Mountain Bike
Alfred Howe Greenway
2,575 ft-257 ft
Barnet Trail
1 mile-124 ft55 ft
Ben & Jerry's
1,962 ft-129 ft
Burnaby Mountain Urban Trail
3,117 ft-65 ft51 ft
Burnwood Access Trail
2,211 ft115 ft
Cardiac Hill
1,268 ft240 ft
Central Valley Greenway
3,701 ft-32 ft
Children's Adventure Playground
970 ft-45 ft2 ft
525 ft48 ft
Dead Moped Trail
2,270 ft-88 ft3 ft
Easthill Park Trail
656 ft
Elephant Ridge Loop
707 ft-40 ft39 ft
Forest Grove Trail
1,992 ft-191 ft40 ft
Forest Grove Urban Connector
4,508 ft-164 ft55 ft
Function Junction
1,313 ft-91 ft5 ft
Gagliardi Way
1 mile469 ft
George Derby Conservation Area (East-West Connector) p
4,715 ft-125 ft115 ft
Gnome's Home
1,795 ft-115 ft82 ft
Gravity Bowl Gap
107 ft-21 ft
Gravity Bowl Trail
1,404 ft-140 ft
Hang Your Hat
2,641 ft-101 ft66 ft
Jim's Jungle
2,983 ft-135 ft37 ft
Lower Lower Gearjammer
740 ft-157 ft
Lower Sidewinder
3,157 ft-15 ft321 ft
Lower Snake
1,543 ft-286 ft15 ft
Mel's Trail
1 mile-309 ft157 ft
Mountain Air Trail
4,341 ft-167 ft199 ft
Naheeno/Upper Mel's
2,660 ft-183 ft12 ft
3,377 ft-608 ft13 ft
North Road
1,591 ft144 ft
North Road Access
551 ft-15 ft
North Road Lower Access Trail
564 ft-17 ft
North Road Trail
3,876 ft-290 ft7 ft
North Road Upper Access Trail
663 ft66 ft
Old Interurban ROW
3,947 ft-41 ft21 ft
Old North Road Trail
1,883 ft-3 ft40 ft
1,470 ft-144 ft31 ft
Parking Lot Connector
879 ft-12 ft8 ft
Pipeline Trail
2,434 ft-15 ft126 ft
Poplar Trail
815 ft-94 ft
Quesnel Residence Trail
3,560 ft-109 ft131 ft
Ravens Claw
1,801 ft-226 ft
SFU-Al Connector
2,751 ft-4 ft99 ft
Shellmont St Trail
2,441 ft-147 ft
2,363 ft-112 ft25 ft
3,461 ft-18 ft299 ft
Squamish Residence Trail
1,552 ft-34 ft10 ft
Squint Lake Park Gravel Path
3,261 ft-15 ft37 ft
Squint Lake Park Gravel Path - North
1,322 ft36 ft
Stoney Creek Trail
5,194 ft-92 ft
Trans Canada Trail - Burnaby Mountain
3 miles-543 ft978 ft
University Drive
3,271 ft-52 ft22 ft
University Drive Connector
184 ft-3 ft
Upper Gearjammer
1,239 ft-143 ft18 ft
Upper Lower Gearjammer
1,488 ft-243 ft14 ft
Upper Snake
854 ft-310 ft
1,059 ft-164 ft16 ft
Uppercut to Lower Gearjammer
125 ft-26 ft
Velodrome Trail
1,677 ft294 ft
Village Green Trail
2,057 ft-5 ft11 ft
Washington Dr. Connector
686 ft-4 ft20 ft
Washington Trail
1,844 ft-74 ft7 ft
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