segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Tower CX Loop Carson Creek Loop3,873 ft39 ft2357763
2glory Hole rd (fire road) climb Glory Hole Fire Road2,434 ft288 ft1513613
3On the Edge New Hogan Shoreline3,044 ft33 ft1263411
4Advanced Trail Initial Downhill Crushing It1,846 ft139 ft1024175
5Mario Kart DH Larry's Levitation3,060 ft181 ft511461
6Fun little Freak Show Fun Little Freak Show3,040 ft179 ft452183
7Smooth Wire Fence DH Peak Climb/Descend1,668 ft139 ft442455
8rock roller to triple jumps Mineshaft Trail/Parrots Ferry Downhill5,270 ft591 ft442217
9Parrotts Ferry Rd Climb Mineshaft Trail/Parrots Ferry Downhill1 miles711 ft402072
10Oh $H!T Nate's Trail666 ft126 ft371432
11Mario Kart UH Larry's Levitation2,996 ft183 ft361861
12Larry's Levitation Larry's Levitation3,476 ft181 ft281484
13Rocky Tech Traverse Ridge Trail East2,311 ft95 ft20782
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