segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Stuck Throttle Island in the Sky1,460 ft121 ft120722841
2Wide Track Island in the Sky2,600 ft173 ft120322751
3Island in the Sky (cw) Island in the Sky3 miles329 ft115021004
4Homebound Tectonic Shift - West2 miles80 ft111221123
5Unconformity Climb (Fracture to Road) Unconformity2 miles351 ft103317880
6Anticline descent Anticline1 miles206 ft100518940
7Canon City Enduro Stage 2 Anticline2 miles246 ft100218732
8Anti-Anticline Anticline3,478 ft60 ft97517122
9Unconformity (climb) Unconformity2 miles445 ft76412262
10Unconformity Flowy Descent Unconformity2 miles392 ft70115353
11Fracture Descent Road to Parking Lot Fracture2,920 ft102 ft68113704
12Fracture Descent to Road Fracture5,266 ft95 ft67513353
13Fracture Descent Fracture2 miles226 ft64612645
14Anticline - north segy (SB) Anticline1,472 ft15 ft60614672
15Anticline ascent Anticline1 miles216 ft58610653
16Fracture Fracture1,095 ft34 ft58010201
17Anticline - north segy (NB) Anticline1,475 ft14 ft57210103
18Fracture Climb Fracture2 miles228 ft5349111
19Anti-Anticline Reverse Polarity Anticline3,633 ft58 ft5299193
20Fracture Line Fracture2 miles217 ft4969510
21Anticline CW Anticline3 miles220 ft3025300
22Island in the Sky (ccw) Island in the Sky3 miles350 ft2484112
23TBD - Totally Better Downhill MOOve Over1 miles300 ft2363451
24Anticline CCW Anticline3 miles219 ft2113150
25Blackness is spreading Hard Time4,417 ft309 ft1563180
26Gravity Assist Made in the Shade1 miles229 ft1535291
27Wyatt Earp Made in the Shade1 miles211 ft1495251
28CCW Shade up Made in the Shade1 miles281 ft1495090
29Made in Shade CCW, DH Made in the Shade1 miles305 ft1475152
30South side to hot LAMBA Chops (east)4,260 ft259 ft1392790
31Rock Hardy Roll Rock Hardy1,067 ft71 ft1362230
32Donald Up Redemption2,554 ft129 ft1312481
33Redemption Descent Redemption4,547 ft272 ft1302481
34Hot Shots Hot Shots3 miles313 ft1252570
35We'll Head Up the Down MOOve Over1 miles296 ft1251670
36Redemption going North Redemption2 miles356 ft1242062
37Billy The Kid The Maze1,488 ft108 ft1211530
38Doin' Hard Climb (Climb to South) Hard Time3,626 ft273 ft1182252
39Green Mile going south Mutton Bustin'1 miles159 ft1112761
40Donald Trump Redemption2,716 ft146 ft1102331
41Redemption Climb Redemption4,809 ft278 ft1031980
42Redemption going South Redemption2 miles361 ft961782
43The Great Escape going North The Great Escape2 miles413 ft941521
44Eco Shale Jam Schepp Ridge3,279 ft89 ft923250
45Green Mile going North Mutton Bustin'1 miles163 ft922631
46RG Park Ridge Trail Segment 1 down Canyon Rim Trail1 miles121 ft811530
47RG Park Ridge Trail Segment 1 up Canyon Rim Trail1 miles120 ft801540
48Let It All Drop The Maze2,874 ft158 ft75950
49Water Road to Ridge Line's End Schepp Ridge3,519 ft106 ft722250
50RG Park Connecting Climb Canyon Rim Trail979 ft91 ft701400
51Current End to 9th Arkansas Riverwalk1 miles50 ft651520
52Rock Hardy Crawl Rock Hardy1,042 ft85 ft64990
539th to End (Construction in Progress) Arkansas Riverwalk1 miles49 ft581520
54RG Park Ridge Trail Segment 2 up Canyon Rim Trail5,205 ft139 ft571020
55The fun way down Dakota Ridge3,295 ft378 ft521610
56Dakota Ridge (S to N) Dakota Ridge1 miles419 ft511370
57Dakota Up & Down to Graneros South Dakota Ridge1 miles419 ft511360
58RG Park Ridge Trail Segment 2 down Canyon Rim Trail5,101 ft138 ft50860
59Made in the Shade - CW Made in the Shade3 miles293 ft50591
60Dusty Draw to Eco Park Schepp Ridge1,507 ft15 ft491610
61Up & Up (old skyline) Old Skyline Drive2,167 ft198 ft441720
62RG Campground Connector S to N Cañon Vista3,463 ft106 ft44850
63RG Park Top Loop Counter Clockwise Canyon Rim Trail4,470 ft104 ft36570
64The Great Escape going South The Great Escape2 miles410 ft35540
65RG Park Top Loop Clockwise Canyon Rim Trail4,524 ft102 ft32530
66Made in the Shade - CCW Made in the Shade3 miles290 ft31411
67RG Park Ridge Trail Segment 3 down Cañon Vista4,345 ft118 ft23450
68Old Skyline DH Old Skyline Drive2,624 ft233 ft12210
69Killer Climb Solomente ReCycle709 ft71 ft12430
70RG Park Ridge Trail Segment 3 up Cañon Vista4,347 ft115 ft11250
71Dark Side of the Moon - Goes Down Dark Side of the Moon1 miles263 ft10180
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