run Climb South Ridge Run3,595 ft231 ft1111761
28Little Loop - Counter Clockwise Swoops & Loops Trail2,352 ft32 ft972002
29Blue Dipper East Descent Blue Dipper1,890 ft100 ft78972
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