Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
3rd BaseChristchurch Adventure Park
2,224 ft-576 ft
A-Line GDHCGeraldine Downs
792 ft-144 ft11 ft
Active RestChristchurch Adventure Park
5,019 ft-404 ft163 ft
AddictionChristchurch Adventure Park
2,133 ft-446 ft
AddictionHanmer Forest Park
3 miles-1,575 ft496 ft
Ahuriri Valley TrackTekapo
12 miles-1,225 ft770 ft
Airtearoa (Lower Half) pChristchurch Adventure Park
1 mile-740 ft171 ft
Airtearoa (Upper Half)Christchurch Adventure Park
2 miles-777 ft36 ft
Al's AlternativeCrocodile XC MTB Park
677 ft-76 ft15 ft
AliTrack AKA The Climb AKA Passo Del StelvioHaven Mountain Bike Park
2,854 ft-38 ft241 ft
Alley Express aka Upper Bowenvale DHPort Hills West
2,959 ft-505 ft
Alligator AlleyHanmer Forest Park
2,912 ft-59 ft3 ft
Alps 2 Ocean (Off-road section): Otematata to Benmore DamOtematata
3 miles-213 ft198 ft
Alps 2 Ocean Sailor's Cutting to Otematata (Off Road Section)Otematata
10 miles-1,541 ft1,581 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Aoraki/Mt Cook to Heli Pick-upMount Cook Village
5 miles-451 ft97 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Duntroon to Cants RoadDuntroon
12 miles-819 ft1,288 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Glen Lyon Road to Lake Ohau RoadTwizel
6 miles-215 ft201 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Hayman Road start to TwizelTwizel
12 miles-948 ft692 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Kurow to DuntroonKurow
17 miles-614 ft463 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Lake Ohau Lodge to Quailburn RoadOhau
12 miles-1,624 ft2,161 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Omarama to Sailors CuttingOmarama
8 miles-653 ft457 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Quailburn Road start to OmaramaOmarama
3 miles-109 ft132 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Rakis Railway Tunnel to WindsorDuntroon
3 miles-477 ft147 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Tasman Point (Heli Drop-off) to Hayman RoadMount Cook Village
7 miles-542 ft342 ft
Alps 2 Ocean: Waitaki to KurowOtematata
2 miles-379 ft336 ft
AnacondaPort Hills East
1 mile-598 ft89 ft
Anti DisestablishmentHaven Mountain Bike Park
1,332 ft-12 ft19 ft
Ash Vs Evil Dead pHaven Mountain Bike Park
3,235 ft-223 ft60 ft
Ashburton MTB LoopAshburton
7 miles-357 ft362 ft
Ashburton/Hakatere River TrailAshburton
10 miles-237 ft27 ft
AzulMiddle Hill MTB
2,933 ft-468 ft7 ft
Baarbie DHMiddle Hill MTB
4,537 ft-1,194 ft
Back DoorMt Hutt Bike Park
1 mile-946 ft463 ft
Back trackPort Hills West
1 mile-82 ft678 ft
Bankers TrackCentennial Park
1,680 ft-16 ft12 ft
Barrel DownWhitehorse MTB Tracks
Base CampHanmer Forest Park
4,282 ft-72 ft50 ft
BBCVictoria Park
185 ft-86 ft
Beetle BumMt Hutt Bike Park
1,082 ft-331 ft
Bennett TrackOrari
4,841 ft-3 ft39 ft
BermiliciousAkatrax MTB Club
1,906 ft-181 ft12 ft
Big FootHanmer Forest Park
1 mile-549 ft415 ft
Birthday CakeMiddle Hill MTB
2,408 ft-237 ft10 ft
