Mountain Bike
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1100 Block Ridge TrailMichaux State Forest
3 miles-646 ft565 ft
3 Mile TrailMichaux State Forest
3 miles-575 ft271 ft
Abigail TrailMichaux State Forest
4 miles-694 ft477 ft
Ant Hill TrailMichaux State Forest
2 miles-338 ft121 ft
Arms Are HeavyNorthern Michaux
1,857 ft88 ft
AstronomyMichaux State Forest
2 miles-719 ft139 ft
BCMichaux State Forest
4,131 ft-160 ft17 ft
BenderMichaux State Forest
1 mile-60 ft113 ft
Big BoyNorthern Michaux
1,358 ft-163 ft
Big Chief TrailMichaux State Forest
2,296 ft-96 ft13 ft
Big-Hog-Ridge TrailMichaux State Forest
5 miles-454 ft971 ft
BitchinMichaux State Forest
1 mile-10 ft223 ft
Block HopNorthern Michaux
1,286 ft-15 ft41 ft
BlueberryMichaux State Forest
1 mile-758 ft101 ft
Bong HitsNorthern Michaux
709 ft-145 ft
BrushNorthern Michaux
1 mile-560 ft18 ft
Brush ExtendedNorthern Michaux
1 mile-237 ft110 ft
Bump n GrindNorthern Michaux
3,501 ft-56 ft74 ft
Bumpin' and Burnin'Northern Michaux
2,510 ft-140 ft3 ft
Bunker Hill to Old ShippensburgMichaux State Forest
2 miles-25 ft177 ft
BypassDickinson Trails
359 ft1 ft
Camps TrailMichaux State Forest
2 miles-165 ft327 ft
Canada HollowMichaux State Forest
3 miles-725 ft39 ft
CanyonNorthern Michaux
3,369 ft-564 ft
Cemetery TrailNorthern Michaux
1 mile-160 ft134 ft
Centerville Switch TrailMichaux State Forest
5,046 ft-40 ft53 ft
Centerville Switch TrailMichaux State Forest
4,734 ft-85 ft42 ft
CinderblockDickinson Trails
3,881 ft-35 ft8 ft
Community ConfusionNorthern Michaux
1 mile-173 ft124 ft
Community Service TrailMichaux State Forest
2 miles-141 ft221 ft
ConnectorDickinson Trails
1,744 ft-33 ft33 ft
ConnectorDickinson Trails
161 ft-3 ft
Connector TrailNorthern Michaux
1,896 ft-42 ft15 ft
Corner 10 TrailMichaux State Forest
4,981 ft-50 ft125 ft
Cross OverNorthern Michaux
1,404 ft-24 ft44 ft
CrossoverMichaux State Forest
1,844 ft-26 ft6 ft
Deer SkullDickinson Trails
1,642 ft-25 ft10 ft
Descent ConnectorNorthern Michaux
1,696 ft-23 ft75 ft
Descent to blue trailMichaux State Forest
3,768 ft-383 ft7 ft
Dickinson DownhillDickinson Trails
587 ft-24 ft
Dickinson LoopDickinson Trails
1 mile-49 ft49 ft
Dickinson PathDickinson Trails
1,227 ft-7 ft11 ft
Double PNorthern Michaux
2 miles-160 ft352 ft
Double P AccessNorthern Michaux
3,005 ft-114 ft45 ft
Dream WeaverNorthern Michaux
5,156 ft-50 ft308 ft
Essential TransferMichaux State Forest
1,148 ft-3 ft29 ft
Ez outNorthern Michaux
3,225 ft-9 ft287 ft
EZ UpMichaux State Forest
2,802 ft-40 ft96 ft
Fern GullyMichaux State Forest
4,311 ft-78 ft34 ft
1,854 ft-44 ft177 ft
Finish Line TrailNorthern Michaux
515 ft-22 ft
FirelineNorthern Michaux
5,059 ft-619 ft9 ft
FlowNorthern Michaux
991 ft-49 ft
FlowNorthern Michaux
2,779 ft-122 ft
GazelleDickinson Trails
808 ft-29 ft4 ft
Glory HoleNorthern Michaux
2 miles-468 ft151 ft
4,783 ft-320 ft
Graves ridgeMichaux State Forest
1 mile-62 ft276 ft
Grumblin GrizzlyMichaux State Forest
3,586 ft-179 ft
Gutter TrailCarlisle
2 miles-252 ft424 ft
HammyNorthern Michaux
1,864 ft-219 ft
Happy ExtensionMichaux State Forest
1 mile194 ft
Heidi HoMichaux State Forest
2,674 ft-33 ft32 ft
High LifeMichaux State Forest
1 mile-50 ft228 ft
Hogshed RdMichaux State Forest
1 mile-136 ft84 ft
HogwoodsMichaux State Forest
4,219 ft-298 ft19 ft
HopNorthern Michaux
4,236 ft-30 ft70 ft
Hosack RunCarlisle
4,862 ft-3 ft57 ft
Huckleberry Traverse TrailMichaux State Forest
2 miles-520 ft172 ft
Huff n PuffMichaux State Forest
1 mile-178 ft154 ft
I'm OutNorthern Michaux
1,066 ft19 ft
IntroMichaux State Forest
1,381 ft-71 ft
JFKMichaux State Forest
2 miles-257 ft343 ft
Jon's JoyrideDickinson Trails
1,186 ft-30 ft13 ft
Knuckle Buster TrailMichaux State Forest
2 miles-225 ft190 ft
LawnmowerDickinson Trails
1,024 ft-28 ft5 ft
Leaf TrailNorthern Michaux
2 miles-93 ft245 ft
Lewis RocksMichaux State Forest
2 miles-75 ft186 ft
Little BermDickinson Trails
3,436 ft-39 ft63 ft
Lower BitchNorthern Michaux
1,849 ft-147 ft11 ft
Lower Happy HourNorthern Michaux
5,130 ft-261 ft44 ft
Lower Happy Hour Access TrailNorthern Michaux
1,424 ft-7 ft33 ft
Lower LollipopMichaux State Forest
1 mile-381 ft43 ft
LTNorthern Michaux
413 ft-9 ft3 ft
Micro CruiseMichaux State Forest
1,594 ft-3 ft73 ft
Midnite Ridge TrailMichaux State Forest
3 miles-229 ft954 ft
Mom's SpaghettiMichaux State Forest
3,186 ft-9 ft119 ft
MossNorthern Michaux
2 miles-490 ft42 ft
Moss ConnectorNorthern Michaux
336 ft9 ft
Moss OutMichaux State Forest
984 ft55 ft
Moss TraverseNorthern Michaux
3,146 ft-39 ft101 ft
Mountain CreekMichaux State Forest
4,767 ft-44 ft65 ft
MushNorthern Michaux
2,907 ft-34 ft77 ft
Old Reservoir TrailMichaux State Forest
2 miles-34 ft126 ft
Old Shippensburg RdMichaux State Forest
1,719 ft-58 ft
PinebookinNorthern Michaux
3,671 ft-63 ft100 ft
Piney Mountain Ridge TrailMichaux State Forest
4 miles-353 ft702 ft
Pinnacle PeachNorthern Michaux
3 miles-523 ft348 ft
PMR SingletrackMichaux State Forest
2 miles-139 ft278 ft
Poison IvyDickinson Trails
915 ft-13 ft12 ft
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