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"KC" Keswick CrusherKeswick
2,191 ft-159 ft
"O Cliffhanger" EastP-12 Trails
2.2 miles-389 ft
007Bass Lake
2.1 miles-1,046 ft
007 (Middle)Bass Lake
1.0 miles-441 ft
007 (Upper)Bass Lake
1.4 miles-569 ft
04'sSan Clemente
4,096 ft-73 ft
1-4Rock Creek OHV
3.0 miles-755 ft
10 BridgesSacramento River Trails
3,717 ft-271 ft
19 OaksSanta Barbara
1.6 miles-792 ft
2 BridgesTruckee
1.3 miles-202 ft
20 Mule Team CanyonDeath Valley National Park
2.7 miles-508 ft
2017 Redding Mayors MTB Challenge - Chrun Creek GreenwayChurn Creek Greenway
3.1 miles-193 ft
203 South TrailMammoth
1.3 miles-161 ft
3 PostJackson Demonstration State Forest
1,249 ft
3rd DivideDownieville
2.1 miles-1,264 ft
3rd Tower ClimbEdwards AFB Trails
1.3 miles-31 ft
4 bridgesLos Olivos Dirt Club
4,230 ft-385 ft
4-H RoadLas Posadas
1.5 miles-414 ft
4114Vail Lake
2,918 ft-506 ft
420Upper Bidwell Park
1,691 ft-1 ft
5 mile to North RimUpper Bidwell Park
2,095 ft-5 ft
5 OaksAliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park
4,569 ft-664 ft
508Jackson Demonstration State Forest
1.8 miles-391 ft
57Bonelli Park
4,548 ft-126 ft
6 Kids No BrainsSan Clemente
1,569 ft-315 ft
68 ConnectorToro Regional Park
760 ft-13 ft
680Big Rock / Lucas Valley
2.6 miles-930 ft
7 Ball TrailCamptonville
4,337 ft-492 ft
7 Springs LoopFremont Older
1.6 miles-501 ft
7.1Rock Creek OHV
2.1 miles-1,030 ft
8 Ball TrailBullards Bar
2.6 miles-424 ft
8 Ball TrailBullards Bar
1.4 miles-200 ft
8 Ball Trail Campground-Dark Day Rd. SectionCamptonville
3,397 ft-145 ft
911A (Peacemaker) TrailCorral Canyon OHV Area
3,105 ft-106 ft
AA AMPoway
3,979 ft-438 ft
2,626 ft-237 ft
Acorn ConnectorCarmel
927 ft-37 ft
Acorn TrailArastradero Preserve
1,638 ft-80 ft
Adeline TrailMonterey
887 ft-44 ft
Adventure TrailMammoth Mountain Bike Park
1,515 ft-108 ft
Agua Dulce Creek TrailLaguna Mountain Recreation Area
1.9 miles-560 ft
Aimee's LoopLehigh Trails
1.2 miles-140 ft
Aimee's ShortcutLehigh Trails
329 ft-22 ft
Air DHWoodward Mountain Bike Park
2,817 ft-35 ft
AirplaneToro Regional Park
2.3 miles-1,587 ft
Airport Entry TrailLas Posadas
2,213 ft-59 ft
Albertsons FR (China Flat to Dave's Dive)Cheseboro Canyon
1.5 miles-346 ft
Alchemist TrailTamarancho / West Marin / North Tam
3,099 ft-19 ft
Alder SpringMontebello Open Space
1.3 miles-365 ft
Aliso CreekLake Forest
2.6 miles-359 ft
Aliso Creek (Crossing to Alicia)Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park
1.2 miles-12 ft
Aliso Creek BikewayOrange County
12.9 miles-332 ft
Aliso Creek ConnectorWhiting Ranch Wilderness Park
1,594 ft-50 ft
Aliso Creek TrailAliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park
2.9 miles-263 ft
Aliso SummitAliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park
2.1 miles-144 ft
Allen K. Settle TrailMadonna Mountain (Cerro San Luis)
4,327 ft-81 ft
Alluvial Fence LineChino Hills State Park
1.0 miles-139 ft
Alpha TrailFort Ord National Monument
541 ft
Alpine Pedal PathBig Bear
56.2 miles-135 ft
Alpine Pedal PathBig Bear
56.2 miles-135 ft
Alpine RoadMontebello Open Space
2.4 miles-50 ft
Alston ParkNapa
2.5 miles-266 ft
Alvin Meadow GrindAlvin Meadow
1.8 miles-47 ft
Ames LodgeJackson Demonstration State Forest
1.1 miles-74 ft
Amherst PlungeParadise Pines Greenbelt
4,928 ft-589 ft
Amherst TrailParadise Pines Greenbelt
4,995 ft-511 ft
Ancient OakMontebello Open Space
3,728 ft-74 ft
Angora Ridge Trail (Tahoe Mountain Southside)South Lake Tahoe
2.4 miles-838 ft
AngwishLas Posadas
3,023 ft-348 ft
Animal Trail
3,600 ft-607 ft
Anne's DescentSan Elijo Hills
4,848 ft-412 ft
Annie Bidwell TrailUpper Bidwell Park
3.1 miles-484 ft
Aptos Rancho TrailNisene Marks
1.6 miles-346 ft
AR-naudeauYorba Linda
1.5 miles-1,030 ft
Arastradero Creek TrailArastradero Preserve
3,008 ft-6 ft
Arch TrailRockville Hills Regional Park
2,454 ft-82 ft
Area 51Area 51
4,809 ft-205 ft
Area 51 East SideArea 51
3,863 ft-22 ft
Area 51 OptionArea 51
1,773 ft-10 ft
Armstrong Connector TrailSouth Lake Tahoe
1.8 miles-722 ft
Armstrong TrailSouth Lake Tahoe
3.9 miles-1,284 ft
Arrow/Chuck HenchMendocino
1.8 miles-481 ft
Arrowhead Loop TrailCoyote Valley Open Space Preserve
3.2 miles-788 ft
Arroyo - BeebeO'Neill Regional Park
5,275 ft-56 ft
Arroyo ConejoLos Robles
2.0 miles-492 ft
Arroyo CrossingO'Neill Regional Park
1,914 ft-86 ft
Arroyo Ridge DHO'Neill Regional Park
765 ft-98 ft
Arroyo South - High Side TrailO'Neill Regional Park
1.4 miles-161 ft
Arroyo Trabuco (Parking to Gate)O'Neill Regional Park
887 ft-21 ft
Arroyo Trabuco South (GC to Crown Valley)O'Neill Regional Park
2.1 miles-85 ft
Arroyo Trabuco Trail (Creek Crossings)O'Neill Regional Park
1,049 ft
Arroyo Trabuco Trail (Crown Valley to Oso)O'Neill Regional Park
1.7 miles-13 ft
Arroyo Trabuco Trail (Lookout to Crown Valley)O'Neill Regional Park
1,813 ft-33 ft
Arroyo Trabuco Trail (Oso to O'Neill)O'Neill Regional Park
5.4 miles-190 ft
Art Smith TrailPalm Desert
8.1 miles-1,384 ft
Aspen GroveBig Bear
56.2 miles-80 ft
Aspen GroveBig Bear
56.2 miles-80 ft
AT&T TrailCerro Alto
1.4 miles-574 ft
Awhee TrailBlack Mountain
3,911 ft-131 ft
Azalea Springs TrailCuyamaca Rancho State Park
1.3 miles-27 ft
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