segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Fistful Upper Climb Fistfull of Dollars1 miles222 ft92030024
2Django Down Django1 miles325 ft862274519
3BW South from the actual BRIDGE to Midland road South Trail4,767 ft378 ft616220711
46034A - Temp Segment Fistfull of Dollars4,134 ft174 ft51213252
5Bacon Bits Bacon Bits2 miles92 ft47314376
6Camp Descending Camp Elevation1 miles235 ft38311730
7Camp Elevation Descent Camp Elevation1 miles240 ft38011661
8Top of BBF to Midland North DH South Trail3,592 ft213 ft3637950
9BBF South to north with new switchbacks South Trail2 miles205 ft3597872
10Fist Full of Dollars DH Fistfull of Dollars2 miles328 ft3377822
11Camp Elevation Camp Elevation1 miles254 ft29410950
12Boyfriend's Spine N2S South Trail1 miles74 ft29015606
13BBF- North to South RR Grade to RR Grade South Trail1 miles169 ft28315352
14Bacon Bits up Bacon Bits2 miles99 ft2435631
15For a Few Dollars More Few Dollars More1 miles254 ft2197653
16Django Up Django2 miles354 ft2144753
17North Loop Return North3,968 ft168 ft2098340
18Broken Boyfriend South S to N Broken Boyfriend South1 miles105 ft1633502
19FDM Climb Few Dollars More1 miles249 ft1344972
20Broken Boyfriend South N to S Broken Boyfriend South1 miles97 ft741071
21Ramsour Up Bridge to Bridge2,379 ft145 ft681191
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