segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Doubletrack to Pinecone X Connector Trail1,810 ft43 ft2321150256
2Full Pinecone Express Pinecomb Express1,773 ft41 ft23181564621
3Pinecone Express Pinecomb Express1,406 ft23 ft2315155969
4Old OCUP feedzone rollers Feed Zone Rollers885 ft26 ft2278155254
5IMBA I IMBA Alley842 ft29 ft2161146334
6Chalet to IMBA Singletrack Connector Trail1,687 ft58 ft2115121448
7Pining for More Singletrack Pining for More1,521 ft49 ft20401174913
8Open Pines Pining for More1,697 ft33 ft1999115315
9High Roller High Roller274 ft30 ft1995116075
10SUGAR RUSH Sugar Rush885 ft22 ft1985111737
11Moraine Momentum Moraine Momentum1,221 ft15 ft19561178712
12Albion Witch Albion Witch1,207 ft31 ft18991152713
13Tea Cup Connector Trail647 ft1 ft1840900212
14High Roller High Roller2,811 ft31 ft18261076210
15Gnarly Berms Gnarly Berms3,020 ft60 ft1767925616
16Hot August Nights Hot August Nights962 ft11 ft175799128
17Wu-Wo Woo Wu2,815 ft39 ft175288038
18Up to Epic Handle with Care312 ft21 ft1745133590
19Lower IMBA Summer Solstice Light Tunnel871 ft44 ft158398323
20Goats Path - High Line Goat Path2,009 ft59 ft1524763214
21Sandy Climb up Live and Learn Live and Learn1,251 ft49 ft147669526
22Live and Learn Live and Learn1,746 ft43 ft145163333
23Sugar Shack Climb Sugar Shack Shuffle510 ft61 ft144068254
24Get Groen Get Groen1,766 ft37 ft136265763
25The Epic Ride Epic Ride / S132,501 ft28 ft135961154
26EPIC RIDE Epic Ride / S132,005 ft21 ft135360648
27Handle With Care Handle with Care3,721 ft70 ft133959937
28Ridge Run Ridge Run1,021 ft48 ft132962865
29The Epic Ride to Top of Climb Epic Ride / S132,447 ft47 ft130657662
30Summer Solstice Summer Solstice2,383 ft22 ft126864968
31Albion - IMBA IMBA Alley1,849 ft27 ft118254547
32Brown Monster The Brown Monster366 ft3 ft116655634
33BMBC O-Cup Section BMBC Twister1,467 ft19 ft100635174
34Palgrave Section 2 Pally Section 22,568 ft42 ft76048878
35Palgrave Section 3.5 Pally Section 31,282 ft33 ft74549137
36Palgrave Section 3 Re-Route Pally Section 32 miles54 ft70846598
37Albion-Tea-Cup Connector Trail2,878 ft58 ft70219420
38Do or dab Pally Section 41,212 ft26 ft68642471
39Palgrave Section 4 Pally Section 45,026 ft54 ft67245625
40Palgrave Section 1 Pally Section 11 miles73 ft65238948
41Blitz Pally Section 3278 ft7 ft60531144
42Albion - Green Monster The Green Monster463 ft12 ft57424132
43parling lot twisty? BMBC Twister1,560 ft20 ft56512191
44Shortcut to Section 2 Section 51,488 ft17 ft3127824
45Palgrave Section 2 (Reverse) Pally Section 22,829 ft43 ft2445433
46Bridges BridgeLand2,922 ft17 ft1425451
47Handle With Care Reverse Handle with Care2,580 ft79 ft883530
48Gnarly Berms (Reverse) Gnarly Berms2,601 ft70 ft631371
49Pinecomb Backwards Pinecomb Express2,477 ft42 ft571271
50"Good heavens, look at the time!" (Shortcut) Pally Section 3551 ft15 ft561032
51Caledon Rail Trail Winston Churchil to Tottenham Out and Back. Caledon Trailway49 miles168 ft16206
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