segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Owls roots North to South Owl's Roost4 miles73 ft1297716025
2Owl's Roost Twin Peaks West > East Owl's Roost1,643 ft57 ft1147818811
3Fire Road to Shady Owl's Roost Fire Road4,518 ft73 ft99388879
4Shady Side fun downhill Shady Side904 ft56 ft87585314
5OW New Flow singletrack only Shady Side4,710 ft66 ft86884055
6Shady Side (Single Track Only) Shady Side1 mile64 ft826753917
7Climb To Shady from Owl's Owl's Roost Fire Road1,941 ft75 ft55934002
8Little Loop Bur Mill Little Loop2,968 ft58 ft38815992
9Little Loop Burmil Clockwise Little Loop3,684 ft62 ft2568464
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