Mountain Bike
Afternoon Stroll
439 ft-121 ft1 ft
Blue Flamingo
2,990 ft-385 ft7 ft
Burnt Rock Rise
2,619 ft-98 ft127 ft
Campbell 4x
1,104 ft-78 ft8 ft
Campbell DH
2 miles-791 ft3 ft
Campbell Forestbrook Entrance
4,087 ft-29 ft414 ft
Canyon Trail
4,658 ft-118 ft253 ft
Chicken Noodle
2,581 ft-9 ft173 ft
Climb this way
2,545 ft-55 ft150 ft
Dave's Whoop Trail
2 miles-314 ft87 ft
Double Noodle
2,073 ft-85 ft136 ft
DQ to West side service road
606 ft119 ft
3,941 ft-168 ft74 ft
Ketchup Soup
1,693 ft-58 ft169 ft
3,952 ft-269 ft159 ft
1 mile-100 ft654 ft
Lower Tower to Gasline DH
1 mile-463 ft237 ft
Lower Whoops
1 mile-433 ft223 ft
2 miles-370 ft341 ft
Pork and Beans
1,850 ft-119 ft160 ft
Red Gate to Classic
1 mile-90 ft557 ft
Sandy climb
2,481 ft-11 ft220 ft
She Goes Down
4,113 ft-381 ft11 ft
She Goes Down Connector
421 ft-21 ft
South Canyon
2 miles-464 ft389 ft
South Ridge
1 mile-952 ft35 ft
Suffer'n Switchbacks
3,142 ft-26 ft233 ft
Suffer'n to DQ
4,601 ft-95 ft223 ft
Summer Climb 1
1,667 ft-42 ft161 ft
Summer Climb 2
537 ft-5 ft53 ft
Summer Climb 3
510 ft-8 ft44 ft
Summer Climb 4
983 ft-8 ft104 ft
Summer Games
4,974 ft-632 ft9 ft
Summit to Powerline
1,815 ft-151 ft20 ft
The Sandy Switchbacks
3,789 ft-52 ft486 ft
Upper Whoops
3,933 ft-157 ft430 ft
4,407 ft-43 ft315 ft
Whoops to Lower Whoops
3,238 ft-265 ft27 ft
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