Black DogHanmer Forest Park
3,039 ft-82 ft68 ft
Black HoleCentennial Park
515 ft-52 ft
BladeMiddle Hill MTB
4,537 ft-562 ft
Blaze Tech Adventure ParkChristchurch
Blowhard TrackRangiora
6 miles-490 ft2,936 ft
Blue SteelAkatrax MTB Club
1 mile-526 ft26 ft
BluesMt Hutt Bike Park
1,716 ft-247 ft10 ft
Boards n BoldersAshburton
992 ft7 ft
Bobs BridgeMt Hutt Bike Park
1,069 ft-135 ft51 ft
Bottom Loop TrackRaincliff Bike Park
2,861 ft-81 ft77 ft
Bottom TrackCentennial Park
1 mile-128 ft5 ft
Boucherie CharcuterieMiddle Hill MTB
1,345 ft-467 ft
Boulder Dash pCentennial Park
413 ft52 ft
Bowenvale BonusVictoria Park
2,182 ft-96 ft301 ft
Bowenvale DownhillVictoria Park
1 mile-672 ft165 ft
Bowenvale Traverse - EastPort Hills West
5,017 ft-246 ft226 ft
Bowenvale Traverse - WestPort Hills West
3,278 ft-87 ft27 ft
Brake FreeVictoria Park
1,085 ft-122 ft33 ft
Brakefree IntroVictoria Park
480 ft-60 ft
Brent'sVictoria Park
665 ft-107 ft10 ft
Brent's - Alternate LineVictoria Park
313 ft-38 ft
Bridge HillCraigieburn Trails
2,351 ft-87 ft207 ft
BridgesVictoria Park
754 ft-106 ft
Brooklands LagoonWaimakariri River Regional Park
2 miles-35 ft35 ft
BT ConnectorVictoria Park
465 ft-8 ft24 ft
Burkes TrackRaincliff Bike Park
1,516 ft-53 ft
Burnetts TrackRaincliff Bike Park
2,859 ft-25 ft203 ft
BypassCentennial Park
1,453 ft-2 ft2 ft
Bypass IIAshley Forest
1,286 ft-37 ft
C-LineHanmer Forest Park
915 ft-199 ft4 ft
C1Haven Mountain Bike Park
1,093 ft-147 ft72 ft
C2Crocodile XC MTB Park
3,120 ft-90 ft196 ft
Cake by the oceanAkatrax MTB Club
3,642 ft227 ft
Camp TrackHanmer Forest Park
2,232 ft-28 ft3 ft
Camp Track to Forest CampHanmer Forest Park
1,808 ft-3 ft6 ft
Cams Track GDHCGeraldine Downs
700 ft-145 ft
CAP AccessVictoria Park
1,518 ft-176 ft11 ft
Captain CookChristchurch Adventure Park
546 ft-98 ft
Captain Thomas TrackPort Hills East
2 miles-640 ft39 ft
Captain TorpedoChristchurch Adventure Park
5,056 ft-671 ft7 ft
Captain Torpedo (Dream Catcher)Christchurch Adventure Park
3,609 ft-271 ft
Castle RockPort Hills East
4,586 ft-326 ft99 ft
Centennial Park Walking Track - EastCentennial Park
3,064 ft-22 ft25 ft
Centennial Park Walking Track - WestCentennial Park
1 mile-25 ft162 ft
Chesus of NazarethCraigieburn Trails
3,052 ft-848 ft46 ft
Chicken RunHaven Mountain Bike Park
1,198 ft-38 ft91 ft
Choir BoyChristchurch Adventure Park
2,415 ft-163 ft5 ft
Clarence Lookout MTBKaikoura
2,959 ft-172 ft21 ft
Clarence Reserve - Forbes Hut (Seymour Hut)Kaikoura
17 miles-2,988 ft3,990 ft
Coach StreamCraigieburn Trails
3 miles-1,761 ft250 ft
Coal Pit SpurCraigieburn Trails
3 miles-820 ft241 ft
Coastal RouteBottle Lake Forest
2 miles-79 ft43 ft
Coastal Route ExtensionBottle Lake Forest
7 miles-7 ft28 ft
Coastal Track: Marine Parade to Ellis RoadTimaru
2 miles-31 ft27 ft
Cockayne AlleyCraigieburn Trails
2 miles-1,419 ft34 ft
Community TransmissionChristchurch Adventure Park
2,087 ft-477 ft
Conical Hill ClimbHanmer Forest Park
2,972 ft-5 ft248 ft
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