Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
108 Lake loop multi use trail108 Mile XC Trails
5 miles-230 ft233 ft
108 resort access108 Mile XC Trails
2,667 ft-13 ft188 ft
2 Free 1Fox Mountain
1,258 ft-138 ft
2 FridgesSouth Side
1,135 ft80 ft
3 'Lil Piggies Went HomeWilliams Lake
1,926 ft-38 ft9 ft
3 'Lil PigsFox Mountain
1,663 ft66 ft
7 DwarvesDragon Mountain
4,333 ft-666 ft31 ft
7 SecondsTyaughton Lake
2,441 ft-163 ft
A KeeperDesous
952 ft-87 ft
Aflow DaddyFox Mountain
3,763 ft-552 ft
AK ConnectorFox Mountain
604 ft-27 ft
Alexander MacKenzie TrailCariboo Chilcotin Coast
10 miles-1,660 ft2,115 ft
Alfigetti LowerSunshine Mountain
2,989 ft-501 ft
Alfigetti UpperSunshine Mountain
1 mile-894 ft3 ft
AllsortsSouth Side
1 mile-240 ft51 ft
Alt Snakes and LaddersWestsyde
3,685 ft-23 ft175 ft
Angry BeaverWonderland
4,186 ft-434 ft35 ft
Any Cog'll DoFox Mountain
2,999 ft-422 ft
Around the bendQuesnel
1,348 ft-103 ft
Around the bendQuesnel Bike Park
253 ft-39 ft
Asbestos PitsSouth Side
3,886 ft-844 ft2 ft
Ashtray FreerideXat'sull - Soda Creek
673 ft-131 ft16 ft
AspenGavin Lake
4,400 ft-137 ft16 ft
B&F Creek TrailSouth Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park
5 miles-3,241 ft943 ft
Back DoorWestsyde
4 miles-1,325 ft171 ft
Bare Necessities100 Mile House
2,720 ft-101 ft17 ft
Bat Out of Hell108 Mile XC Trails
1 mile-350 ft39 ft
BC / DH 2Medby Trail Network
2,135 ft-473 ft28 ft
Bear Paw Camp AccessSouth Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park
371 ft-3 ft
BearacougaFox Mountain
2 miles-147 ft191 ft
Bellie DHWestsyde
1 mile-370 ft100 ft
Bellie Golf CourseWestsyde
956 ft-15 ft59 ft
Bellie XCWestsyde
3 miles-307 ft367 ft
Bermicide (Planned Trail)99 Mile Enduro Trails
1 mile-593 ft
Big Creek LornaBig Creek Provincial Park
2 miles-265 ft18 ft
Big Creek TrailBig Creek Provincial Park
5 miles-731 ft409 ft
Big EarsDesous
883 ft-106 ft
Big Fir108 Mile XC Trails
1 mile351 ft
Big PlungeQuesnel
1,798 ft-362 ft6 ft
Billy GoatSouth Side
2 miles-745 ft149 ft
BirchGavin Lake
4,534 ft-199 ft
Birch DigglerWestsyde
2,515 ft-524 ft14 ft
Birch Diggler LowerWestsyde
981 ft-231 ft
Bird of PreyChimney Lake
1,551 ft-166 ft11 ft
Bird of PreyChimney Lake
1,144 ft-5 ft112 ft
Bird of PreyChimney Lake
2,006 ft-138 ft20 ft
Bird of PreyChimney Lake
1,162 ft-23 ft31 ft
Bird of PreyChimney Lake
1,144 ft
Bird of Prey ConnectorChimney Lake
274 ft-31 ft
Bird of Prey ConnectorChimney Lake
590 ft-53 ft
Birthday Trail108 Mile XC Trails
1 mile-110 ft167 ft
Black Forest 2Tyaughton Lake
5,243 ft-312 ft191 ft
Blue BucketQuesnel
4,052 ft-74 ft314 ft
Booga WoogaWestsyde
4 miles-1,103 ft1,192 ft
BottaneSkihist Provincial Park
Bottane BurnLytton
5 miles-1,286 ft478 ft
Box BailoutWestsyde
1,613 ft-135 ft40 ft
Boy Scout TrailWestsyde
1,051 ft-33 ft148 ft
2,379 ft-532 ft3 ft
BRCDragon Mountain
270 ft-54 ft
Brightway Access TrailDragon Mountain
3 miles-56 ft1,580 ft
Brown top MountainLikely
2 miles1,646 ft
Brownie WingsWestsyde
1,105 ft-9 ft101 ft
Bryce TrailQuesnel Bike Park
4,698 ft-4 ft279 ft
BSFox Mountain
539 ft-131 ft
1 mile-146 ft157 ft
Bush InvaderWestsyde
2,690 ft-507 ft3 ft
Bush Party100 Mile House
2,211 ft-135 ft8 ft
Cabin LoopSouth Side
2 miles-133 ft435 ft
Cabin Loop AlternateSouth Side
1,286 ft-3 ft30 ft
Camel Pass TrailSouth Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park
2 miles-715 ft758 ft
Cardiac BypassTyaughton Lake
3,327 ft-6 ft234 ft
Cariboo Wagon RoadWells/Barkerville Mountain Trails
6 miles-760 ft1,392 ft
Carl CreekBralorne
2 miles-1,652 ft139 ft
Castle Pass TrailSouth Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park
5 miles-2,907 ft255 ft
Catalina Wine MixerDragon Mountain
226 ft-42 ft
CatnipFox Mountain
1,575 ft-29 ft
CedarGavin Lake
3,061 ft-14 ft113 ft
CentaurSouth Side
1,587 ft-71 ft9 ft
Centennial ConnectorFox Mountain
289 ft-26 ft
Chainsaw RidgeGun Lake
3 miles-731 ft1,217 ft
Cherry PopperWestsyde
2,910 ft-207 ft28 ft
Cherry Popper - Spokey Hollow ConnectorWestsyde
1,306 ft-15 ft73 ft
Cherry Popper ShortcutWestsyde
569 ft-77 ft
Chicken ScratchFox Mountain
1 mile-189 ft5 ft
Chicken ScratchWilliams Lake
627 ft34 ft
Chief Will-Yum ClimbWilliams Lake
1,808 ft-7 ft110 ft
Chief William Climbing TrailChief Will Yum
2 miles-826 ft138 ft
Chief William DHChief Will Yum
2,455 ft-420 ft33 ft
Chief William XCChief Will Yum
4 miles-572 ft717 ft
Chimney FireChimney Lake
1 mile-208 ft29 ft
Chimney FireChimney Lake
3,315 ft-24 ft
Chimney Fire ConnectorChimney Lake
2,199 ft-28 ft26 ft
China Head Slide BypassNorth Chilcotin
377 ft-15 ft
Cinnabar FrontsideGun Lake
4 miles-3,402 ft177 ft
Cinnabar Mining Road (upper section)South Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park
1 mile1,051 ft
Climb & Punishment pt.199 Mile Enduro Trails
4,285 ft-36 ft231 ft
Climb & Punishment pt.299 Mile Enduro Trails
1 mile262 ft
Climb & Punishment pt.399 Mile Enduro Trails
3,182 ft-5 ft141 ft
Community Connector TrailInterlakes District
2 miles-262 ft212 ft
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