segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Tuscazoar Enduro #4 Icky’s Trail2,200 ft119 ft32220771
2The End Icky’s Trail1,874 ft192 ft30519341
3good place to get dropped Icky’s Trail1,065 ft94 ft30519663
4Get to the roost Roost Trail1,976 ft123 ft25814861
5Pipestone Climb Pipe Stone3,766 ft179 ft19713522
6Eagle Hill Eagle Hill2,949 ft108 ft1466071
7North Slope CW North Slope4,660 ft120 ft1376642
8North Slope CCW North Slope4,397 ft115 ft1234441
9South Woods from parking lot South Woods1 miles94 ft1133170
10Icky's Hike-a-bike Icky’s Trail982 ft143 ft972300
11South Woods toward Stoney Lodge South Woods1 miles96 ft651610
12Iron Mines UP! Iron Mines997 ft154 ft33610
13Tuscazoar Enduro #5 Pipe Stone4,132 ft205 ft20680
14Tuscazoar Enduro #2 Roost Trail4,945 ft172 ft16340
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