segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Weeping Fee Weeping Fee1,957 ft39 ft199206914
2Heaven 2.0 (might overlap too much to be accurate) Heaven2,059 ft159 ft19318743
3Heaven descent Heaven2,040 ft146 ft192187316
42016 BP Enduro Stage 3 (Roots) Roots1,955 ft125 ft179177220
5Roots descent Roots1,891 ft127 ft178177516
6Heaven climb to road Heaven2,202 ft167 ft16315477
7Climb to Roots! Roots1,849 ft136 ft1509964
8Just The Rut The Rutledge2,713 ft97 ft13613384
9Big Rock UP Big Rock1,489 ft126 ft136105210
10Ding, ding, ding: Jackpot! Jackpot1,583 ft207 ft13493810
11Prairie DH PRAIRIE DOWNHILL702 ft49 ft1325026
12Lower ski hill Beaver Loop475 ft38 ft1207512
13Noser Noser2,631 ft46 ft1145055
14Rankins descent Rankin's1,533 ft83 ft1136268
152016 BP Enduro Stage 2 (Big Rock) Big Rock1,246 ft125 ft11362312
16Big rock short Big Rock992 ft107 ft1126244
17Upside down climb Third Floor Connection1,380 ft88 ft1047544
18Prairie Downhill Climb The Rutledge529 ft67 ft822701
19Pick Up Sticks 2.0 Pick-up Sticks1,447 ft157 ft792473
202016 BP Enduro Stage 4 (Pick Up Sticks) Pick-up Sticks1,204 ft152 ft7924714
21Rankins Up Rankin's1,566 ft94 ft755382
222016 BP Enduro Stage 6 (Joe's Ridge) Upper Joe's Loop2,192 ft132 ft6735412
23Goat Path Highroad1,183 ft115 ft591551
24Roots Climb Roots2,035 ft133 ft583603
25Jackpot Accumulating Jackpot1,538 ft208 ft511603
26Down Noser Noser371 ft39 ft16413
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